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Approved by Fiend, thanks to grape tylenol for the art.

I'm pleased to announce that the SV LC Sample Teams thread has arrived!

This thread will be dedicated to showcasing teams that are strong, successful and helpful for new players trying to learn the basics of Little Cup.
Anyone can submit teams below, and those that excel in the aforementioned criteria will be approved and added to the list.
If you are submitting a team, please include a description of how the team works, and each member's role.

This list will be updated in accordance with major meta shifts and gameplay developments (e.g. DLC, bans). Make sure to check in after big changes to stay up to date!


Stunky Tspikes by vndrevc
:mienfoo: :vullaby: :mareanie: :mudbray: :voltorb-hisui: :stunky:

Timburr Offense by Drifting
:gastly: :growlithe-hisui: :glimmet: :vullaby: :timburr: :elekid:

Fiend Hound by Hacker
:gastly: :houndour: :toedscool: :mienfoo: :voltorb-hisui: :tinkatink:

Magby Funnel by Drifting
:gastly: :magby: :glimmet: :mienfoo: :vullaby: :toedscool:

Basic No Vull Offense by Kipkluif
:mienfoo: :stunky: :snubbull: :voltorb-hisui: :growlithe-hisui: :gastly:

Birdspam by Hacker
:vullaby: :doduo: :mienfoo: :mareanie: :mudbray: :voltorb-hisui:

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Credits to wesh papillon for helping me make this team.

Surfin' USA (Surskit) @ Eviolite
Ability: Swift Swim
Level: 5
Shiny: Yes
Tera Type: Ghost
EVs: 36 HP / 100 Def / 36 SpA / 100 SpD / 236 Spe
Calm Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Sticky Web
- Surf
- Bug Buzz
- Icy Wind

The Sticky Webs setter for the team, if it does more than set up webs then it's a plus for us. Surf and Bug Buzz is for consistent STAB, and Icy Wind is for slowing down whatever mon is in front of you. Eviolite over Focus Sash is used so you can live certain threats like Scarf Magnemite Thunderbolt and +2 Girafarig clicking Twin Beam as they might think you're Sash. Tera Ghost is used in the rare event of spin-blocking off the lead matchup.
236+ SpA Magnemite Thunderbolt vs. 36 HP / 100+ SpD Eviolite Surskit: 18-24 (85.7 - 114.2%) -- 6.3% chance to OHKO
+2 196 SpA Girafarig Twin Beam (2 hits) vs. 36 HP / 100+ SpD Eviolite Surskit: 14-20 (66.6 - 95.2%) -- approx. 2HKO
236 Atk Life Orb Diglett Rock Blast (4 hits) vs. 36 HP / 100 Def Eviolite Surskit: 20-32 (95.2 - 152.3%) -- approx. 6.3% chance to OHKO

Melman (Girafarig) (M) @ Eviolite
Ability: Sap Sipper
Level: 5
Tera Type: Ground
EVs: 76 Def / 116 SpA / 76 SpD / 236 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Twin Beam
- Tera Blast
- Protect
- Nasty Plot

The king of the tier, so of course it had to make an appearance on this team. Tera Ground is for Fuecoco and Pawniard primarily, with the secondary benefit of allowing this team to actually have a Scarf Mag switch in. Max Spe is for the event that webs don't get up, so you are still able to have some speed presence as everything else isn't running speed investment. Protect is for preventing Nymble from hitting First Impression on us. For the Pawn calcs below, there is a .390625% chance of min rolling both attacks, so not Tera'd Tera Blast into Ground Tera Blast kills over 99% of the time.
116 SpA Tera Ground Girafarig Tera Blast vs. 140 HP / 196+ SpD Eviolite Fuecoco: 14-20 (56 - 80%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
112 SpA Girafarig Tera Blast vs. 0 HP / 116 SpD Eviolite Pawniard: 3-5 (14.2 - 23.8%) into
112 SpA Tera Ground Girafarig Tera Blast vs. 0 HP / 116 SpD Eviolite Pawniard: 14-20 (66.6 - 95.2%)

Queen's Gambit (Pawniard) (F) @ Eviolite
Ability: Defiant
Level: 5
Tera Type: Ghost
EVs: 76 HP / 156 Atk / 36 Def / 116 SpD / 116 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Sucker Punch
- Iron Head
- Brick Break
- Swords Dance

Every king needs their queen, so Pawniard takes up slot #3 on the team. While I personally like Tera Flying more, Tera Ghost allows us to block Rapid Spin in case Drifloon has an early demise and is more necessary for the team, and also comes with the benefit of being immune to opposing Pawn Brick Break. Swords Dance is for cleanup or exerting pressure on the opponent, and potentially forcing an early Tera. EVs are to maximize Eviolite bulk, and 116 Spe is for outspeeding Diglett slowed by Webs.

Little Mac (Crabrawler) (M) @ Eviolite
Ability: Iron Fist
Level: 5
Shiny: Yes
Tera Type: Electric
EVs: 60 HP / 20 Atk / 140 Def / 60 SpD / 172 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Bulk Up
- Drain Punch
- Ice Punch
- Thunder Punch

I used to not believe in Crabrawler, but after creating this team I'm a believer that he can absolutely put in work. Drain Punch + the elemental punches allows Crab to always do serious damage to whatever is in front of it. EVs are to again max out Eviolite numbers, and 172 Spe is to be faster than Scarf Mag and Mudbray if webs are up. When going against opposing Pawniards getting +2 from Defiant, make sure that you get a free switch in at full HP so you don't die to Iron Head + Sucker Punch.

Scrooge McDuck (Quaxly) (M) @ Eviolite
Ability: Moxie
Level: 5
Tera Type: Ground
EVs: 156 Atk / 156 Def / 196 Spe
Impish Nature
- Roost
- Rapid Spin
- Liquidation
- Brave Bird

Quaxly is our spinner of choice as it not only removes hazards for the team but it also has great offensive pressure with Moxie. Roost allows us to keep Quaxly healthy when switching in on mons like Greavard or not boosted Pawn. Brave Bird is to prevent Rapid Spin from Toed while also hitting the other Grass types that want to switch in. Tera Ground may seem an odd choice, but this allows us to turn the Scarf Mag matchup on its head, turning Electric moves from super effective to immune.

Fly Me to the Moon (Drifloon) @ Oran Berry
Ability: Unburden
Level: 5
Shiny: Yes
Tera Type: Flying
EVs: 36 HP / 196 Atk / 244 Def / 4 SpD
Impish Nature
- Destiny Bond
- Acrobatics
- Will-O-Wisp
- Substitute

What's a Webs team without a Ghost type to prevent Rapid Spin. Drifloon is great at taking weak hits and spreading status through WoW. Destiny Bond is for when Drifloon is no longer needed to stop the spin and take a potential threat out with it. Substitute for the Sucker Punch mind games and for activating Oran Berry (RIP Berry Juice). Acro + Oran + Unburden allows Drifloon to become faster than the entire unboosted metagame as well as a decent amount of Scarfers like Zorua and Larvesta.

Replays: vs Oddooddo vs InTheAeroplane vs Professor Gunch vs Zx1028❤


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Ice Diglett
This team build around tera ice diglett. It first includes the most powerful mons Pawniard and Girafarig in thetier, and plays with trap another the most powerful mon toedscool as the goal. After successful trap and kill toedscool, the team will show its amazing side. Mudray and Pawniard both played a good role after Toedscool was trapped. Drifloon is a good Rapid Spin blocker and help the team overcome some weaknesses. Mareanie is another indestructible wall in the team. In a word, this team is strong enough.

The core of the whole team. The goal is to trap toedscool, Mareanie and other things that will hinder the team's performance. Since we have reliable Defog Drifloon, I did not run Rock Blast on Diglett. After its trap task is completed, you can set a Stealth Rock and let it exit the game with honor! Substitute is used to play with Sucker Punch. It is so simple and powerful.

The first beneficiary of toedscool after being trapped! It is also a reliable wall, responsible for transferring Pawniard, atk Girafarig and Glimmet, etc! It is also a powerful sweeper, as long as you can make sure to kill the opposite Toedcool.

The second beneficiary of toedscool after being trapped! Since Diglett has run Stealth Rock, I chose Swords Dance set. After the other party's Mareanie and Toedcool are trapped, they usually play well.

The strongest mons in this tier! Sets that do not rely on tera are selected. Of course, tera can also be selected when necessary!

An unbreakable wall. Block each other's Pawniard, Glimmet and Larvesta, etc. Toxic Spikes are very useful after the other's Rapid Spin users (such as Toedcool) are trapped. Toxic is used against Girafarig (sometimes), tera water Mareanie, etc.

Highlights! A cool and cute pokemon. As a bulk defog set, it can not only block Rapid Spin as a ghost type mon, but also block Mons that threaten the team, such as Mankey, Mudray, Diglett, etc. Its defog is also very good. Will-O-Wisp can often make Pawniard burn.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to provide feedback or ask questions.
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:gastly: :pawniard: :glimmet: :quaxly: :girafarig: :diglett:

i dropped rocks on the ground, and spikes... and tspikes

:gastly: Initially I wanted this to be a Life Orb Gastly based on how strong it can be with the crazy SpA it has alongside it's really nice Speed, but instead I made it a set that can ruin the 2 best hazard removers in the tier, Toedscool and Quaxly. Ice Tera Blast is pretty committal, but anything to keep those hazards up. Will-O-Wisp and Thunderbolt can remove Quaxly and even if Gastly loses the 1v1 vs the Quaxly, it gets burned for the rest of the game and you can easily revenge kill with the rest of the team.

:pawniard: Pawniard is good and that's all there is to it. Choice Scarf and Tera Ghost can allow you to surprise a Giraffe trying to get rid of you.

:glimmet: Sets the rocks and spikes (and hopefully t-spikes) and dies. Mud Shot is nice to drop the opponents speed for the next mon to come in.

:quaxly: This thing can pretty easily clean up an entire game with Rapid Spin and Moxie. Tera Flying can help Brave Bird get some extra damage and score big kills.

:girafarig: Get rid of this mon its way too good, to be honest this should switch to NP + TBolt for Drifloon, as I think the matchup into either CM Sweeper or Status Support is shaky without TBolt.

:diglett: Crazy strong and fast attacker, can remove specific targets as a trapper. Tera can be changed into something else, but I like the extra power to Sucker Punch.
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Nymble + Wattrel Offense
:sv/nymble: :sv/wattrel: :sv/mareanie: :sv/toedscool: :sv/girafarig: :sv/pawniard:

When building, I discovered that Nymble and Wattrel form a strong offensive core. Nymble helps with Pokemon that can hurt Wattrel easily, whilst Wattrel cooks Quaxly and Flying-types for Nymble. I started with these two for an offensive core.

For a defensive core, I'm using Mareanie and Toedscool. They cover each other's weaknesses, and Tera Water Mareanie can be very helpful by removing one of the downsides of it's Poison-type. Toedscool can set hazards whilst spinning them away.

Finally, the filler mons. Girafarig is Girafarig, and Pawniard fills the role of Steel-type. It's also helpful into webs.
Choice Scarf Mareanie

:sv/mareanie: :sv/glimmet: :sv/toedscool: :sv/pawniard: :sv/girafarig: :sv/diglett:

please trust me i promise this isnt a troll team

I was curious while I was messing with calcs a few days ago and remembered an Acehunter team where he used Choice Scarf Mareanie in SS, so I wanted to re-create it in SV because I thought the new toy in Glimmet would make for an interesting idea

:mareanie: The whole idea of the team. Mareanie STAB Venoshock on top of Merciless allows it to do big damage as long as the target is poisoned. Add Tera Poison for the extra power to Venoshock to pick up some surprise KO's. If you can take out specific pieces of an opponents team like Pawniard (or from my experience, Crabrawler too) and have the T-Spikes up, Mareanie can clean up with fast Venoshocks. Sludge Bomb is an option for when your opponent isn't poisoned. Hydro Pump is another strong STAB with high BP, and Ice Beam is for Toedscool (Or Diglett if it's not poisoned, Venoshock KO's it lol)

:glimmet: T-Spikes. Revolutionary.

:toedscool: The spinner of the team, maybe could be switched for Quaxly, haven't tested it yet though.

:pawniard: Since Glimmet has Stealth Rocks, I threw Swords Dance on Pawniard. This mon is really scary at +2, but is mostly meant for the psychic switch-in for Mare and Glimmet.

:girafarig: I don't think I have to explain this pick, Girafarig can do so much for you and is basically a must-have for all teams. Helps with opposing Glimmet so your opp doesn't have a T-Spike absorber.

:diglett: Diglett is here to be Diglett. Fast trapper that can help with some MUs with its speed and power. Tera Bug for Giraffe and Toedscool and assist in the Diglett mirror. :quagchamppogsire:

In case you don't think Scarf Mare is good, here's some calcs I hope will change your mind: (Some of these calcs just have Tera Poison cause I forgot to turn it off, you don't always have to tera for these kills)

252+ SpA Tera Poison Mareanie Venoshock (130 BP) vs. 0 HP / 76 SpD Eviolite Girafarig on a critical hit: 22-26 (95.6 - 113%) -- guaranteed OHKO after Stealth Rock (Giraffe is broken please ban it)
252+ SpA Tera Poison Mareanie Venoshock (130 BP) vs. 36 HP / 0 SpD Diglett on a critical hit: 20-24 (111.1 - 133.3%) -- guaranteed OHKO
252+ SpA Tera Poison Mareanie Venoshock (130 BP) vs. 36 HP / 36 SpD Eviolite Toedscool on a critical hit: 20-24 (95.2 - 114.2%) -- guaranteed OHKO after Stealth Rock
252+ SpA Tera Poison Mareanie Venoshock (130 BP) vs. 76 HP / 0 SpD Eviolite Quaxly on a critical hit: 26-32 (113 - 139.1%) -- guaranteed OHKO
252+ SpA Mareanie Hydro Pump vs. 0 HP / 76 SpD Gastly: 16-21 (84.2 - 110.5%) -- 93.8% chance to OHKO after Stealth Rock
252+ SpA Mareanie Venoshock (130 BP) vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Zorua on a critical hit: 31-37 (155 - 185%) -- guaranteed OHKO (You might get U-turned on or Knocked, might not be worth staying in)
252+ SpA Tera Poison Mareanie Venoshock (130 BP) vs. 0 HP / 60 SpD Eviolite Crabrawler on a critical hit: 24-30 (114.2 - 142.8%) -- guaranteed OHKO

I have no replays because I never remember to save them, but I played a couple rounds with Papillon and went 3-1, and had successful performance on the ladder. I'm not the best teambuilder or battler, so I'd love to see an established player humor me and test this idea.
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Choice Scarf Maschiff Offense
:sv/maschiff: :xy/diglett: :xy/gastly: :xy/pawniard: :xy/girafarig: :sv/toedscool:

:maschiff: Speed Control, Revenge Killer, and Breaker for the team. Tera Fairy can help into Crabrawler.

:diglett: Helps remove things like Pawniard for Gastly, Girafarig, and Maschiff without being forced to Tera.

:gastly: Spinblocker and Powerful Attacker. Can also spread burn with Will-O-Wisp.

:pawniard: Pawniard.

:girafarig: Girafarig.

:toedscool: Spinner and Spike Setter. Power Whip helps vs other Toedscool, other than that, its business as usual for him.


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drifting called me a turd and told me to post it in here
the idea is simple: gastly will be broken in no girafarig meta so i will use my own scarf gastly to check it. dig is there to trap other poisons that become better like mare or even foongus with tera flying, and also maybe pawniard for gastly. quax, toeds and pawn form a defensive backbone, with encore quax to maybe allow crabrawler to set up or dig to trap
heres how the works in practice when you play on phone in a car while ill, in an lcwl game vs floss. if i can win in a state like that, anyone can win too with it
sample teams are needed for no girafarig meta, so here's an (edited) version of a team i made in lcwl

:gastly: :crabrawler: :mudbray: :pawniard: :toedscool: :mareanie:

Its a bunch of good stuff slapped onto a team.

Scarf gastly is speed control that hits hard and fast

Crabrawler helps support it by bonking Pawniard (its been edited so new players can use it more easily, so tera fire)

Mudbray takes punishment like its nobody's business + limits electric types. Its a fantastic wincon.

Pawniard is good value overall, is also the rocker. hard to go wrong with it.

Toedscool is the spinner because i really don't like quaxly in this metagame. Usual set makes it function just fine as a Gastly check.

Mareanie can be stupid hard to break, which is funny to think about. Its got haze for gothita (hate it) and even if it gets set up Mudbray can deal with it. Helps limits Mankey and is such a fantastic wall.

Overall gameplan is to wear down the opposing team to set up any of mudbray, crabrawler or scarf gastly to win. Muds wins if it can take a bunch of physical attacks and there are no special attacker, crabrawler has bulk up to sweep slow teams, while gastly is so fast and strong that if your opponent has no priority, it can clean very easily.
:sv/diglett: :sv/nymble: :sv/Zorua-Hisui: :sv/pawniard: :sv/mareanie: :sv/toedscool:
Thanks to Eniigma for helping me make this team.

:diglett: Diglett has to be one of if not the best mon in the tier right now. 20 Speed combined with STAB Earthquake boosted by Life Orb allows Diglett to seriously damage anything it traps. Rock Blast is for Flying types that avoid EQ, and Tera Blast Flying is for avoiding opposing Diglett traps and for hitting mons like Toedscool and Crabrawler super effectively. Substitute is to scout for teras and to help with Sucker Punch coinflips.

:nymble: After Girafarig's ban and Gastly's rise to the throne, Nymble fell off hard, but I like this mon and used it anyways to decent success. With Gastly being banned recently however, I believe it's this bug's time to shine again. STAB First Impression blows holes into opponent's teams, especially when boosted by Tera Bug. U-Turn is essential to get Nymble out to keep momentum as its poor bulk means it lives very few hits coming its way. Sucker Punch is to help finish off weakened foes faster than you, and Leech Life is to negate damage from Life Orb and/or Stealth Rocks.

:zorua-hisui: The team was originally created with Gastly in this slot, but since it was banned the team needed a new Ghost type to take its place. Thankfully, Game Freak dropped Hisuian Zorua when I needed it most. Wisp + Hex is great for all of the physical attackers in the tier. Tera Blast is the only (good) special normal STAB that Zorua-H, and it comes with the added benefit of being able to switch types due to Terastallization. Dark Pulse is to hit all the other Hisuian Zorua. This slot is the most changeable in my opinion, as completely different moves can be used to good success or just another Ghost type entirely.

:pawniard: Pawniard has been good since the beginning of the generation with its great typing strong attack stat and good enough speed tier and bulk. Sample set moves and EVs are used as the team needed a consistent Stealth Rock setter. Tera Flying is to turn its 4x weakness to Fighting into a resist and to become immune to Ground moves from the likes of Diglett and Mudbray.

:mareanie: The grounded poison type and bulky water for the team. Not much to say about this mon other than it switches in, eats the hit, and switches out. I went with Haze as I did not want to get set up on by Calm Mind Gothita, but Toxic Spikes can also work.

:toedscool: Toedscool is great in this metagame with its access to Knock Off + Rapid Spin. No Spore as I wanted to have access to both STABs. Tera Water to help with the Rain matchup and to cause mindgames versus Crabrawler in order to knock off its Eviolite. For EVs, I went with the Serious nature set with 14 Speed as I wanted the extra bulk. Toedscool's moves and EVs are very flexible so you can customize them to fit your personal playstyle.
With LCWL over, time to dump some teams!

First of all, in memory of Gastly meta, here are a few Gastly meta teams (since I notice there are none here).

LC 8.3 Wingull
:sm/wingull: :sm/gastly: :sm/diglett: :sm/foongus: :sm/shellder: :sm/pawniard:

LC 12 Riolu Sun
:sm/gastly: :sm/petilil: :sm/charmander: :sm/diglett: :sm/shroodle: :sm/riolu:

LC 9.2.1 Scarf Hatenna + Drowzee
:sm/hatenna: :sm/wingull: :sm/gastly: :sv/tinkatink: :sm/drowzee: :sm/diglett:

LC 15.1 Double Scarf Ghost
:sm/wingull: :sm/gastly: :sv/toedscool: :sm/drifloon: :sm/diglett: :sm/pawniard:

Feel free to ask me if you want any additional info about those obsolete teams.


Ok now that's out of the way, here are some of my teams post-Gastly ban and with the arrival of Zorua-Hisui.

LC 11 Rain Birdspam
:sm/wingull: :sv/wattrel: :sv/tinkatink: :sm/psyduck: :sv/shroodle: :sm/riolu:
This team was built in Gastly meta, but doesn't have Gastly on it, and is probably still good in the new meta. It's a pretty straightforward rain team, with birds as more balanced abusers that can also work well outside of rain.

LC 16.3 Diglett countertrap
:sm/wingull: :sm/diglett: :sm/fomantis: :sv/quaxly: :sm/larvesta: :sm/pawniard:
This team is built around Larvesta and good hazard removal, with both a spinner and a defogger. Fomantis is also a good check to Sticky Webs, and beats every Toedscool set 1v1. Tera Flying is mainly for Foongus and Larvesta, which 4x resist Leaf Storm. Tera Fire can also be used to hit Pawniard, which likes to switch into Defog, while still hitting Foongus. This team has many Pokemon vulnerable to Diglett, so Air Balloon Diglett is on the team to make sure Diglett can't trap more than 1 Pokemon. It is also a good switch-in to Glimmet, since it is immune to Mud Shot. Wingull is 18 Speed to hit both the SpA and the bulk benchmarks, while not losing too much with the lowered Speed.

LC 17.3 Sinistea Webs
:sm/gothita: :sm/surskit: :sm/sinistea: :sm/fomantis: :sv/bramblin: :sm/mudbray:
This is a Webs team with Fomantis, and two spinblockers in Sinistea and Bramblin. Fomantis can become very threatening once Webs are up and Pokemon immune to Webs are removed. Tera Fire is used to beat Foongus and Pawniard. Gothita is there to trap Wingull and/or Pawniard, depending on the matchup. Sinistea can also become threatening with Nasty Plot, with Tera Dark to resist Sucker Punch and Zorua-Hisui's Ghost type attacks. Choice Scarf Surskit is used to avoid losing to Rock Blast Diglett or Taunt Voltorb leads, as well as being useful to outspeed other stuff occasionally.

LC 19 Choice Scarf Mareanie
:sm/gothita: :sv/glimmet: :sv/toedscool: :sm/mareanie: :sm/houndour: :sv/greavard:
This team is built around Toxic Spikes and Choice Scarf Merciless Mareanie. Mareanie has surprisingly decent offensive stats, and with Merciless guaranteeing crits on poisoned targets, can hit extremely hard (imo it's better than defensive Mareanie). Tera Blast Ground is used to hit Steel types and Poison types if need be. The Toxic Spikes setters are Glimmet and Toedscool. Toedscool is Power Whip instead of Earth Power to be able to switch into and beat opposing Toedscool. Gothita helps remove Poison types, so that they can't absorb the Toxic Spikes, and Greavard is the best spinblocker in the tier, and can also use Roar to force poison on other Pokemon. Houndour rounds off the team, acting as a good check to both Pawniard, Zorua, and Zorua-Hisui.

That's all I have for now, hope you like those teams!
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Banned deucer.
I really like Snover.
Ice types got a buff this gen due to the way Hail(Snow now) works.
Ice types now get a defense stat boost of 1.5x in Snow.

Thanks to that, Snover hits a whopping 33 defense (with Eviolite and Snow up).
I felt there had to be a way to abuse that big defense stat and so I got to work.
:sm/snover: :sv/quaxly: :sm/drifloon: :sm/voltorb: :sm/crabrawler: :sv/glimmet:

What is the general idea?
Unlike most people, I think Snover works best by itself because all Hail abusers in this gen are bad.
Cubchoos movepool is ass and I dont like relying on a Snow Cloak miss with Cetoddle.
Instead I like to use Snover to put heavy pressure on Toedscool, Quaxly, Diglett, Drifloon and Sandile. These mons cant do anything versus Snover and are forced out anytime it comes in. Thanks to that fact, you can fire off Blizzards/Giga Drains for free.
236 Atk Life Orb Diglett Rock Blast (3 hits) vs. 36 HP / 196+ Def Eviolite Snover in Snow: 9-15 (39.1 - 65.2%) -- approx. 12.1% chance to 2HKO
236 Atk Life Orb Diglett Rock Blast (5 hits) vs. 36 HP / 196+ Def Eviolite Snover in Snow: 15-25 (65.2 - 108.6%) -- approx. 6.3% chance to OHKO

Toedscools highest damaging moves without evio:
36 SpA Toedscool Earth Power vs. 36 HP / 116 SpD Snover: 4-6 (17.3 - 26%) -- 0.1% chance to 4HKO

76+ Atk Quaxly Brave Bird vs. 36 HP / 196+ Def Snover in Snow: 12-16 (52.1 - 69.5%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

116 Atk Drifloon Acrobatics (110 BP) vs. 36 HP / 196+ Def Eviolite Snover in Snow: 12-14 (52.1 - 60.8%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

180 Atk Sandile Stone Edge vs. 36 HP / 196+ Def Eviolite Snover in Snow: 8-10 (34.7 - 43.4%) -- guaranteed 3HKO
Thanks to the pressure Snover puts on the Rapid Spinners you can basically guarantee your hazards will stay up for the rest of the game.
This makes adding a hazard setter a no-brainer (could argue that's always the case).

What about teams that use Rain or Sun?
Rain auto-loses to Snover, dont think I have to explain why.
Sun is interesting though, because of Tera Snover can deny Sun while not being bothered by whatever Fire move gets thrown at it.
It has a good matchup versus all the Chlorophyll mons due to quad Grass resist and Protect to scout for Tera Fire.
I am 3 for 3 against Sun teams, but maybe ladder just doesn't know how to use it yet and the matchup isnt as good as I think it is.

Now about the team structure.
:Quaxly: is your mandatory rapid spinner. Quaxly is definitely worse than toedscool, yet I still chose to use it.
The main reason was that I dislike having more than 1 grass type and I didnt need to cover any of the pokemon Toedscool normally covers.
Quaxly is bothered by Grass and Electric types, both of which dont like facing Snover.

:Drifloon: was mostly personal preference. A Ghost type is still required to keep hazards up and Drifloon fit the bill best. I chose Drifloon because it can switch into the Rapid spinners and either burn them or hit them with Acrobatics.
Ive put hex on this set rather than Tera Blast mostly because I felt it had more use in most scenario's. A lot of the time I didnt want to waste my Tera to deal with a mon and switched to something else instead.
Not having to rely on Rapid Spin to get rid of webs is also nice. I find webs super annoying to deal with and Defog allows me to just not worry about it.
Greavard could be an alternative since it also likes to abuse hazards, I personally think that makes the team too passive though.

:Voltorb: likes running tera Ice and for some reason that works decently well when combining it with Snover. Its main role is to serve as a fast volt-switch mon to keep up the pressure. I opted to run Protect rather than Taunt because I felt I had enough ways to deal with webs and being able to scout tera/what move a scarfer goes for is REALLY nice.

:Crabrawler: is just a general powerhouse. This mon can wallop through a team in the endgame after the combination of hazards and Snover weakened the team. But its also a decent lead into a bunch of matchups thanks to having Snover in the back.
I chose Earthquake on this set as the team struggles a bit versus Fuecoco and Glimmet.

:Glimmet: the hazard setter, nothing more to it besides the fact that it can absorb t-spikes. I think Spikes was a bit overkill myself so I chose to run Power gem instead.
You could tweak around with the EV's, I've seen some people use a more defensive version and that definitely could have its uses with this team.

Final thoughts:
I think Snover is very underused and people should definitely give it a shot.
Council has rated Snover D tier in the viability rankings and thats definitely way too low.
If I ever feel like it I might just make a post dedicated to raising that rating, so stay posted for that I guess.

I struggled to deal with Tera Ghost Mareanie and pretty much both versions of setup Numel.
I'll let people smarter than me figure that matchup out :)

Good luck with the team.
I'd love to hear how other people feel about Snover after giving it a shot.
I got myself beat in SSNL, so I thought I'd put in a team that I think would make a good sample.

Salandit Webs:

This is a high paced Webs team designed to facilitate sweeps with Salandit via a combination of targeted removal and speed reduction. It's a very linear team which makes it useful for newer players, while also featuring some role compression that specifically benefits good play and situational awareness. Namely the destiny bond / endure Drifloon to spin block and also remove required threats such as the bulky waters this team has difficulty muscling through otherwise. I think this team overall makes a good sample addition because it is easy to play but tricky to master.

What is also great for this team is that it is so modular. Salandit can be any number of threats (preferably poison) such as Nasty Plot Stunky, Nasty Plot Croagunk (which I have actually run more often in the slot and with greater ladder success), or Glimmet with Pawn switching to Swords Dance for example.


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well LCWL is over for my team now and i have been waiting for a while to post some of the teams i made this season despite how basic most of the stuff i make is anyways :worrywhirl:

Scarf Zorua Spikestack

This team is built off of Glimmet spike stacking with Greavard currently being the undeniable best spin blocker right now imo. Scarf Zorua is also pretty neat as with hazards up nobody really wants to switch into it and you have a really great pivot in Watrel to get it in alongside with Diglett who I think is the best cleaner right now with tera flying to kill Toedscool and be unimpacted by sticky webs. Then you just have toedscool to be this teams spinner and helps you switch into opposing Glimmet.
Larvesta + Diglett/Wingull

This team is built off of Larvesta being an excellent crab answer besides tera fire:worrywhirl: which is something I was really worried about fighting in tiebreak but Diglett and Wingull cover that anyways. Wingull is also really good into webs which was another thing I was worried about running into. Also, one of Larvesta's worst matchups is Glimmet which Diglett helps cover. Tera fire is because Voltorb is a huge threat to this team and fire and flying have the same targets anyways. Then since Larvesta and Wingull are really weak to hazards so I added two removers. Then I wanted rocks of my own alongside some form of priority so I made my last mon Pawniard.
Replay :blobsad::
Wattrel + Mareanie Balance

The idea of this team is Mareanie + Wattrel form a really strong defensive core, covering what I think are some of the metas best offensive mons such as Voltorb, Pawniard, Crabrawler to an extent, and rain as a whole. Floating Diglett is to have an excellent out vs webs, specifically crabrawler because it can give you more versatility in game because you wont be forced to tera Mareanie to check Crabrawler, meaning you could do something like tera bug your Nymble, or tera water either your Wattrel or Toedscool. Pawniard is here to be a stealth rocker and give priority. Toedscool is here so we have a spinner and we already have Mareanie so double water is kinda pointless, and Nymble is here for a general good revenger and more priority is always really good.
Replay :blobsad::
Crabrawler + Glimmet

The idea of this team is that Crabrawler is really good and hazard support from Glimmet could be very good for it. Fairy Crabrawler is kinda cool because it allows you to beat opposing crab while still keeping a decent defensive typing. Diglett is here to trap the poisons that would absorb Glimmet's toxic spikes alongside having a 20 speed mon. Hisu Zorua is here to check fighting types as well as spread burns to make it easier for crab to setup. Nymble is here to give this team priority, and Toedscool is here to be a spinner.

and thats all, #driftingflop
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Hello everyone, first post here. I wanted to share my favorite SV LC team.

:Mudbray: :quaxly: :pawniard: :drifloon: :wattrel: :diglett:

I wanted to play Mudbray scarf because since the ban of gastly, it doesn’t really have in apart toedscool and deerling.
The idea of this team and trapping with diglett terra fly to clear the ground in Mudbray

:Mudbray: :diglett:
The mudbray scarf + diglett terra fly duo is very effective but have common weaknesses, so the rest of the team is made in function

Quaxly is a good spin off and is tanky enough for different threats like pawniard, plus the combo rapid spin + encore is really strong

Pawniard for the rocks and for the ghost resistance and especially because it is the best pokemon of the tier

Drifloon for defog ( no poison mon) and good vs sticky and can kill big threats with destiny bond and terra fairy for chewtle

Wattrel for high resistance and very good in to wattrel + very good pivot for trapp

Replay lcwl:
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Team dump now that we won lcwl. I built a lot, and I meant A LOT of teams. Not all of them made the cut and im not going to include the metas which you straight up can't play anymore because Gastly and Girafarig are banned,
Double bug double spinner

:nymble: :larvesta: :quaxly: :toedscool: :glimmet: :diglett:

Bug is a powerful type now that gastly is banned and tinkatink has fallen out of favor. Drifloon is still and issue, and stealth rocks are annoying, but I think these team makes it work well.

Nymble and Larvesta are good speed control that both have access to U turn. It can be hard for the opponent to be able to keep up against the onslaught, especially with a Diglett in the back to trap bug resists, such as Mareanie or Glimmet. Tera Types are to enhance their already great stab options. Fire is preferred on Larv to mitigate the rocks weakness (x4 -> x2) as well as capitalize on no fire resist on the opponent's side. If you want to punish no bug resist, use Nymble.

Quaxly and Toed are a good defensive core that both remove rocks. Toedscool is specially offensive to better break Greavard. Glimmet is to remove T spikes, deal with opposing Nymble, and set up Rocks. Diglett is broken.
U turn balance

:zorua: :diglett: :mareanie: :toedscool: :pawniard: :mankey:

U turn using zorua and mankey into either a defensive pokemon that can take whatever is about to hit it or diglett to trap it. Same team idea as before, but not as weak to rocks. Tradeoff is a weaker u turn, but it has its benefits. Zorua with knock can be REALLY annoying to play around, especially if disguised as something else (such as mankey or diglett). Diglett traps things. Bottom text. Mare + Toed core is really hard to break and you don't need to focus on removing rocks as much. Pawniard is a good webs check + rocker. Mankey can break late game with CC. Its pretty standard by my estimations.
Steady and gentle (para spam inspired by jcbc)

:tinkatink: :wattrel: :deerling: :crabrawler: :voltorb: :toedscool:

I played jcbc in winter seasonal and was inspired by the para spam team he brought, it was shockingly cool. (pun intended) The idea here is to set up your win conditions in Crabrawler and Voltorb by making anything that would otherwise deal with it slow. Then you sweep endgame after a bulk up (or even without, depends on opponent). Tinkatink is the rocker, knocker, and first t waver. Ice hammer is to punish the grounds that otherwise blank t wave. The wattrel is an uncommon set without Volt Switch, however, I think its ability to really annoy the opponent with Air slash + T wave makes up for it. If you want, feel free to make it bulkier, but its meant to really annoy the opponent more than anything. Same applies to Deerling, who is your spore absorber. Its one defining role in the metagame is being able to stall turns a bunch via paraflinch. It opens up a crabrawler endgame by wearing down checks passively. Also is a pretty good defensive mon. Crab + Voltorb are your win conditions. Voltorb can run circles around the opponent and is really hard to hit with Sub, especially when everything is slower than it. Crab is bulk up win condition. Bottom text. Toedscool is spinner + has knock.

This team has no GROUNDED POISON as such, the glimmet matchup is very bad. I don't have a poison on the team as setting T Spikes directly gets in the way of the para spam. Please use caution when you are playing with this team. (zorua version) (zorua-h version)
Shellder pawniard stack (no gast meta)

Best team I ever made. Was so stupid conceptually. And then it started winning.

:shellder: :diglett: :stunky: :toedscool: :drifloon: :zorua: / :zorua-hisui:

Gameplan is win with Shellder or Stunky. Diglett, Toedscool, Drifloon and your Zorua variant wear down the enemy team. Then you sweep. Stunky is chosen over other Nasty Plot mons because grounded poison + 18 speed. Shellder is best shell smasher hands down. Tera Rock Rock Blast is absurd, and base 100 defense is also very stupid at giving your set up opportunities and also making sure you can't be revenge killed. Drifloon + Zorua-H Burn with Will-o Support, while Zorua-U is better with a stronger Knock and Memento (I didn't put memento on Zorua-H because it felt like the burn did the job better than dying). Toedscool uses knock + spins, Diglett traps and sets up rocks. Zorua disguise shenanigans are fun, but not necessary.
Nasty plot spam webs (edited by elfu)

:Zorua-hisui: :houndour: :stunky: :surskit: :toedscool: :drifloon:

Zorua-H has nasty plot and access to dark pulse. Houndour and Stunky both have these. So to take advantage of this and make all 3 really strong win conditions, you add on webs. Toedscool is spinner + knocker, and Drifloon (this is really cool elfu tech) has tailwind in case you can't set up webs. Tera Flying on Floon is good for when Acrobatics just wins after unburden. This has a bit of a bad diglett and Crabrawler matchup, so you can replace houndour with Crabrawler if you'd like, but having that extra layer of deception is really annoying for opponents to deal with.
Bird Up 2: More Mole

:voltorb: :wingull: :wattrel: :pawniard: :diglett: :toedscool:

Bird spam has been a strategy since gen 7, so I thought to bring it back in the limited meta. Voltorb + Wingull + Diglett is really good speed control because of how naturally fast they are. Volt Switch Orb and Watt also pair well with Diglett. Toedscool does knock and spin things, its not really all that new. Pawniard is an ice resist + rocker for Tera Orb. This team has no grounded poison, but it was more managable when 3/6 of the team is immune to them on baseline. Was a very funny team in practice, especially when the best special wall in Toedscool has to deal with borderline the entire team.
Hehe switch move go brrrr

:nymble: :Diglett: :zorua-hisui: :glimmet: :toedscool: :wattrel:

MK007 won using this team vs Eniigma, and I built this because hehe switch move brrr (especially with how strong diglett is). Nymble + Diglett is main offense, and everything else is good team support. Zorua-h and Wattrel take hits and let in the big attackers. Glimmet and Toedscool wear down the enemy team with Entry Hazards and Knock Support. Not too complicated, but I think there is something special about how simple this team is.
Vs eeveeto in semis

:nymble: :shellder: :drifloon: :glimmet: :deerling: :diglett:

This team was weird, but it was built around making sure Eeveeto couldn't bring something wacky and kill me with it. Nymble is good anti-HO due to first impression, Drifloon removes hazards like no one else with Defog (eeveeto hazard stack was a team we had used before, and I wanted to make sure I was prepared for it). Eeveeto often brings really weird builds (he brought wiglett and silicobra vs me) and the few checks to shellder are really common stuff like Crabrawler, Mareanie, and Pawniard. It worked fortunately.

Glimmet is a grounded poison, and wearing down the enemy team with poison is fantastic. Deerling wastes turns and wears down checks, and trailblaze was to really annoy the opponent by making it harder to outspeed, even with a scarfer. Plus uncommon pick, so likely to not be scouted. Diglett is final gambit because i was REALLY nervous about stockpile numel which cleanly 6-0d me the week prior, so a full health gambit + nymble would ensure the kill. Otherwise, its good for wearing down the enemy team to make way for shellder.
Vs drakon in finals

:shellder: :crabrawler: :diglett: :drifloon: :tinkatink: :shroodle:

Quick word of advice: Don't bring diglett to every game in a team tour. That means I can bring the very stupid air balloon diglett. And it worked, somehow. But idea was shellder was so strong + crabrawler that I could brute force it. Drifloon with burns led to easier set up (+ anti hazard stack measures), Tink and Shroodle were both uncommon, but had knock, Ice hammer on Tink for Toedscool, U turn and Parting Shot on Shroodle to help set up my win cons, and was a grounded poison. Encore is for Opposing set up sweepers, which I was worried about. Almost had the game, but my team had GOATs who clutched out the victory.

Hope these help out new players. Go Bagons!
I noticed that none of the current samples include chewtle or shellder (TSS posts aside), so I decided to present: Memento spam.

:diglett: :drifloon: :zorua-hisui: :chewtle: :axew: :shellder:

Diglett is the suicide lead with rocks,memento, & edgequake coverage. It's able to execute at least rocks + memento against the majority of the tier except toedscool, so ymmv with that. Drifloon serves as emergency hazard control and a second memento user. Zorua-h's disguise ability making it able to disguise as shellder is ideal for achieving the necessary chip on smasher checks and the opponent's zorua-h. Like drifloon, it also carries the will-o + memento combo that effortlessly allows its teammates to set up on any physical attacker. Chewtle and Shellder are the standard sets who wear down each others' checks over the course of the game and are both potent tera abusers, while Axew is a little-seen addition. It attempts to break through with the sheer power of adamant +1 STAB tera dragon outrage, scoring an OHKO on anything that doesn't resist it and a 2HKO against bulky resist pawniard. Brick break gives you a playable matchup against screens and offers a "delete pawniard" button, while iron head is a mostly superfluous move that can allow you to take some KOs without locking into outrage. Feel free to replace it with protect or substitute.

This team has a poor matchup into nymble (although shellder can eat a fimp), toedscool (who can be dealt with by floon or horua), meowth (it's a goddamn meowth), and most of all, the ghosts (honestly? just eat the will-o and hope they sack it.). However, it can easily exploit physical-dependent teams with crabrawler, mudbray, and pawniard.


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A few weeks late, but here is one of my more reliable LCWL teams.

:wattrel: :toedscool: :mareanie: :pawniard: :diglett: :gothita:: The goal with this build is to take advantage of Wattrel being good at trading via status + bulk investment, Mareanie being an excellent tank into smashers and Pawniard while living most single hits, and the usual staples Toedscool and Pawniard to glue that together. Double trap fit very well here, since I needed speed, offense, and good answers into Crabrawler and Terablast Diglett. Zorua-Hisui can also fit well over either trapper, usually Gothita, since it can dissuade spin and trade amazingly early game. I built this 6 almost a month ago actually, so while changes were made there are still more possible. Air Slash Wattrel (you can also run hurricane Tbolt U-turn Roost to remove dig with goth) is because I cannot give LO Terablast diglett a substitute (still not 100% accuracy :worrywhirl:) in any scenario, unless my Pdef Toed is full hp and lives the Terablast Flying. 14 Speed Toedscool has a much worse speed tier into Glimmet and Zorua-H than its fast spread, but the stat points are used in attack for knock + pwhip to be more dangerous, and defense to tank hits such as LO Terablast fly Diglett, Pawniard, etc.

Weaknesses of this team include Zorua Hisui, since only Pawniard really is happy trading with it, scarf Gothita since dig doesn't have sucker here, and Toedscool with rocks up since there is no spinblock here and Wattrel gets forced to roost.
As Diglett is getting banned, I wanted to share here my favorite SV team so far, and one with which I have done exceptionally well. Many people have this team already, so might as well put it here.

Metronome Shroodle Hyper-Offense
:sv/wingull: :sv/magnemite: :sv/drifloon: :sv/diglett: :sv/shroodle: :sv/crabrawler:

This team is built around the combination of Life Orb Wingull and Choice Scarf Flare Boost Tera Blast Flying Drifloon. Wingull is imo one of the best Pokemon in the tier, and while it usually runs Eviolite, a Life Orb makes it almost impossible to switch into. Choice Scarf Drifloon is surprisingly good, as its Flying STAB offers good offensive pressure in this meta. Its typing is also very useful defensively, switching into Nymble and denying Rapid Spin. Flare Boost allows it to absorb Will-O-Wisps and become even stronger. Defog is the emergency removal of the team, which is all it needs, due to it being pretty fast-paced, and having many Pokemon functioning well in Sticky Web.
Magnemite is a Magnet Pull set that allows it to trap and wear down Pawniard for the two birds. It can also switch into any of Wattrel's attacks, and wear it down with Flash Cannon or destroy it at an opportune time with Tera Blast Ice. Its bulky spread also allows it to be a good check to setup sweepers like Shellder, and a good defensive pivot.
Diglett is equipped with a Choice Scarf to reliably trap opposing Diglett and Voltorb for the birds, as well as being an emergency check to opposing setup sweepers, such as Shellder and Chewtle (Tera Ice on Diglett to resist Ice Shard, and to nuke Toedscool at +1 Speed with Tera Blast).
Crabrawler is the check to Swords Dance Pawniard, and is also a fearsome attacker with Tera Fire to be immune to Will-O-Wisp. Not much to say here.
Finally, Shroodle is the only Knock Off user of the team, and despite its low bulk, supports the team very well. It is the team's check to Zorua-Hisui and somewhat Drifloon as well. It has Tera Blast Ground in order to help remove Glimmet, Pawniard or Voltorb for Drifloon and/or Wingull. Finally, the last move is Metronome, which, compared to Parting Shot and Copycat, can provide priority attacks without relying on the previous used move, and can guarantee odds against Diglett and any opposing Pokemon.

I had a blast playing this team for the Diglett suspect test, which I got reqs for with exclusively this team. I've also gotten a few tournament wins with this team, and it was always super fun to play!
Choice Scarf Cyndaquil

:sv/cyndaquil: :sv/crabrawler: :sv/drifloon: :sv/voltorb: :sv/gothita: :sv/shroodle:
Click sprites for paste

This team is made to facilitate a Cyndaquil sweep with Choice Scarf Eruption, which currently hits like an armored truck in the meta. Eruption scores tons of kills by itself, and with Tera Fire can OHKO even bulkier offensive mons like Voltorb and Crabrawler. Almost nothing can switch into Eruption safely except resists, which this team deals with quite well.​

I don't need to explain this, Cyndaquil is near impossible to come in on, and often times foes like Wattrel :wattrel: or Crabrawler :crabrawler: are forced to Tera into Water- or Fire-types to defensively check it, which can be exploited. Flash Fire is rather nice to deal with some niche Fire-type mons or absorb Will-o-Wisp, making Eruption stronger. Since the team lacks a Grass-type, I gave Cyndaquil Sleep Talk (thanks Greedy_eb) to absorb Foongus :foongus: Spore if the need arises.

Just another late game sweeper, kind of filler ngl. Tera Electric is to help deal with the birds that can cause trouble for Cyndaquil. Also useful to reduce Pawniard's :pawniard: threat of Sucker Punch.

Defog Drifloon! Since Cyndaquil hates every type of Hazard imaginable, I didn't want a Rapid Spinner getting constantly denied removal from an opposing Spinblocker. Since the team also don't want it's day ruined by the hundreds of 17-speed speedties this tier has to offer as Drifloon may try to remove any rocks, spikes or other painful thing to step on for Cyndaquil, I chose to give Drifloon Endure.

What was initially my own Wattrel is now a Voltorb. Since I wanted to remove pesky opponents like the birds, Voltorb is a great pick. Tera Grass is an uncommon pick but since Voltorb often baits Wattrel :wattrel: to Tera into a Water-type expecting Tera Ice Tera Blast. Tera Ground Wingull :wingull: is hit for SE damage by Tera Ice anyway, but since it also sometimes uses up Tera to get around Voltorb, it achieves the same goal.

Everyone's favorite mon to deal with! This is mostly meant to give a Choice Scarf to or kill Pokemon like Glimmet :glimmet: and Mareanie :mareanie: and put damage onto bulky attackers like Crabrawler :crabrawler: or Voltorb :voltorb:, which have a chance to live Tera Fire Cyndaquil Eruption from full HP.

Useful for Knock Off support, t-spike absorption and being a general annoyance with Encore, Copycat and Parting Shot to help set up Cyndaquil for the win.

This team has performed for me really well both on ladder and in tour, netting me 2 wins in tour and having a really good win/loss on ladder.

General problem Pokemon I've encountered are Quaxly :quaxly: and Toedscool, :toedscool: as the team sometimes struggle to switch into them in certain situations, since Drifloon wants to be healthy in order to safely Defog hazards away, leaving it reluctant to switch in and lose the Oran Berry and thus Unburden boost early on.

This team is pretty easy to figure out how to use and is really strong against teams that aren't well prepared for it.


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Samples are currently out of date so here's the team I used to get reqs for the webs suspect. I imagine it will still be totally usable after webs inevitably get banned.

:sv/Voltorb-Hisui: :sv/Drifloon: :sv/Foongus: :sv/Diglett-Alola: :sv/Crabrawler: :sv/Wattrel:
Click the sprites above for the sample :D

Probably the best mon in the tier right now. Voltorb-Hisui is only really threathened by another Voltorb-Hisui which makes games often decided by who has the balls to click tera first. This is why I decided to go for Tera Fire, this catches both Tera Ice Voltorb and a non Tera'd Voltorb-Hisui while also covering a Tera Steel from Wattrel. I see the meta develop to a point where Wattrel players will learn not to run Tera Steel and opt for Tera Fire instead, but until then this Tera Fire Voltorb-Hisui will do the trick.
This pokemon has amazing tera options, good matchups into the majority of mons and Electric + Grass + Fire is a goated STAB coverage combination that will always give you an opportunity to hit something for neutral damage. Why would you not add this pokemon to your team?

The webs suspect is currently still going on and so you are sort of forced to run a Defogger, the best one is obviously Drifloon. This is a pretty standard set, not much to say about it. I will note that I prefer running Hex over Tera Blast Fighting because Crabrawler and Diglett already give me enough answers for Pawniard.

It might surprise you but I think this pokemon is essential to the team. Throughout the game you will get several opportunities to spore something and thanks to its ability Regenerator it will almost always stick around until the end of the game. I chose to opt for Tera Dark as it gave me some opportunity to annoy Gothita. Becoming weak to Fighting attacks isnt the biggest deal with the support of Wattrel and Drifloon.
There are definitely other and maybe better Tera options you can run, play around with it a little bit and let me know what you liked instead :D

The Stealth Rocker of the team. I like Diglett-Alola a lot because this team is weak to Numel and it gives me a decent switch into the annoying Flame Charge + Growth Numel set going around. Combining Stealth Rock with Focus Sash and Memento means you get your rocks up + get a Pokemon into a good position most of the time. Tangling Hair is incredibly valueable and has won me a couple games throughout this suspect. Thanks to its Steel typing you have the upper hand in the Foongus v Foongus matchup, where both players click Sludge Bomb until one player runs out of Sludge Bomb/Recover PP or dies to a crit. Getting a few free switches is essential to getting ahead in that matchup, albeit a bit boring.
I swapped my Tera's around a bunch but eventually decided on Tera Ground as I only really used my Tera to revenge kill other mons.

Thanks to Diglett-Alola and its Memento this Pokemon will probably get a setup opportunity somewhere in the game. This is a pretty standard set apart from the Tera Psychic.
Was inspired by Kipkluif after they used it against me when I tried to revenge kill with Gothita, fell in love with it ever since.
Sure losing the opportunity to block Will-O-Wisp can suck but I find myself getting so much more value out of this tera than Tera Fire that I think its worth considering. Having a Tera for Gothita and getting a resist for a possible Crab v Crab matchup is great.
In this case the team was pretty annoyed by Gothita so it seemed like a perfect fit.

I have had several games where 2 Wattrels stared eachother down as we both clicked Hurricane after Hurricane. Its honestly a super annoying interaction but I havent found an answer to it other than using my own Wattrel. Ive said it before when I talked about Voltorb-Hisui, Wattrel is threathened by Tera Ice. Before we used to run Tera Steel as it helped with Tera Ice Voltorb and didnt weaken the Wattrel v Wattrel matchup.
Sadly Voltorb users adapted to this and started running Tera Fire Instead, because of that I have changed my Tera to Tera Fire.
Now I am not bothered by Tera Ice, Tera Fire, Giga Drain and any electric move. Effectively walling all the good (fight me) Voltorb-Hisui sets.
I like U-turn over Volt Switch as it allows me to U-turn on Toedscool and generally helps with repositioning versus teams with Ground Type mons.

Final notes,
This team lacks priority so when youre facing a Shellder/Chewtle/Numel (HO) team you will simply have to play better. That doesn't mean you automatically lose to any HO team, its just a matchup that requires a little brainpower to win versus.
Might be scary for LC players I know :totodiLUL:


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New meta, new Pokemon to use.
I just wanted to share some teams I have used on ladder so people who want to just grab a team and experience the meta can do so.

Click sprites for teams :D

Super Standard

:sv/Voltorb-Hisui: :sv/Mienfoo: :sv/Koffing: :sv/Tinkatink: :sv/Vullaby: :sv/Toedscool:
This is probably the most standard team you will see. Koffing with Neutralizing gas stops Mienfoo from healing. Vullaby has invested a ton into Special Defense in order to wall Voltorb-Hisui while also not having to worry about getting paralyzed thanks to Tera Electric. The name of the game is to outlast your opponent by constantly pivoting with Mienfoo and Voltorb-Hisui. Tinkatink can deal with Mienfoo somewhat well, it doesnt like tanking a High Jump Kick to it's face though, instead you should use it to annoy your opponent whenever they click Knock Off by stealing their item in return. Toedscool doesnt run Knock Off on this team, due to the fact that I wanted to avoid procing Vullaby's Weak Armor which can very easily get out of hand. Instead I run Tera Fairy Dazzling Gleam in order to hit both Mienfoo and Vullaby while resisting U-turn. Mienfoo is running Taunt to stop hazards from going up and stops Pokemon like Shellder from setting up on it.

Hazard spam
:sv/Mienfoo: :sv/Tinkatink: :sv/Vullaby: :sv/Foongus: :sv/Voltorb-Hisui: :sv/Glimmet:
With Vullaby, Mienfoo and Voltorb-Hisui on almost every team it is very nice to stop them from using pivot moves freely. Forcing Koffing to take hazards any time it tries to stop Mienfoo from healing is also very nice. The Glimmet is a slow and bulky variant to get as many opportunities to set up spikes/toxic spikes.

The Old Guard
:sv/Vullaby: :sv/Mienfoo: :sv/Glimmet: :sv/Toedscool: :sv/Tinkatink: :sv/Mudbray:
This team resembles a much older team that wants to get rid of special attackers with Scarfed Glimmet in order to let Mudbray Rest-Talk through the endgame. The Mudbray still has a ton of Special investment just because it gets enough Defense through Stamina. There is not really a reason to deviate from the Mienfoo + Vullaby core, so it's also added here.

That's it for the teams I think are good for players who want to get some experience before building their own team in this new meta. I am sure you will run into teams like these, but also some more creative ones like Snow, Sun or even Sandstorm teams.
Have fun :woop:

(Might post a Hail, Sun and Sandstorm team if I can get them to win somewhat reliably)
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