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I'll have an in depth post game explaining my thoughts and actions after BT does his. But before you guys go off more about how it was so obvious that VB was scum, here's a good summary on my thoughts about several players during the game;


This was a major contributing factor to lynching askaninjask and agape. The later even agape agrees with. However when I asked for concrete reasons as to why VB was mafia (and I did ask, just no one was active) the best we got from aska was that "the walrein lynch swung off of VB". But that was entirely inaccurate. VB wasn't the one who put the 3rd vote on Walrein when nearing deadline, that was DLE. VB wasn't the 4th vote, that was Agape. VB was vote 5 of 7, and vote 6, UllarWarlord, would give no reasons at all to his vote.

But now when all is said and done, in hindsight, people say that this post was fishy;

I have made it somewhat known that i find the all-caps posting restriction frustrating and stupid. I should go back and read his posts because they hurt my head. I would be happy to be rid of this silly all caps bs.

But seriously. Walreins posts have offered not a lot of insight, and the more substantial ones are basically "I agree with this" or "here is some things that are not really saying much at all" or trash talking another user.

On top of that (trying to ignore the all caps) he has been playing in a similar way than he did in company, posting often, but not offering a lot, and "active lurking" as dale put it.

but yeah i agree with this lynch basically


##vote walrein
They will mostly point out the all-caps bit, but let's not pretend that the all-caps had no impact on others voting for Walrein. But more importantly, there was more to this post than that. His second and third points are perfectly valid.

Now compare this post to Agape's reason to vote Walrein (wanting to figure out the nature of post restricts?) Aska's first reason (noncommittal voting), or Paperblade who did literally only complain about all-caps and piggyback, the things that VB is accussed of. So when I said "what evidence do you have against VB that can't be used against 7 other players?" tell me with a straight face I was wrong. Oh yeah, and DLE's reasons;

Actually, you know what, no, fuck waiting. I like this read.

##Vote Walrein

1. Seems to be playing about the same as he did in Company, except without having to fit into doing Orcinus Duo's dumb shit. Post a lot of thoughts on people and defend himself without really pressing anyone else. All of his prior votes have just been "oh someone else has called out this person; I kind of agree with that. Vote!" Obviously not a pure mafia sign, but Walrein is (or should be) a better player than that.

2. I love love love a Walrein/VintageBooks scumteam right now. Vintage Books has had one good post and the rest have been pretty fluffy, from what I remember. Walrein's vote on Vintage Books felt incredibly forced and seemed like a way to try to take pressure off of himself to try to make Vintage Books look cleaner if Walrein were lynched. Then Vintage Books sheeps off of some of Walrein's posts about me and then just grabs it to vote for me. Definitely my top 2 lynch targets for day 1.

3. His most recent contribution is just calling out Agape on how dumb his grammar thing is. And I agree it's pretty fucking stupid. But I'd like to think that he has a bit more to contribute than that. It just seems like he's just trying to active lurk and seem like he's saying stuff that's helpful when in reality it's not so.

4. Aska's probably one of my stronger town reads right now; he was a lot more wishy-washy as mafia in that zelda game or whatever it was called and was one of my better mafia reads on day 1 in that game; he seems to be playing much more of an aggressive townie this game, although some of the stuff he's saying I've found to be somewhat scummy (I think both von and I posted some stuff about it; mostly about mischaracterization of some of the accusations against him). But I think it fits reasonably well with the playstyle that I'm willing to forgive it. I don't think aska is the kind of player who would vote for and push a teammate on day 1, so it gives me some additional comfort that a town read of mine is pushing and voting Walrein.

@Walrein convince me that Vintage Books (or whomever you like) is a better lynch target than yourself.

@Agape, do you agree with a Walrein lynch? Why or why not?
A post that I openly questioned even at the time. Course, I'll talk more about DLE's antics later.
1) vonFiedler (0) -
4) Da Letter El (0) -
6) idiotfrommars (0) -
7) Vintage Books (0) -
12) MeowMixx (0) -
13) Agape (4) - vonFiedler Vintage Books MeowMixx Da Letter El - LYNCH
14) smashlloyd20 (0) -

Not Voting (3) - idiotfrommars, Agape, smashlloyd20



Agape was Persistent Pete,
Vanilla Town.
Persistent Pete lived up to his name and annoyed the living crap out of the host. It was a good excuse for another pointless vanilla role.

With that, vonFiedler, idiotfrommars and smashlloyd20 have been endgame'd!

vonFiedler was Reckless Rodney,
Town Suicidal Doctor.
Reckless Rodney, as his name implies, wouldn't take safety precautious when protecting his allies. Were he to prevent a flip, it would only result in his own.

idiotfrommars was Dedicated Dave,
Town Priest.
Dedicated Dave was very dedicated to his work. Actually, he was blatantly against dirtying his hands. Essentially, he could not hammer vote. Even if he tried, it wouldn't work.

(smashlloyd20 has already flipped!)

Da Letter El, Vintage Books and MeowMixx have WON Sunday Mafia!

MeowMixx was Organized Olga,
Mafia Janitor.
Organized Olga was a shady individual! Once during the game, she could kill without causing a flip. That said, the flip would be exclusive to the scumteam. She could chat with her scumbuddies privately via quicktopic.

Vintage Books was Popular Paulina,
Mafia Beloved Princess.
Popular Paulina was too popular to avoid being a casualty when lynched. No one would be able to complete night actions during the following night, not even her buddies, which means it would be skipped entirely. She could chat with her scumbuddies privately via quicktopic.

Da Letter El was Frustrated Fred,
Mafia Activator.
Frustrated Fred was frustrated to a degree that he was required to display said frustration with an emoticon for the majority of his posts. He could also use a command in-thread to prompt the host to annonce that an ability was activated, although it did nothing else. He could chat with his scumbuddies privately via quicktopic.



Scum QT
Graveyard QT

A bigger post with the PMs will come later.


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VB'S post that Von quoted was suspicious because it basically just echoed everything dle said in the post right before it.

ullar what the hell.

Also did I or did I not predict 2 mafioso with my dying post
My first NOC game and I played as phenominally as I expected!

In future games I'll post 90% less, I think that fixes much stuff.

Not much to say here, I was unable to make any reads since I believed everyone to be putting up a facade of villagerness. Thus I suspected pro players since they would be better at deceiving me.

Thanks for hosting this game, BT. The post restrictions were fun, and this game was much faster than I suspected, which was a nice break for many month lasting games.

I might play more NOC later based on the fun in this one, though only after you have forgotten about this for obvious reasons :)

Also good job Walrein!


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Thoughts from an observer (I didn't pay too close attention but w/e):
-I thought Walrein and VB lynches were both bad but I generally hate short deadlines in NOC so the feeling of a rushed lynch probably would have applied to anyone on day1.
-I thought aska was scum but idk.
-when aska flipped village I figured DLE was scum and there was no silencer.
-Had complete town vibes from Agape and VonFiedler
-Was leaning town on idiotfrommars
-Was leaning scum on Paperblade but maybe I just expect too much from him
-Had no good read on Meowmixx or Ullar
-Smogon needs better NOC players

also B_T, was jalmont inspector or what?
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