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-Banner by your's truly.

Hello and welcome all to the Sucker Punch Studios. I am TheBisharpKing proud owner of this establishment. Before I moved to this site, I ran a similar type of sprite and banner gallery under the title of The Afro Market on other forums. Now I feel it's the time to set-up shop here on the Smogon forums but instead I'm going to change this up just a bit. In the past, The Afro Market was strictly a request shop and had little room for me to do anything else I wanted to do or show off. I won't be as innovative as I was in the past but if you have an idea please let me know so I can expand and improve on my work to best of my ability. Also, please take a look at my rules below if you are going to be asking for something specific or will be hanging around for a while. I'd like to keep this place as cool and friendly as possible.
Thanks for the support.



  1. Follow all Universal Smogon forum rules and the Smeargle's Studio/Laptop Rules
  2. I have the right to decline a request if I find it to be vague/suspicious/difficult so be specific with what you want.
  3. Only one request at a time. Please wait until I've acknowledged and completed your request before you request again, I don't want to be overloaded with piles of requests that may or may not be finished.
  4. Only one type of request at a time. This goes hand in hand with the previous rule. Again I don't want to be overloaded with requests.
  5. Absolutely NO complaining. Listen up, this kind of work can get very difficult at times and I am very busy. I will redo any request for you if I messed up or forgot to add something but please do not drill me with tedious complaints and flame. If you don't like my work be constructive with your comments or if you can't do that ask someone else to help you because I am definitely not the best at what I do. Like I said before, I wanna keep this as fun and friendly as possible.
  6. ~Have fun and enjoy your stay~
Finally, I won't be as quick as I was in the past with my spriting. I am very busy so be patient with your request. If I accepted, it will get done.


Trainer Sprites:

*My current trainer sprite*

*These are not for anyone to use freely as they are specially made for others. Please ask for permission first.*

*You may use these as you wish just be sure to give credit.*



-In spoilers for size purposes-




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Thanks for the nice comments, I really appreciate it. Anyways I made a few trainer sprites
: A Morty Recolor using Golurk's Palette

: A butler and maid recolor using shiny Gardevoir Palette

: Shauntal Fusion with Cofagrigus (Quite proud of this one)

And then I have more positions for my own trainer sprite. Not new just been neglecting to post them:

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