Stay Frosty, CAPpers : )

Oh wow, that's something I wasn't expecting to see after a week of not watching the forum. Best of luck on everything, HeaL! You're gonna be a tough act to follow.

Also shib cap when.


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Gdi, I'm gonna miss you and your shibes ;-;

I wish you well good sir for all of you future endeavors, and thank you so much for inspiring us newcomers.


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Woah. Coming back for a short hiatus this isn’t what I wanted to see. I’ll miss you heal bae. Enjoy the real world or whatever you decide to do after pokemon. Honestly you earned it, and thank for always being there to talk, and being a positive influence. I don’t know what we’ll do as a community with out you. Hopefully we can rally around another strong leader with similar qualities, but no one can replace you ever. You truely are one in a million, a diamond in the rough and a good person. Its been a honor to know you and I can personally say I’ve grown as a person because of you. Stay fighting the good fight and look me up one day, maybe i’ll by you a beer.
Aw, man. I know it's been a while, and I know I don't really stick around much anymore, but you were honestly a great guy to be around HeaL. I really admire your work ethic (I never really knew how much stuff goes into the CAP process, but it really seemed like you were always at the top of your game when it came to leading discussion) and just your general demeanor; you always seemed to exude a nice feeling of calm and amiability that I could really appreciate during my time in the CAP room. While I am sorry to hear that you're moving on from CAP, I really think that you'll excel doing whatever it is you're delegating this new time to, and I wish you the best of luck with it as well. Thanks for being you, man.

(P.S: No hard feelings for accidentally confusing my Smogon account with Jack Ferry's, I actually think that's kinda hilarious. But either way, thank you for the kind words in your post, and sorry for only seeing it now!)
Dammit HeaL you left me out. >_>

Anyways HeaL, thanks for your service and whatnot! Certainly had a bunch of fun times with you around. Best of luck with whatever you choose to do in life in the future.
It makes me a little sad that this has so few comments. HeaL, you are always so friendly and knowledgeable; you deserves a bigger goodbye than this.

CAP 24 should a sandstorming desert shib.
Even though I have not seen the CAP process until CAP 23 (in which I began contributing and inadvertently being clumsy) I want to say to all of you to have a great time in CAP and silly shiba HeaLnDeal is a amazing guy and I'm a bit saddened by the goodbye dispite being with CAP for only a year. All of you members of CAP should all have a great time in life and contributing to CAP! Adios, amigos.

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