Surprising Counters

Have you ever had a problem with one specific pokemon and you cant get past it? Well this thread is for those kind of problems. See you sometimes have those times when you have 5 pokemon on your team but your already countered hard by a single pokemon. Or one of your pokemon are dead weight most of the time and adds to the problem. Then your still in the right place. SOOOO to get us started let me tell you a storie.

My friend was having a problem with Pinsir of his team so he asked me for help. Well my original idea was a scarf Rotom with Hp-Fire aparantly he didnt want another scarf on his team since he had 2. So still going on rotom(since it resist its stab and is immune to most of its best attacks) i thought a defensive rotom would work wonders.....well i was right i gave that bitch max Hp and Def and from damage calcs he can beat it 1v1 and sometimes even if he switches in(if it uses X-Scissor).


Pinsir Counter(Rotom)-Leftovers
Trait: Levitate
EV: 252 Hp/252 Def/ 4 SpA
Substitute/ Pain Split/ Confuse Ray/ HP-Fire

thing can stop and kill a Pinsir with out to much trouble. Its takes about 23-27% from a life orb max attack max speed Adamant Pinsir and about 48-50% from stone edge from the same Pinsir. Hp-Fire can 2hko it and Pain split can easily reduce its life span if your at low health. Confuse ray and Pain Split Can be replaced with other moves such as Will-O-Wisp and Hex which 1hko it with SR 100% of the time(all calculations done on smogons damage calculator.
SO thats the set tell me what you think and any other sets to counter specefic pokemon.

Also if you need to counter a specefic pokemon list name and set and i can see if i can help you counter it better
Not really going to comment heavily on this, but STAB Thunderbolt has 95x1.5=142 power whereas super effective Hidden Power has 70x2=140 power.
Honestly, if you want to counter pinsir most of the time, you should go with will-o-wisp and thunderbolt instead of confuse-ray and HP-fire.

On the other hand, I think what I thought the thread was at first is something we should try out. Post and experiment with new, unusual counters to common threats. Who knows, we could even learn something (!!!).
Confuse ray has a chance of making it deal damage to its self so it helps with leftovers recovery, that extra bit of damage , and if he gets a a crit the extra leftovers recovery will help me surivive the attack if im not able to take it out

although confuse ray can be easily replace with will-o-wisp to take hits better

Its also not just about countering Pinsir but pokemon that you need a counter for.

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