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As a team rater in the Trainer's Academy room and RU something I've noticed is when new people post teams to be rated, they almost always click the "guessed spread" button on the teambuilder for every Pokemon. This feature was probably implemented to help these new users to get an idea of what the mon they are using is used and also saves them the headache of learning EVs.

The issues with this are that the suggested spreads rarely if ever work, and generally lower the quality of teams and the ladders they are on. This could be due to 1) the guessed spread targets the wrong EVs, such as in the case of Mega Blastoise, an extremely common pokemon in RU, which suggests max hp/max spa modest, which isn't a viable spread and yet is everywhere in the RU ladder. Or 2) by using a suggested spread you're not using a more specialized and effective spread, such as with Florges, also a very influential RU mon, that suggests max Special Defense rather than the analysis spread.
While you could argue that new players prefer simplicity so they are not overwhelmed, I genuinely think it really hinders the viability of most teams of new players and lowers the quality of ladders.

My solution to this would be to somehow link the analysis spreads where suggested spreads are right now, kind of like how the calculator does. If this proved to be too complex, another solution could be to make the (smogon analysis) button next to the suggested spreads bigger, replacing the "guessed spreads" button or to simply remove suggested spreads entirely.

As a side note, I recently started using this program which achieves much of what guessed spreads attempt to do, thanks to Nineage. Perhaps something similar could be implemented on PS.


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This has come up multiple times, most recently on GitHub.
Zarel said:
Better integration with Smogon sets is a complicated issue. I feel like "copy/paste over Smogon sets" is easy enough. I've had mixed feelings about really tight integration (I want to encourage creativity, to an extent).

I wouldn't say no to well-done integration that isn't too pushy about it,
'Approved', but all I can say is "good luck"...

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