SPOILERS! Sun and Moon In game experience thread

Yes. That's not a reason to roll over and accept it. It's a reason to be that much more outraged.

The difficulty option is a great example. There's absolutely no legitimate reason for them to have removed it. Changes can be rationalized when a feature is replaced with something else that basically does the same thing (like the DexNav and Hordes (which may not have been viable in SM because of performance?) for SOS chaining), but arbitrarily removing things just because they can is a total "fuck you" to fans.
Well the good news is, with the features that were put IN the game it seems like Gamefreak is listening to us more! So who knows, maybe in the future they'll take more suggestions and listen to the gamers on what to keep and what to trash.
Those aren't groundbreaking

Plus Gamefreak is known to add features then take them away. Look at Black & White 2 and the difficulty feature

You know how awesome it would be to have a difficulty feature in these games ? We're all not children, i know how to play pokes, know the mechanics, all I ask for is a hard mode.

Expect them to take away even more features next gen, it's something that they do.
Seeing your EVs was groundbreaking, it's the first time in the franchise they acknowledged them with a mechanic instead of having them hidden outside of a ribbon at max or no ribbon at anything else.

Dex nav allowed HA at any stage of the game for all mons that had normal encounter rate, as well as eggmoves.

It was groundbreaking gameplay wise.

Except that "difficulty feature" was a joke. Between each game having only one mode to unlock without IR sharing, an Easy Mode that could only be unlocked by beating the game in Normal Mode first and a Hard Mode that wasn't harder than Normal Mode...

I understand that there were some nice features that should have been kept (such as the National Pokedex, but not Super Training as Evelup Island is quite similar), but it was to be expected, unfortunately...

I'm surprised Pokemon Amie was not given the boot, though.

At least, I hope Poke Pelago is not dropped after this generation, as it's an outstanding feature for those that are too busy to train or harvest berries the old-fashioned way. Dropping it would actually make me very disappointed.

I also expect them to expand the IV Judge PC function and move the Hidden Power NPC there as well.
The difficulty setting in B2W2, is actually amazing for those lucky enough to have friends and pull it off. Roxie, Burgh, Clay the difficulty was real.

The amie models are an easy port, and we even have walking Pokémon in code, so this gen might build up to something with the 3d models, I must say shit like a spheal rolling angrily at you as it follows you is endearing or a Pheromosa doing runway walk only to do the ninja run that if looked upwards looks just like an albino roach.

Some stuff can be built upon and amie seems to hint to something higher.
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Just finished it. Felt harder than previous Pokemon games, but I think the series is grasping at straws now. In terms of innovation it's a bit lacking compared to previous gens.
Can you please elaborate on why this game's lacking? Just want to explore others' opinions
I don't know how anyone could argue XY were better than ORAS in any way. ORAS were mediocre, but, even without considering relatively subjective things like story-mode quality and so on, they offered more in every objectively measurable way.

Anyway, SM make drastic improvements in the story, but that shouldn't immunize Game Freak to criticism for its removal of features and the massive slap-in-the-face to fans that is the "post-game."
also you could tell they were more used to the 3ds engine. Like everything in ORAS is way more vibrant and natural compared to XY. Notably, characters can actually emote properly. ORAS to SM is a big leap in that kind of stuff, but you can track what they learned and applied once they left behind the gremlin models. XY to SM is like leaping across a canyon


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Collecting that last Zygarde Cell is an incredible feeling of relief...and is promptly replaced by a feeling of giddiness.
I kinda wish there was an option to look at the Reassembly Unit without the protective shield around it, kinda looks like something artists could have a field day with, even the limited view you have from behind the shield.
Finally finished this thing. Here's my team after finishing the first Elite Four, for reference:

Mermaid Man (Primarina) Lv 59 (Holding Primarium Z):
Sparkling Aria
Shadow Ball
Ice Beam

Chowder (Snorlax) Lv 59 (Holding Normalium Z):
High Horsepower
Body Slam
Work Up

Adlet (Arcanine) Lv 59 (Holding Firium Z):
Wild Charge
Flare Blitz
Extreme Speed

Lilligant (Got this through GTS, so no nickname) Lv 67 (Holding Grassium Z):
Giga Drain
Quiver Dance
Petal Dance
Sleep Powder

Kommo-O (Another GTS mon) Lv 60 (Holding Fightinium Z):
Poison Jab
Bulk Up
Dragon Claw
Sky Uppercut

Yohane (Bred this from a GTS Murkrow so it would obey as I got it after Salazzle IIRC) Lv 60 (Holding Flynium Z):
Steel Wing
Night Slash
Sucker Punch

Game wasn't overly difficult, but I loved it. Really liked the art design, and the characters (particularly Lillie, though for reasons expressed throughout this thread already). Growlithe OHKO'ed Totem Lurantis IIRC with Flamethrower before it could do anything. Guzma's Golisopod hits really hard, though otherwise easy. Lusamine wasn't that big of a deal, though holy shit was her rematch design weirdly cool (also, every one of her Pokemon was pissed off (except Bewear for some reason) The Elite Four needs its own section entirely:

Hala: Hariyama is far bulkier than I thought (it tanked a Moonblast from my Primarina). Otherwise, it swept the floor with everything else. Except Crabominable, who got OHKO'ed with Flare Blitz, and Bewear, who was set-up fodder for Kommo-o, who proceeded to use All-Out Pummeling. (Also, really wish he had a Kommo-O or Pangoro instead of Bewear, though the former is a Totem Pokemon so......) Quite the opposite of how my Kahuna battle with him went (helps that Crabominable is much slower than Crabrawler).

Olivia: Lilligant swept through everything. Snorlax High Horsepower'd Golem to the point where both of her Full restores were used up on it.

Acerola: Honchkrow swept this. Sucker Punch killed Froslass instantly.

Kahili: Toucannon's Z-Move killed my Primarina, which I proceeded to kill with my Arcanine's Z-Move. Used Arcanine versus Crobat, Skarm, and Primarina handled Mandibuzz and Oricorio

Kukui: Lilligant OHKO'ed Lycanroc, but it set up rocks regardless. Clutched a KO on Decidueye because its Brave Bird didn't OHKO. Braviary killed Primarina. Arcanine KO'ed Ninetales. And Kommo-o used Bulk Up against Snorlax and Magnezone. Got rid of paralysis thanks to Pokemon Refresh (aka just giving a Rainbow Bean to everything that wasn't Aracanine/Snorlax/Primarina).

Still though, fuck catching Tapu Koko. That piece of shit wouldn't get in a single ball, but it eventually did. I was massively relieved. Ironically enough though, I think that with Guardian of Alola + Thunder Wave it could theoretically catch the Ultra Beasts (minus Xurkitree) and other Tapu's with ease. Well, provided the Terrains weather out. Now to finish up the Pokedex..... The fishing ones will be a pain for sure.
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So last night I decided to give SOS chaining a chance, in order to get some Dittos for breeding down the line.
Around 20 in, I found a Shiny.
Needless to say, I forfeited the chain. At least it has perfect Speed and Attack.
So I've been breeding for a Shiny Mimikyu for the past few days now. Have a foreign Ditto and the Shiny Charm for maximum odds. I must have gone through at least 50 boxes worth of eggs, not one of them shiny.

Then during one batch I accidentally run Tauros into the grass south of the nursery and immediately run into a Shiny Mudbray.

Why does this game mock me.

EDIT: I would like to retract my previous statement on the grounds that I hatched a Shiny Mimikyu in the very next batch of eggs. That's two shinies in 10 minutes.
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Apologies if this has already been mentioned but...Island scan mons can come with egg moves. .com caught me a cyndaquil with double kick, and yesterday I caught myself a litwick with acid


During my playthrough I was using Serebii's little area guide to make sure I didn't miss any Pokémon; I kinda like completing the dex as I go (and annoyingly this game doesn't have something like BW2 or ORAS where it tells you if you've caught everything on the route). This kinda led to some spoilers with the menu sprites, but... that doesn't give away too much. So when I saw Dhelmise's sprite I couldn't quite make out what it was - but hey, new Pokémon I'd never heard about before, awesome!
So I went through the Steelix boat, got out my fishing rod, fished it up and whaT THE FUCK IS THAT THING?? I actually recoiled from the screen at it, it was... it was pretty incredible. I can't remember any time in my life a new Pokémon has shocked me quite as much; I just love how much of an absolute monstrosity it was.
And still is. Second favourite Pokémon of this gen honestly; I wanna see more 'mon like this. It's such a cool design and concept and if it's so monstrous it made me do a double take, that's the sorta thing I wanna see more. I love it. While Sun/Moon has an impressive character roster, an overwhelmingly beautiful overworld and so many other things that arguably make it one of if not the best in-game Pokémon has ever had... Dhelmise is up there as one of my favourite moments. It's so good.
Been having an exhausting time dealing with soft-resetting in Moon for HP Fire on Nihilego with a Timid nature. Finally got one after several days of on and off trying. A friend of mine has been SRing for a 0 Attack IV Timid Lunala for far longer than that with no luck, but upon them mentioning doing the same for Tapu Lele I went and looked over Lele's thread. I cannot for the life of me imagine how long it might take to get a Lele with HP Fire and a 0 Attack IV, and seriously wish I'd put consideration of that into mind in Sun (I got both games) when I went and caught all of the Tapu. My one in Sun is Timid, which means I'd be aiming for a Modest one in Moon but bloody hell. Same deal with Tapu Koko, never bothered checking for HP type. Going to be beating myself up over that for a while.
I beat the main game yesterday. It took a while since I like taking things slowly when I play through Pokemon games, and this was no exception. Haven't had a lot of time to play either due to various things in real life stealing my time, but that's a different story. I haven't read through this thread in full yet, so there's a big chance I'm going to repeat some things that others have already said. This contains spoilers, so if you haven't beaten the game yet, don't read, go back and play instead! Though I guess most people have beaten the game at this point. Wall of text below.

To start with, let me say that I liked the game. However, I can already now say that these games are not going to be my new top favorites, though I still think they are good and I am sure they will end up somewhere in my top 5. The post-game will be the judge as for their exact placement. I have some hopes and some fears, will have to see what turns out to be the case and what doesn't.

I played Moon, and I have to say that I really like the version differences when it comes to time. I pretty much never played OR/AS at night, and I think the true night began too late in Gen 6. Playing this game where it was night during the day was really cool since I mostly play during the day.

I like the regional dex, it is large and varied which is always good. The story and characters were good, I liked them. I love the new Pokemon as always, they have awesome designs. I'm pretty sure I have seen all of the regular ones so far, but I'm unsure if I have seen all Ultra Beasts and legendaries, so there might be a few surprises left. I like the idea of Alolan forms too, I hope they keep it for future games/generations and introduce more of them, either more Alolan forms for a potential Sun/Moon follow-up or other kinds of variations for future regions. Perhaps they can give the non-Kanto Pokemon a chance too. Haven't used any of them yet, but my favorite Alolan forms in terms of design are Raichu, Golem, Marowak and Ninetales.

That said, I am not a fan of the small number of new Pokemon. While they have great designs, I like it better when there are many new Pokemon. I feel a bit spoiled by Gen 1-5, especially Gen 5. I think 100 should be the bare minimum for how many new Pokemon there are each generation, though I can completely understand why they are adding less new Pokemon when you look at it from an economical perspective. There were also many new single-stage Pokemon this time around, ones that doesn't have any evolutions or pre-evolutions. Counted and got the total to 14 (not including legendaries). That is as many as were introduced in Unova, which had almost twice the number of total new Pokemon. In comparison, Kalos only had 5. I'm not saying it is good or bad, just an observation.

I love how they dared to try some new things, like removing the HMs and adding the Poke Rider instead. Feels like something they should have done long ago. The same goes for the Trials being there instead of the Gyms, I thought it worked well. They finally tried something new. Doesn't mean that the Gyms can never return in the future, but at least they tried something different one time. I am also a big fan of the graphical updates, the games feel much more polished and serious when it comes to the graphics compared to Gen 6. Getting rid of the chibi models was a good thing since it helps the games feel more serious and mature. I played Alpha Sapphire a little alongside Moon, and it felt like a completely different game. The difference is really big. Most of the other new features in the games are really cool as well, though I haven't tried all of them in full yet.

My in-game team consisted of Primarina, Salazzle, Tsareena, Mudsdale, Toucannon and Kommo-o. I decided early on that I wanted to try using new Pokemon only, and this became the result. I also wanted to have a FWG core, as well as a balanced team in general when it came to types. Plus the usual, a starter, a surfer, a flier and a Fairy-type. But it turns out I didn't need the surfer or the flier! This will ease up team building on Sun when I play through it. My team worked, though with the exception of Salazzle and to an extent Kommo-o, they were quite slow. All except for these two had a base speed below 80, which made a surprisingly big difference. I found myself getting outrun by opponents more often than not, including wild Pokemon like Raticate, Dugtrio, and Golbat. Speaking of Golbat, playing through Moon made it my third least favorite Pokemon overall, but that's for another discussion. As for the availability of my team, it was quite good, Kommo-o was available a bit late but that's the only thing. I let all members of the team hold a Z-Crystal, but I only used Z-moves against important trainers, as well as against wild Golbat. When I play through Sun later on, I will probably not only use new Pokemon once more, will try to mix up things a bit more. I have a few ideas and will see what I decide to go with.

Unfortunately, not everything about the games is good, and that's why they are not my new favorites. I don't like how almost everything about the games were revealed before their official release. A majority of the new Pokemon, the Ultra Beasts, the Alola Forms as well as most features and story-related things were shown beforehand. This made things a whole lot less surprising. I managed to avoid most of the leaks from the demo datamining and the full game leak, but got spoiled on a few things from them too. Someone might be thinking: "Well, if you don't want to see the new things from the games, don't look at all the pre-release material." And that's a completely valid and fair point. It is, more or less, my own fault for spoiling myself. For the next main series release, and for future generations, I am definitely going to be more "blind" before going into the games. Thinking back, that is another of the million things I liked about B/W, I knew next to nothing about the games before I started playing them which made it even more of a completely new experience. In comparison, I looked at too much things from X/Y and S/M before I started playing them. That's not to say the games haven't contained surprises because they surely have, but I feel like I have known too much beforehand.

Like with Gen 6, I'm not a fan of how they have removed many useful features from the previous generation. So far, I'm missing O-Powers, Hordes, Super Training, the red "X" and the DexNav. Perhaps other things too which I can't think about right now or haven't discovered the absence of yet. Online and communication features also feel a lot less convenient, I think I prefer the PSS over the Festival Plaza when it comes to communication. Admittedly I haven't used the communication features that much yet, so I might be wrong. I should have expected them to remove several features from Gen 6 since that's what Gen 6 did with many features from Gen 5... but still, it stings. I need to learn to live with it.

Then there's the fan pandering to Kanto fans. Once again, Kanto gets the spotlight, and kind of steals it (or at least parts of it) from Alola. There are many Kanto Pokemon in the game, at some parts in the beginning it felt like I ran into nothing but Kanto Pokemon. Now I don't know exactly how many there are in the regional dex compared to the other regions so I might be wrong, but that's what it felt like at least. And just as I thought would be the case, Alola forms are limited to Kanto Pokemon. But that isn't all bad since I think Kanto has the most boring and uninteresting Pokemon, so they are the most in need of being spiced up. And yet, even with all of this, I can still forgive Game Freak. Despite all the fan pandering during this and last generation, they still haven't crossed the line. Maybe I'm getting soft, but that's how I feel. I do hope they stop with it now though, there's no reason to continue anymore now that the 20th anniversary is over.

I also felt that the level curve, or rather the difficulty curve in the games, was rather unbalanced. At one point I'm doing just fine and then I'm suddenly underleveled? There were a few big jumps, first between Islands 2 and 3, then 3 and 4, then to the Pokemon League and then finally to the post-game. I haven't found any good ways to rebattle trainers or level grind either, apart from beating the highest-leveled wild Pokemon you have access to, so this is kind of a problem. Plus, most trainers in the game only have 1 or 2 Pokemon. Some people might argue that this makes the games easier, but I'd say the opposite. It makes the games harder since that means you get less Exp, more or less forcing you to grind more against wild Pokemon if you want to level up some more. Now I played with the Exp. Share turned off during the majority of the game (turned it on just to grind before taking on the Elite Four), so I'm guessing the games are a bit easier and more balanced (relatively speaking) with the Exp. Share turned on. It feels like Exp. Share Off is the "Hard Mode" this time around while Exp. Share On is either "Normal" or "Easy" Mode (I don't know as I haven't tried it myself). Unpopular opinion perhaps, but I don't like this. I want my Pokemon games to be easy unless I tell them to be hard.

Overall, the game felt like a new X/Y. Which is really strange when I think about it considering how X/Y were very "regular" Pokemon games while S/M are daring and surprising, trying new things in many instances. But there are three things that give me this feeling: the low number of new Pokemon, the fan pandering to Kanto fans and the removal of many useful features from the previous generation. Three things that X/Y also had or did. I had hoped for a new B/W and I got a new X/Y instead. Which isn't too bad since I like X/Y, but this isn't exactly what I wanted the new generation to be. It feels like Game Freak have done the same thing twice in a row, which I don't think has ever happened before.

So those are my thoughts so far, except for potential things I have forgotten. As said, I liked the game, not my top favorite but the main game was still a lot of fun. Like most Pokemon games have been. Now I'm going to see what the post-game has to offer. Might come back with a new post once I'm done with that, depending on how long it takes and if this thread is still around by then, we'll see.
i really like how the legendaries were really well incorporated into the story since the beginning when cosmog gets attacked on the bridge and lillie and it continues to play a large part in the story untill it transforms into the cover legendaries. Compared to previous titles where you would hear jack about the legendaries up until about half way through the story. it's amazing how far pokemon has come, i compare it to RBY or LG FR (since they have the almost exact same story) and its honestly pretty lame and straight forward you go through the story and beat the 8 gyms and catch the legendaries who you dont hear anything about and thats pretty much all there is to it.
I didn't really feel much Kanto pandering myself. It feels like all the regions got plenty of mentions and representation on the pokedex. They also want to reel in Pokemon Go players so I would understand anyway.
I really, really hate RNG sometimes, because it's been toying with me.

I've been soft-resetting and throwing my Master Ball at Tapu Lele trying to get a Timid one with HP Fire over the last two days, with hours going into it. I just caught one that had max stats, so anything that wasn't a 31 had to be at least a 30. So I go and use the judge at the PC and...it has 6 perfect IVs. Why. Why couldn't I have gotten this on a Pheromosa, instead of getting one with all zeroes outside the guaranteed 31s.

If this were anything but a Pokemon that is meant to be a Special Attacker, I'd keep it in a heartbeat, and it just sucks I have to soft-reset on a perfect legendary.


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So I was trying to catch the Skarmory that attacks you from the tree on Route 10. I had it down to red HP and Paralyzed, using regular Poké Balls, Great Balls, even an Ultra Ball, all to no avail... but then I accidently throw a Net Ball and catch it first try.
Honestly one of the best experiences that I have ever had with a video game. The character development in fantastic, the story is great, the trials are an original, yet very fun aspect of the game, and the Pokemon, while mostly slow, are great. My personal favorite is Mudsdale, who what I have seen, does great work against a lot of trainers with its great bulk and good coverage ingame. Going in mostly blind was the best decision I could have made, because I could actually sympathize with the characters and story without knowing whats to come. S&M is something you can really immerse yourself in, since I found myself doing little things just for the sake of them because I was so immersed.

While it's pretty long and the story takes a bit to get into, I'd say it is very much worth it.
So here I was trying to catch Koko inside a Fast Ball so I could do a Pelipper/Koko/Kingdra/Raichu or Aegislash or Scizor (hadn't decided). Decide for the sake of it to chuck a Beast Ball for giggles after False swiping and spore.

Turns out I was able to catch it with the first ball, with Timid to boot. HP Rock, but like, Beast Ball man.
I read on Bulbapedia that you can get a Lv9 - 12 Salamence on Route 3 SOS Battle. Does this improve Salamence's Viability at all? How does it fare in-game if you did that?

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