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I'm not sure if this has been brought up, but should dual screens (Reflect + Light Screen) be written as is, or "Dual Screens" instead?

Also, I've had different people either capitalize the "b" in bulky when referring to a type, such as a bulky Water-type, or leave it as is. Should the "b" be capitalized when referring to a specific type?

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"Outspeed" is fine with me; even though it technically isn't a word, it's ubiquitous in the analyses and within the community at large. It's essentially technical jargon.


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Though not technically grammar, I figured here would be the best place to post my question.

When listing EVs of a Pokemon, should the final count add up to 508, 510, just until ythe necessary EVs are in place, or does it not matter?
Though not technically grammar, I figured here would be the best place to post my question.

When listing EVs of a Pokemon, should the final count add up to 508, 510, just until ythe necessary EVs are in place, or does it not matter?
It doesn't really matter, but generally we tend to make the EVs add up to 508 (the EVs for each stat are divisible by four).
I've seen this pop up in a couple of analyses and it drives me nuts for some reason when I see it so I thought I'd bring it up here:


Is this a word to you or not? The Oxford English Dictionary recognizes it, but Webster does not. (though I think Oxford merely recognizes its U.S. usage) It's more widely accepted as two words (more so) and I'm more comfortable with writing it that way. What do you think?

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For Little Cup analysis and guides we have tended to use "Little Cup" rather than "LC", which to some extent goes against the standard of abbreviating tiers (OU, UU, BL, ect). While LC was largely unknown this made more sense (avoided a lot of people going "what's LC?"), but these days most people have at least heard of it.

The question is, should Little Cup be shortened to LC in the same way Over Used is shortened to OU when writing material for the site?
[02:43:54] <%Stellar> is there a specific rule in grammar thread
[02:43:59] <%Stellar> about using the word outspeed
[02:44:05] <%Stellar> because technically
[02:44:08] <%darkie> not that i remember
[02:44:08] <%Stellar> outspeed isn't a word
[02:44:11] <%darkie> technically it's not a word
[02:44:18] <%Stellar> yeah
[02:44:18] <%darkie> outrun is though
[02:44:22] <%Stellar> :\
[02:44:26] <%Stellar> outpace
[02:44:26] <%Stellar> etc
[02:44:32] <%darkie> yup
[02:44:42] <%darkie> i'd like to think we coined a new word though

any thoughts?
lol! I thought about this a while ago but outspeed is so widely used that it's fine.

Also Eo, You might want to add this to the rules (regarding setup, set up, set-up). I've personally always corrected it when I've seen it.
Set-up, set up, or setup? I've seen it used all three ways in various analyses.
setup is a noun. As in : computer setup.

If you're talking about set up as in "using curse against an opponent, while he can't do jack to you back, and has to switch, allowing you to get a free stat up," i think it should be set up.


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Wall breaking/wall breaker or wallbreaking/wallbreaker? I'd rather it be consistant throughout the guide, but mtr and I use different styles.

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To clarify: I tend to use OHKOes as the verb form ("Salamence OHKOes Alakazam") and OHKOs like a noun ("Salamence scores many OHKOs").
Why? I would prefer OHKOs in all cases.

Moreover, do we have any proof that it's spelled Ho-Oh and not Ho-oh? In my post a while back, I claimed it's Ho-oh, but the first post says it's Ho-Oh. I would like confirmation on this.

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I disagree. It would be preferable to use the em dash (—) with spaces. You use it to set something off from the rest of the sentence. Surrounding an em dash with spaces accomplishes that goal. Leaving out the spaces makes it look more like you're trying to connect it stronger than spaces would otherwise imply, which is the exact opposite of your goal.
mingot and I had a discussion upon the term we should use to describe the new section of the site, and we have reached a consensus on "In-Game" to refer to the things that transpire within the cartridges. For a rationale, one may look at various instances of "In-Depth", where the "d" is capitalized, as opposed to reading "In-depth". It also stems from the fact that most users and writers would casually refer to things as being in-game, as opposed to the fictional word "ingame". If anyone has any objections, please say so, but these are the conclusions that mingot and I have reached.


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Well, I've done a quick bit of research into a few areas to try and get the 'correct' answer in regards to the Pokémon 'HO-OH'. I've always used (and believed) it was 'Ho-oh' and not 'Ho-Oh', but that doesn't mean I was right, or wrong, for that matter.

My first idea was to look at how it's done in-game, but then I remembered that every Pokémon in-game is in all capital letters, so that got me nowhere. This is the case for every Pokémon, whether it's in an Item description, the PokéDex, mentioned by an in-game character, or something else. Do we really want to have to type every Pokémon's name out in capital letters for every article on Smogon? I don't think so.

Next, I took a look at some of the episode listings from the animé. This was also somewhat inconclusive, as whoever updated it on Wikipedia used 'Ho-Oh', while used 'Ho-oh'. HO-OH has appeared in only one episode title, 'For Ho-oh the bells toll'. Since I found one saying each of the current options, I can't be sure which is going to be right. Maybe if someone can find the official video or DVD release of this episode and take a look at the cover to see how it is on there. This is getting a bit obsessive for something so small.. but I'll keep typing anyway (lol).

The only other Pokémon with a '-' dash in its name is Porygon-Z. Every site I've read Porygon-Z's name on uses a capital 'Z', but we can't be 100% sure if that's right anyway, as it comes under the same situation as HO-OH really. But even then, that could just be because Porygon-Z only has one letter after the dash, not two or more.

In regards to typing, it's always '-type', for example: 'Fire-type' with the latter word, which is more than a single letter long, being in all lower case. However, when we look at moves, the only move to follow this suit is U-turn. Every other move in the game with a dash uses a capital letter, as follows: Double-Edge, Lock-On, Mud-Slap. Sand-Attack, Wake-Up Slap, Will-O-Wisp, and X-Scissor. Lastly, the only Item in-game with a dash is the 'Up-Grade' item, which also uses a capital letter for the secondary word. It's possible that 'U-turn' was an error, as when in-battle, and a Pokémon uses said attack, it shows 'U-Turn' instead.

So, despite me preferring Ho-oh, it seems that currently, there's more evidence to suggest that if Pokémon were typed in mainly lower case letters, it would be 'Ho-Oh' and not 'Ho-oh'. The only way to prove that it should be Ho-oh, in my opinion, would be to do what I suggested in my third paragraph.

So, there you have it, hopefully that shines a bit more light on the bird :)


Actually, I found it. It clearly says 'Ho-Oh' on the cover, so I guess that's the end of that one.

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