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Ok, we're done here. Three people didn't vote, but we knew what two of them planned to vote anyway. From Colin:

These are the results:

Latias: 17 OU, 12 Uber, 1 Abstain
Manaphy: 10 OU, 17 Uber, 3 Abstain
Adding the expected votes of the aforementioned two above (coincidentally the first two names on my alphabetical list):

Latias: 40.0% Uber (18 OU, 12 Uber, 2 Abstain)
Manaphy: 64.3% Uber (10 OU, 18 Uber, 4 Abstain)

The one voter whose leanings Aeolus and I were not sure of from his submission cannot impact the recognized majority of either Suspect (Manaphy would be 65.5% Uber if this voter voted Uber for Manaphy). Considering the vague nature of his paragraphs, and the fact that he also hasn't posted yet for some reason after four days, and especially the fact that we've kept posts moderated, I see no reason for us to wait around for someone who cannot impact the tiering in this substage.

Anyway, as I stated at the beginning of my "np:" thread:

Since both Suspects have been voted OU twice already in Stage 3, the only way that we will not require Stage 3-4 is if either Suspect (or both) is voted Uber by the critical 2/3 + 1 margin.
So surprise, we will have a Stage 3-4 that is identical to Stage 3-3. As an editorial, the people who abstained from voting on Manaphy actually had very good Manaphy SEXP numbers relative to everyone else. I tried to discourage them in PM from abstaining...actually because I feel like it here are a few of my PMs (I'm not posting the names for obvious reasons):

Thanks for your honesty. While we'd prefer people play constantly, that wasn't really a reality for the test given it had the same subject matter as previous tests. You used Manaphy 29-of-47 battles, and faced it 32-of-47 battles. All in all, your Manaphy SEXP was 55th out of 933 accounts, which is pretty much exactly in line with your total SEXP (54th of 933).

WacanGlow Manaphy was used only about a quarter of the time. While it was probably more popular in the later stages of the test than earlier, I wouldn't blame yourself for not having run into it. I would guess that a lot of people played more during the earlier stages of the test, due to the same "boredom" I referenced before, so again, your experience is similar to or better than that of the other testers. And I would argue that while it may have taken a while for WacanGlow to popularize, that may have been a natural phenomenon of the test. And maybe it wasn't as powerful as you think it was for the same reason that you PMed me—you didn't see it. I think that rather than assume it's because you missed something because you didn't play, you should assume that it was either not as powerful as you heard it was, or that it wasn't meant to be "good" until late in the test.

At any rate, you can just abstain on voting about Manaphy. As you know, you used Latias in every single battle—your opponent used it in 25-of-47 battles. That only put you at 38th of 933 accounts, which you realize is not that far from 55th for Manaphy. I don't think there are many people who can make a "totally educated" vote about Manaphy.

Besides being late, we're really more interested in voters with experience with Manaphy for reasons we can state are obvious without indicating our own opinion of what Latias's tiering should be. Besides that, only 25 of 932 accounts had more Manaphy Suspect EXP than you, which doesn't surprise me since you were in the top 10 in battles out of all 932 accounts.

You're not the only one to be "honest" with us and tell us you'd like to abstain from voting on a particular Suspect, but it seems that the few of you who have contacted us about this aren't really being honest with yourselves. Whether it be because you still believe the myth that "you can't get Suspect Experience without using a Suspect" or because you really don't value your ~72% of your Suspect battles that contained Manaphy as actual Manaphy experience, it's kind of unsettling.

I feel that if you really wanted to vote, you would have written a paragraph on Manaphy anyway, so coupled with your lateness and the fact that we're more interested in eager Manaphy opinions, we can't let you vote. Sorry.

So there you have it. Thanks for your patience, and thanks to everyone who participated in Stage 3-3.
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