Pet Mod SS OU Theorymon (Completed)


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Everything else is shit and is not nor will not ever be good or is potentially wack in Mimikyu
falls flat on your doorstep.
G-Weezing: 10
Mimikyu: 8
Torkoal: 11
Vileplume: 1

now blink and you'll see the next slate!

:ss/regidrago: + Glare + 20 SPE
:ss/celebi: + Fairy type (Replaces Psychic) + Moonblast (STAB) + Flower Veil
:ss/articuno-galar: + Focus Blast + Trace
:ss/primarina: + Recover + 15 DEF
:ss/eldegoss: + Fairy type + Nature Madness (STAB) + 20 HP

5 days of discussion, go!
:ss/primarina: + Recover + 15 DEF

One of the two personal favorites as this allows it to be a good bulky CM sweeper or just be an offensive monster with smth like 3 attacks + recover as it has a good typing and good attacks its just hindered by its lack of bulk on the physical side which can easily be taken advantage of but not really rn as 80/89 bulk is passable and with ev's it can live most hits from neutral attacks even powerful ones. I believe this to be pretty darn good into non slowking-g, toxapex, and stall MU's

:ss/eldegoss: + Fairy type + Nature Madness (STAB) + 20 HP

Yay a spinner with regen, with 80/90/120 bulk this allows it to check many rockers and threaten to wear them down via leech seed, nature madness as well which can rack up a ton of residual damage as nature madness pressures the opponent into recovering and no pokemon would want to switch into it such as heatran, ferro, corv, melm, victini, and more all dislike having their hp halved esp with leech seed potentially cutting into all of them. I feel this can be a good addition

:ss/celebi: + Fairy type (Replaces Psychic) + Moonblast (STAB) + Flower Veil

Can see what was happening here... I doubt it will strive away from defensive sets or CM sets because now it can wall a good amount of pokemon with a much superior typing and moonblast allows it to hit darks and dragons it was walled by before and EP can get the rest. Flower veil gives it an even better stall MU as u cannot even force it out via toxic since its now completely immune

:ss/articuno-galar: + Focus Blast + Trace

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......... yeah i have an idea of what they were going for a pokemon that can abuse trace for shit like intim, trace, flash fire, pressure, etc sounds nice and helpful in some MU's but the big thing is steel coverage which allows it to exert more pressure esp with its strong sp. attack and the ability to make uncomfortable situations with future sight + hurrucane and focus blast.

:ss/regidrago: + Glare + 20 SPE

Idk how at all glare helps regidrago of being absolutely stone walled esp since half of them do not even get para'ed or majorly effected which are tapu koko, tapu fini, clef... it still feels like it doesnt od that much and all it takes is a half hp latias or clef to wall the crap of it. Latias still walls it and if u wanted smth that could spred para's to steels and fairies you could have chosen t wave ferro, clef, or any other pokemon as this pokemon is still bad and +20 spe doesnt solve its issue of being hard walled by every steel and fairy
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Gonna post concrete thoughts later but this got to be the strongest OU Theorymon slate in a long time and also Glare Regidrago.


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:celebi: hell yeah the onion fairy slate

:eldegoss: cotton fairy elder sub :D anyways yeah a really cool way to force progress through leech seed, nature madness, or leaf storm. also a spinner that is more reliable than Exca.

:regidrago: not vgc get lost

:primarina: meh, bulky recover mon shenanigans, prolly good but i'm not interested

:articuno-galar: hell yeah offensive trace
:regidrago: scarf regidrago go

:celebi: pretty neat, able to switch into many spamable moves like scald, discharge,.. can use many things as a setup fodder(if this get chosen then I'll start running poison jab pex), can't be worn down by any status, moonblast + earth power is a good combo, but the wish heal bell cleric set is also much more viable.

:articuno-galar: hype for regen trace shenanigans.

:primarina: cool buff, and again, poison jab pex

:eldegoss: still pretty meh with its not-so-good move pool outside of rapid spin.
:regidrago: Pretty meh, Regidrago still has a billion more problems such as being frail as shit and damage output not being that impressive, still stonewalled by fairies.

:celebi: Restrictions players right now:

Jokes aside it was done dirty by being on a slate with another grass fairy.

:articuno-galar: While my opinion on this thing has decreased a bit, I still like it as my favourite of the slate. Anyone who has ever used scarf gardevoir in lower tiers can attest to its utility and Galarcuno is able to replicate that niche nicely, Switching in to a good amount of stuff like flash fire heatran, buzzwole, mudsdale, Lando and toxapex, taking advantage of the many useful abilities found it the tier. Scarf takes on mons like crobat, tornadus, sand rush exca, chlorophyll sweepers and swift swimmers not named barraskewda, while heavy duty boots is a general annoyance to many teams, especially stall structures. Focus blast is also great on it.

:primarina: calm mind sets appreciate the buff and increase in defenses all this thing to be overall more durable. Competition with Fini might be tough but added defense makes its defense hit similar bulk to Fini, while also recover to get an edge on it.

:eldegoss: Yet another regenerator mon, this time a fairy type and spinner to boot. Unlike Celebi, Eldegoss acts more as a support Pokémon, providing general amounts of utility to the team. Bulk is significantly good and the sheer role compression it brings is too good to ignore. Not entirely a fan of the addition of nature's madness however, but I have seen worse stuff get through.
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All the pokemon slated are great besides regidrago.
:regidrago: Regidrago with glare doesnt help much when two common fairy types (tapu koko and fini) are immune to paralysis and fini also sets an ability that makes it whole team immune to status. Not mention it is still walled by any fairy type as well as any decently bulky steel type. Overall, a pretty pointless buff that doesnt really add much to regidrago to be completely blunt.

:Primarina: Primarina-Essentially a more offensive fini without the status immunity but reliable recovery and good coverage. Probably does offensive sets better than fini. Unfortunately, This pokemon does not get taunt which is one of things fini has over it as fini can beat toxapex reliably with it.

:Celebi:-Flower veil grass type with a great movepool of utility and offensive moves not much else to say here its a great sub.

:Articuno-Galar:-Pretty simple buff focus blast hits steel types and dark types and trace helps it take advantage of said steel type in heatran and other advantageous abilities of other Pokémon such as regenerator.

:eldegoss:-kinda competes with Celebi (due to typing) but regenerator is always nice. Nature's madness helps it chip checks without reliable recovery such as ferrothorn. Outside of that it has rapid spin and decent bulk with the addition 20 hp which make it a solid Pokémon overall.

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