Tournament Sun & Moon Partner Monothreat Won by HNBL and Sirskit

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At this point im calling activity Misaka Mikoto I have attached a picture of the conversation I started with my opp, and to put it simply, he has just not replied at all, despite multiple attempts on my part to get in touch.
Im assuming that my partner Samspark is facing similar issues.
My opponent and I can't have a time to play.
I'm not open to stay awake at 1am just for one game. I don't know how to fix this timezone issue.
Misaka Mikoto
You guys should have it done by at least Sunday 11:59 pm EST since it's the weekend and all.

Please continue updating with each other about a specific scheduled time that you both can be on or keep alerting each other you're online.

If you and Master Failure still haven't completed the match by then, Ticken and I will just do a coin flip.
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