Pet Mod SS OU Theorymon (Completed)

:Ss/Rapidash: + Contrary (replaces Flame Body) + 8 Speed

overheat + scorching sands is pretty good coverage... and is pretty scary to go against a boots rapidash that has 113 speed and can very well just mow through teams. It can even lure in someting like slowking, slowbro, fini, garchomp with power herb solar beam at +2. It sounds nice....

:Ss/cinccino: Normal/Fighting Type + Close Combat + 15 Attack

now can break through steels and tail slaps hit a decent amount harder. IDK if this is gonna be OU

:Ss/Moltres: + Regenerator

Ho-oh? is that you? well it still lacks the power and the utility moves that it has but its still relatively bulky and can annoy a lot of pokemon. Esp with fire/flyong coverage and its defensive utility it can provide on more stall teams

:Ss/tornadus: Fighting/Flying Type + Victory Star

NP torn-i has promise and can mow through a lot of teams since it jsut needs flying and fighting coverage unlike torn-t which has to use heat wave since focus blast isnt strong enough and torn-i is much stronger. THis also gievs it use of physical sets with acrobatics and superpower to smash lando who want to defog.
:Ss/Cursola: + Regenerator + Flip Turn

60/50/130 is just frail asf ... it seems to be something that wants to abuse trick room not be a wanna be defensive pokemon that just gets wrekt since its bulk is so low. Regen doesnt help its bulk issue since it pretty much gets nuked by a lot of things
Hijacking voting for a second

We are doing another tourney in the discord server! If that is of any interest to you, please consider signing up and playing!

Edit: sniped ty hydre
:moltres: : 5
:rapidash: : 6
:tornadus: : 6
:cursola: : 3

Rapidash and Tornadus are chosen! Note, the recent mons haven't been coded yet due to the fact that our coder is taking a break (Toxicroak, Archeops, Musharna, Unfezant, plus the now Rapidash and Tornadus). So if there's a coder willing to code that for us before the tournament starts, that'd be really appreciated.

Look out for next slate! We might end up just having a playtest break though so yeah ^^;
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Hello everyone! Over the last couple of days, I had a community survey up on google forms and Im here to both share the results as well as elaborate on why these particular mons were deemed potentially problematic by the council. Please read all of it, because I will also be sharing the link to a new google form on what action should be taken on one pokemon which was pretty ambigious in the original survey.



:ss/vanilluxe: Cone has been on the councils radar ever since I started spamming it on release. I cannot overstate A) How much fun this pokemon is and B) how hard it is to switch into. Through playtesting and tour usage(g1, g2), it really did seem to us like this pokemon was just straight up broken. I'll be posting some replays of this pokemon in particular because we did have a LOT of complaints about it in the discord, and with only 8 responses and a preeetty close vote, Im not 100% comfortable closing the case on this one just yet. If you believe it deserves a nerf, please let us know either in the discord or in this thread, we might do another vote for it.


:ss/Haxorus: It is really difficult to tell how broken hax is. On paper, it is the best mon in the tier. In practise, its still one of the best mons in the tier. SD + Scale Shot + Iron Head + (CC/EQ) is one of the best lategame sweepers in the meta, and it snowballs HARD. I personally never really thought it was broken, but there is no denying it is a very powerful mon. Most of the council believed it was healthy for the meta, and the community seemingly agreed, so we are closing the book on Hax with No Action Taken.


:ss/Crobat: An easy one. I dont think anyone truly believed that Crobat was broken. However, it was on the councils radar because Bandbat (credits to HydreigonTheChild for pioneering this set) is REALLY good into offense, and has had some very good tournament showings. Regardless, council and community unanimously agrees that the bat is not broken, so we are closing the book on Crobius with No Action Taken.


:ss/Latios: Lati is one of the most versatile offensive tools the meta has to offer. Its movepool is endless, it fits on p much every team archetype, and it is hilariously hard to counter, let alone check. This is partly due to how well the Specs Set pivots, with grounds afraid to switch in in fear of a Draco Meteor or Ice Beam. It is even worse on rain teams, where it can run Surf as an extra psuedo-stab. Soul Dew Lati has also been seen, and pretty much everyone agreed this pokemon needed some kind of nerf. Therefore, its pretty easy to close the book on Lati by Removing Volt Switch from its movepool.

Now, the last, contentious pokemon we had on our radar.

Forms response chart. Question title: What action do you think should be taken on Keldeo?. Number of responses: 8 responses.

So only 1 person believed that keldeo needed no nerfs, so Im p confident in saying that Keldeo will be recieving some nerf or the other in coming weeks. However, the only option i had to nerf Keldeo in the form was Remove Poison Heal, with the other suggested nerfs being suggested by people who took the survey and clicked the "other" option. Its possible more people would have voted for one of the other options, so I am putting up a new google survey to see if that is true, or if we should just remove Poison Heal from Keldeo and rebuff it some other way.

Click here for the survey.

Thank you all for reading, please take the survey if youve played the meta/been following it, and have a great day!
I hope you missed me!
I have a few comments to make
1: Tinted Lens Should've been removed on Crobat just we could give it Delta Stream smh...
2: The Cursola buff is actually based and should've won.
a few announcements to add here!

1. yes, we are still testing some mons and seeing what the meta is like. so a normal slate won't be coming soon. However,

2. we're holding a slate for Keldeo right now because after another vote, it was decided that Poison Heal shall be removed. so if you'd like to drop in a new buff for Keldeo as an exchange for it, hop in on the discord to give a sub OR privately message me on smogon! Only one sub is allowed for Keldeo (besides giving it a new typing along with a STAB), keep that in mind!

tldr: more playtesting + keldeo now doesnt eat poison anymore
heyyy, it's been a while :]

tour's over, congrats to HydreigonTheChild for winning once again! and we've done quite a bit (a bit) of discussion of the mons. i'm not gonna make this intro long, so without further ado..

:ss/keldeo: + Compound Eyes
:ss/keldeo: + Psystrike
:ss/keldeo: + Immunity
:ss/keldeo: + Trick
:ss/keldeo: + Freeze Dry

its Keldeo slate time! losing Poison Heal means it'll receive a new buff in return. five days of discussion, let's get this going!


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Freeze Dry, not good. Not bad, probably he most useful buff here, but pretty meh. Non STAB Freeze Dry is not hitting anything for jack, it's essentially slightly stronger Hifden Power, while it is objectly good, doesn't really do much for it on non choiced sets. Calm Mind sets just do not have the space for it, and Specs still has most of the prediction problems regular Keldeo has.

Trick is nice but that alone isn't gonna put Keldeo in OU, especially since Choiced sets have not have had much favor for quite sometime.

Immunity is somewhat nice, but it is far from Poison Heal, since it doesn't stop opposing status nor does it give super healing. Blegh.

Psystrike is weird. It's clearly targeted specifically towards Toxapex and to a lesser extent Amoonguss, but all of its other coubterplay still roams free, especially in OU Theorymon where alot of it's checks are arguably better (Latias, Tapu Fini, Latios, Celebi) and Psystrike doesn't really help against that.

And that leaves us with Compound Eyes. It does make Hydro Pump more reliable, and Focus Blast almost always hitting is very cool. It still probably sucks, as this buff doesn't actually change what checks it, and it's checks are all still really great. If this had some good moves that suck because of low accuracy like Thunder, Blizzard or Hypnosis this would be retty great imo. As is though, do not expect any actual meaningful change in Keldeo's viability.

TL;DR Keldeo gonna suck.
keld idk if it was broken but reslate it is....

:ss/keldeo: + Compound Eyes

Choice specs may want it but accuraccy issues and not having focus blast was none of its concern. The calc shows some promise in that focus blast can be stupid strong and spammable but 1) we have the latis in the meta 2) still prediction reliant asf and most teams have awnsers to it in some way shape or form. POssibly the best idfk but urshifu-r is gonna give it some competition for sure

252 SpA Choice Specs Keldeo Focus Blast vs. 252 HP / 4 SpD Toxapex: 108-127 (35.5 - 41.7%) -- guaranteed 3HKO after Stealth Rock

:ss/keldeo: + Psystrike

So smth for choice specs.... interesting and hits fini and pex neutrally but still hard competes with urshifu-r.... this gives keldeo a move to absolutely nuke pex with, hit fini neutrally, smth that urshifu-r cant do.... I believe this might boost its viability but idk.... choice specs is not smth keldeo has seen use over the past 2 gens

:ss/keldeo: + Immunity

MY sub... its supposed to improve CM taunt sets while making its MU against bulky mons better.... immunity to toxic means it can setup on mons such as gastro, cofag, wishiwashi, kommo-o, cobalion, etc. I believe this is useful as it expands its current niche of a CM setup sweeper

:ss/keldeo: + Trick

Trick helps against the bulky mons.... but still... most teams dont have one check and even then tricking smth specs and then keldeo is not that strong on its own.... esp without specs to bypass would be checks on the other team... its not smht like blace or latios which can just trick and bypass them anyway.

:ss/keldeo: + Freeze Dry

CM cant fit it... not enough room and without taunt jesus christ toxic is gonna ruin it... that is why it runs taunt in the first palce and it needs dual stabs above all else.

I believe psystrike is pretty good for it....
I Don't understand Compound Eyes in the slightest. Why and how do people come up with these ideas?
Psystrike feels like overkill (it already has a move to literally cut through Chansey and Blissey), but I don't really hate it. I might vote for this sub when the time comes.
I like Immunity. It stays somewhat in vain to Poison heal and there aren't enough Pokemon with the Immunity Ability. I'll take it.
No comment on Trick.
Freeze Dry is something I'm far more excited for than I care to admit. It's about time Keldeo got some ice coverage that isn't Icy Wind.

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