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Updated the OP to reflect all the recently uploaded dex's, got rid of any old reservations and old stuff that wasn't in progress anymore, so that should be perfectly up to date now. Raichu-A and Lurantis were recently unranked on the NU VR, therefore they are no longer available to be reserved. (Also locked Shiftry because that got unranked too). Mudsdale, Palossand, and Silvally-Ghost are up for reservation and are all low priority. Aromatisse is getting a revamp which is High Priority.

Taking the Whimsicott revamp


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I'll do Zangoose. (if approved ofc)

e: I'll do Palossand too.

e2: doing Watervally instead, watchog didnt get his thread out in time so i assume that i can do it instead.
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ok we got a couple more things to add onto here
High priority:
-Medicham (Revamp)
-Houndoom (Revamp)
-Defog Xatu (Set Analysis)
-Defensive Cryogonal (Set Analysis)
-Bulk Up Emboar (Set Analysis)

Low Priority:
-Charizard (Revamp)
-Pyukumuku (Revamp)
-AV Raticate (Set Analysis)
If you have any questions on specifics about the revamps, feel free to message myself or eternally. Also a soft reminder that we have an nu analyses channel in our discord ( that you can discuss your analyses in with nu qc.

Thanks dudes

edit: also forgot to mention that I updated the op so hopefully the reservation list is finally in order


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I know I’m currently doing three, but my current set of analyses have been mostly stationary for a while. Is it OK if I do the Houndoom revamp?
I got a question. What ever happened to Kabutops, I remember it being there when I reserved it and it has been nowhere on the reservation list for quite a while. Was Kabutops taken down and I missed a memo or...

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