Starting with Status in RBY: Should we implement it?


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So basically a joke discussion on the Smogon discord sorta developed into a serious idea.

As some of you know, RBY is a pretty weird Pokemon game mechanically, with tons of glitches and stuff effecting the metagame. However, there is one weird thing that I have never actually seen implemented in a simulator for RBY: starting with status.

For those of you that don't know: I think when you initiate a link battle, your team is actually not fully recovered. This means that if you REALLY don't want your Alakazam to get paralyzed, you can get it burned in game, recover it with a Max Potion, and send out an already burned Alakazam in a real link battle.

I'm not sure if that is considered worth it in RBY (on a surface level, that sounds huge to me though with all the Thunder Wave spam in that metagame), but it was even mentioned on the official Pokemon website as a strategy (the article is a fun read btw, it was surprisingly ok! )

So what I'm wondering is: should Pokemon Showdown implement this? I can understand if you don't want to since its getting rather close to SPL time and a dramatic shake up like that might be unwelcome, and its a very bizarre, specific mechanic to RBY that might be a pain to implement. Still, I remember the whole "Body Slam doesn't paralyze Normal-types" thing being implemented despite that being a recent discovery, and I don't think this is a very recent one, so I'm just wondering what the general stance on implementing this is!


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burned starmie :heart::heart::heart:

E: that being said, not sure if implementing this is something competitive RBY would want to see given how 'drastically' it changes things. iirc there was a thread in RoA discussing this a while ago and I wouldn't be surprised if this has been discussed before given how 'often' it comes up in terms of RBY mechanics discussion.


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it would be nice to have it as an alternate mode for fun but currently we clause it out of our ruleset. it probably shouldn't make it into standard play but i haven't played it so maybe it'd be ok.


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sure we can implement it, on the premise that we clause it away at the same time and only free it for some weird rby anything goes meta

pre-burned starmie/chansey/alakazam would be nasty to face. no freezes, no paralysis, no fun and lots of pp wars.

burn damage is the same as in gen 7 - 1/16 of max hp - which is to say, it's very slight. yeah it forces chansey to recover more often than itd like but it still strangles special attackers and it now always handles lapras with ease

this would also mean the end of ever sleeping something as alakazam isnt threatened by any sleeper, so rby would become super grindy.


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I think it's fine to just implement it for use on [Gen 1] Custom Game. No point in creating an entirely new meta to legalise a single mechanic which has been claused out of standard+probably also ubers.


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Also relevant because if you can start burned, why wouldn't you be able to start with less than max PP, making counting wrap impossible. I don't think anyone would want to play a meta where not being able to count wrap turns means you lose. Forget burned special attackers...


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Yeah, last time this came up in RoA, we decided to officially clause it (Cleric Clause). It's how RBY OU's always been played anyway, but the clausing was done so it wouldn't be automatically changed if / when it gets implemented on the simulator.

As for PP, I'd actually be cool with allowing different amounts of PP Ups used on moves, so long as they were always "full" when entering the battle. So, looking at Wrap for example, you'd know your opponent could have 20, 24, 28, or 32 PP and should play accordingly on those turns to prevent the move from rolling over. Any other amounts (like 63 off the bat >.>) would violate Cleric Clause, though.

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