Pet Mod SS OU Theorymon (Completed)

sorry for the wait! here's the new slate!
:ss/Musharna: + Fire type + Lava Plume (STAB) + Magic Bounce (Replaces Telepathy)
:ss/Necrozma: + Poison type + Shell Side Arm (STAB)
:ss/ninetales: + Fairy type + Moonblast (STAB) + Recover
:ss/Unfezant: + Ground type (replaces Normal) + Earthquake (STAB) + Triple Axel
:ss/Vikavolt: + Speed Boost + 10 HP

5 days of discussion as usual!
I'm just bored so I'll do a review. You can ignore some of what I'm saying because I have no clue what I'm talking about.

:ss/musharna:+ Fire type + Lava Plume (STAB) + Magic Bounce (Replaces Telepathy)

Musharna looks kind of funky, but in a good way. Magic Bounce is always nice and even though it hates SR, it can run boots or predict them being set and bounce them back. Only problem is after it bounces SR it fears EQ or Rock Slide as those are common moves often ran on SR setters.

:ss/necrozma: + Poison type + Shell Side Arm (STAB)

Honestly, I'm not a fan. Special sets still dislike Blissey & such, does nothing about Dark-types killing it, still dislikes Paralysis & Burn on DD sets, & now can't take Ground-types moves. The only benefits are the new Poison STAB helping with some pokemon & immunity to Poison which is good. Overall, not worth a vote in my opinion.

:ss/ninetales: + Fairy type + Moonblast (STAB) + Recover

I'm not sure what to think about this one. Fairy/Fire/Grass is good offensively & Recover is a nice longevity tool, but it has trouble with Scorching Sands to not die to every Fire, Nasty Plot for boosting, or Recover to not get chipped as easily. It just doesn't have enough room for all its coverage, boosting, & recovery. Won't vote for it.

:ss/unfezant: + Ground type (replaces Normal) + Earthquake (STAB) + Triple Axel

Joltemons Dodrio goes hard. It still might be a bit weak but deals solid damage with BB/EQ/TA. It can pivot with choiced sets & can recover. Only problem is its a bit slow and doesn't hit as hard as it would like to. Worth my vote but isn't the strongest.

:ss/vikavolt: + Speed Boost + 10 HP


Voting for
:unfezant: = :musharna: > :ninetales: > :necrozma: > :vikavolt:

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