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:Delphox: This sub would have been incredibly great back when the zamas, Chien Pao and Magearna terrorised the meta, as it stands now it's probably not as good anymore. Still getting more fairies is pretty nice since it can tank some good hits and force a couple of switch ins.

:Houndstone: Probably my favourite sub in this slate besides the one I am naturally biased for. Is a simple but reasonable change, and it allows Houndstone to act both as a decent alternative to Gholdengo when it comes to blocking spin as well as a generally good wall. I like it a lot.

:lokix: Alright this is my sub and honestly there isn't much to it other than now you can click the funny button more often and can actually help your team by removing opposing items. The attack buff basically makes jolly as strong as its current adamant and adamant way stronger, notable calcs include choiced first impression always nailing a clean ohko on pult with adamant as well as generally nuking more stuff with its tera fimp.

:Brambleghast: I see Sand Rush Bramble in so many pet mods and my answer to that is always the same: Why? I won't deny that it has good attributes and fits on sand rush pretty well, but this Mon does not have the movepool to really make holes in opposing teams like other weather abusers like Basculegion or Walking Wake do. It's fine but I don't see it carrying sand or anything.

:Slither Wing: Not a fan of this scrimblo buff for obvious reasons but it definitely gets the job done. Not sure if this efficient as a spiker but fluffy definitely makes this a fantastic wall for many of the best Mons in the meta like tusk or Kingambit.

Probably gonna go :Lokix: and :Houndstone:but this slate definitely feels like there are multiple options which can be actual Ou material.
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Slate feels like everything is OU rank worthy

:Delphox: Great mon. Condensing a Zamazenta and a Iron Valiant soft counter and a very very good check to Great Tusk and Kingambit will always solidify it's niche as a great offensive mon in our meta. Rain stocks are low too so offensive Waters are not as hot rn in general. It's just a great time for a mon like Delphox rn.

:Houndstone: A very ferocious defensive wall, that is unfortunately undercut by it's lack of any form of offensive presence or utility outside of Wisp or it's spinblocking. I really wished this did something other than click wisp tbh.

:Lokix: I think the Attack buff alone would be sufficient, it feels like it's a bit over the edge. Like how good of an idea is it that Fimp ohkoes offensive resists lol.

:Brambleghast: I agree with Geko, I don't see the hype for this thing. It's pretty ok, but I don't think it's presence is gonna put Sand on the map as what creators tend to believe. Poltergeist is a pretty substantial buff though, 115 Atk with that kind of dual STAB is impressive.

:Slither-Wing: Not much to say about it, it's pretty solid.

If I'd rank these I'd go


If I'd vote for them I'd pick :Delphox::Slither-Wing:
:delphox:I like this. Delphox getting a leagues better defensive and offensive typing on top of bolstering its bulk to pretty good levels is big news. Meta is full of the unmatched power of the sun right now so Fires have the sauce, and there are plenty of targets for Delphox to counter, especially the various Fightings and Steels all over the metagame.

:houndstone: It's pretty solid, but I'm not a huge fan. Has very little offensive presence in an OU meta, but serves as a very solid... contact moves wall with Fluffy? I don't know what you would call it. Regardless, it doesn't really... do anything? It kind of just sits there and gets beaten up. It can phase, I guess? The tactical value of that is... existent. I don't like walls that just exist as walls without doing anything, and this seems like one of those.

:lokix: I love big fimp!!! Very good mon. Every single mon in existence likes having Knock Off, but especially when it's STAB Tinted Lens Knock Off off of 117 Attack. Maybe it's too strong? Lokix is usable in OU already, and everything is already taking 2 million percent from its funny slap.

:brambleghast: Don't see the vision here. Agree with Geko about the weirdness of Sand Rush Brambleghast. Don't get me wrong, it's still pretty good just with Poltergeist (if a little frail with its Speed tier) but it's no Sand staple.

:slither-wing: I'm a big Fluffy enjoyer. Lets Slither Wing serve as a great tank. Don't really see it being used as a spiker too much, though, but I still greatly enjoy it.

prob gonna vote :delphox: :lokix: :slither-wing: unless the shadow government brainwashes me
:sv/Delphox: Fire/Fairy (+Moonblast) +20 HP

8.5/10: unique typings are always dope, and i feel like delphox works with fire/fairy well. fire/fairy over fire/psychic notably gives fox a neutrality to ghost and a resist to dark, 2 common attacking types; the addition of moonblast gives it an extremely spammable stab move. one downside with this is it may have a harder time dealing with fire types, but the benefits can make it quite worth it in OU.

:sv/Houndstone: +Slack Off +20 Def

6/10: the lack of a decent ghost move is a bit irking, but slack off and more defense do a lot for the doggo, especially with fluffy. this guy becomes extremely bulky toward contact moves, living supereffective hits with lots of health to spare.
>252 Atk Sharpness Samurott-Hisui Ceaseless Edge vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Fluffy Houndstone: 88-105 (25.2 - 30.1%) -- 0.3% chance to 4HKO after Leftovers recovery
>252 Atk Choice Band Meowscarada Flower Trick vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Houndstone on a critical hit: 145-172 (41.6 - 49.4%) -- guaranteed 3HKO after Leftovers recovery
>252+ Atk Kingambit Kowtow Cleave vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Fluffy Houndstone: 100-118 (28.7 - 33.9%) -- 98.6% chance to 4HKO after Leftovers recovery
however, while its physical bulk is immense, its special bulk still leaves much to be desired. 72/97 bulk is decent, but strong special attackers such as wake and pult lurk around every corner. he also does absolutely nothing except click burn things. i can see houndstone working in ou for stall or smth, but its phobia toward special moves may hold it back.

:sv/Lokix: +Knock Off +15 Atk

8/10: the dude just gets stronger, and it was already semi-viable in ou before! knock gives lokix a spammable stab attack, and now with 117 atk and tinted lens, this and fimp hit like a freight train. its previous flaws still exist, but i cant deny that this is a nice boon for lokix to have

:sv/Brambleghast: +Sand Rush +Poltergeist

4/10: i agree w everyone else in saying that this won't bring it to ou. sand as a playstyle is not great right now because of the lack of abusers, as well as the sand setters themselves being p bad in current ou. ghost stab is nice, but bramble has no offenses outside of its stabs (the dude runs 80% on utility).

:sv/Slither-Wing: +Fluffy +Spikes

7.5/10: kinda the same thing i said about houndstone, but with actual offenses. slither takes more hits it probably shouldnt have the right to take, but it hates fire even more now, gaining a 4x weakness to them with fluffy. i actually dont know how effective of a spikes setter slither wing would be, but regardless, it's a nice tool for it to have (might cause some 4mss though??)

rankings: :delphox: > :lokix: > :slither wing: >> :houndstone: >>> :brambleghast:
:delphox: 9/10: Similar to helectrode from last slate, being a pretty obvious but undeniably strong buff, but this Delphox sub is arguably better since it checks some of the biggest current threats in OU. Would be a really good addition to the meta
:houndstone: 6/10: Much better at walling (especially now with reliable recovery), but what exactly can it do to capitalize on that bulk outside of wisp?
:lokix: 8/10: Attack buff feels a bit overkill to me but yeah, good dark stab melikes.
:brambleghast: 5/10: Ok I can kind of see the vision here unlike others, but solely because it's a good companion to ttar who got buffed in a previous slate: Bramble can block fighting moves that would otherwise murk tar, and grass + rock cover eachother's weakness well. Outside of that though yeah this is the least good sub this slate, Poltergeist is nice but it's no sand abuser and isn't enough to break into OU
:slither-wing:7.5/10: Feels a little redundant considering there's another fluffy mon this slate, but the difference is that this sub is wayyy more based and, similar to Delphox, it lets slither check some important mons in the tier (though not as much). Not sure how I feel about the 4x fire weakness though, especially considering Delphox is 100% going to win and would counter this to hell and back. Also spikes is a little redundant, I want to use that fat attack stat
:sv/Delphox: Fire/Fairy (+Moonblast) +20 HP

Delphox is pretty good, with 95/72/100 bulk it is a pretty amazing sp. def wall. but i want to focus on offensive sets, fire and fairy are pretty much unresisted in the OU meta (outside of iron moth, volcanion, toxapex) but it has ways to bypass that (psyshock, focus blast). 104 speed is invaluable to fire off its attacks since it can use a boots 3 attacks set to launch its amazing attacks that are very hard to resist.

It can also be a good wall if you want to since its bulk and it learns wish, so that is good to note to. It also has pretty good entry opportunities thanks to its bulk and thanks to its great fighting/fire/dragon/fairy resist.

:sv/Houndstone: +Slack Off +20 Def

Uh.. tbh yeah, its passive asf and feels stall exclusive and prob not fun to face. It just blocks spin and walls physical attackers and does jack shit in return besides spread status and click the occasional night shade + press. I do not like it that i look at it now... it has potential but ill have to look at in the future

:sv/Lokix: +Knock Off +15 Atk

Dam more attack and a CB knock off sounds very very good to go off

252+ Atk Choice Band Tinted Lens Lokix Knock Off (97.5 BP) vs. 0 HP / 4 Def Great Tusk: 174-204 (46.9 - 54.9%) -- 68% chance to 2HKO
252+ Atk Choice Band Tinted Lens Lokix Knock Off (97.5 BP) vs. 0 HP / 4 Def Kingambit: 186-222 (54.5 - 65.1%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

This is a pretty good hit esp with its spammable knock off on resists... but its very weak into hazards, having a shit type to use, and in general its prob gonna want to use jolly if it wants to spam knock off... which sounds impressive ill give it that.

:sv/Brambleghast: +Sand Rush +Poltergeist

Uh... so i was gonna calc its damage

252 Atk Choice Band Brambleghast Poltergeist vs. 0 HP / 4 Def Kingambit: 105-124 (30.7 - 36.3%) -- 61% chance to 3HKO
252 Atk Choice Band Brambleghast Poltergeist vs. 252 HP / 172+ Def Amoonguss: 243-286 (56.2 - 66.2%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

but its an excelent mon to be vs very offensive teams... esp with buffed ttar it can be pretty useful but the thing is... ttar gained knock off, and bramble has polter which relies on items not being removed... this is just anti synergy and i wish in the future we have smth like hippo. i dont see this working while ttar has knock off aka its best move prob that its not allowed to click

:sv/Slither-Wing: +Fluffy +Spikes

people underate this. Currently the SV OU set for slither wing is a def set with cc, u-turn, morning sun, and WoW... but what if we replace WoW with spikes, that is an excelent progress maker and can also take a lot of hits... smth such as headlong rush from great tusk, kingambit in general, baxcalibur, zamazenta, ting lui, ttar, etc. it is excelent at doing its job

Delphox -> slither wing -> lokix -> bramble -> houndstone


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Might be a shocker but I'm not a fan of :lokix:'s buff. While 15 points in attack and Knock Off is decent, It still can't touch :Iron valiant:. And given that :Iron Valiant: is one the most dangerous threats in the meta, this kinda invalidates :Lokix:'s job as a revenge killer. Give Lokix Bullet Punch or something to make it work please. I will post my thoughts on all the buffs soon.
Don't get caught below 70%

252+ Atk Choice Band Tinted Lens Tera Bug Lokix First Impression vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Iron Valiant: 164-194 (56.7 - 67.1%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
Might be a shocker but I'm not a fan of :lokix:'s buff. While 15 points in attack and Knock Off is decent, It still can't touch :Iron valiant:. And given that :Iron Valiant: is one the most dangerous threats in the meta, this kinda invalidates :Lokix:'s job as a revenge killer. Give Lokix Bullet Punch or something to make it work please. I will post my thoughts on all the buffs soon.
1) iron valiant can switch in ofc.. but its an offensive mon who doesnt want to take a knock off unless it is booster but even then... it is a waste
2) not every team has a iron valiant... a lot of teams have many more dangerous threats that could be revenge killed such as dragapult, roaring moon, cinderace, DD dragonite, enamorus

252+ Atk Choice Band Tinted Lens Lokix Sucker Punch vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Enamorus: 212-252 (73.3 - 87.1%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
252+ Atk Choice Band Tinted Lens Lokix First Impression vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Enamorus: 136-162 (47 - 56%) -- 77.3% chance to 2HKO

you are still not taking the hit well... its not like ur eating it even

252+ Atk Choice Band Tinted Lens Lokix First Impression vs. 0 HP / 4 Def Iron Valiant: 110-130 (38 - 44.9%) -- guaranteed 3HKO

this is a solid chance to 2hko after some chip or several round of rocks
Alright votings over!
:Delphox: 7
:Lokix: 2
:Slither-wing: 5

With that, Delphox and Slither Wing will be added to the meta!
New slate!

:Sv/Tauros-Paldea-Combat: Fighting/Fairy Type (+Play Rough) + 20 Def

:Sv/Alomomola: + Knock Off

:Sv/Brute-Bonnet: Grass/Steel Type (+Meteor Mash) + 15 HP

:sv/Cloyster: Ice/Ground Type (+Bone Rush)

:Sv/copperajah: Water/Steel Type (+Liquidation) + 20 Sp.Def

As always, ~5 days of discussion!
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:tauros-paldea: An OK Pokémon all around. It has some competition with zassed Valiant but it being more explicitly bulky leaning may do good to change its perception. Bulk is extremely solid with Intim, serves as a potent physdef mon. The absolute lack of utility is a pain to deal with however, as it's Fire variant had Wisp to cripple walls further.

:alomomola: Least impactful addition to these slate by a long shot. Makes Alo slightly better fit on stall, arguably a nice tool for certain Balance teams, but nothing Ground shaking or honestly nothing that heavily impacts its viability. I don't see it moving out if us main ranking with this change unless it was previously unranked.

:brute-bonnet: For Legal purposes this Pokémon will be referred to as Bronze Bonnet. Bronze Bonnet is really fat. Like, 126/99/99 is wild . Meteor Mash helps keep the passivity somewhat low as well. Major flaw with Bonnet is being unable to do much against Fire types which threatened it out in the past, this is compounded here. Combine that with it's lack of utility outside of Spore, and I believe it's a good attempt that just shyly misses the mark.

:Cloyster: Really solid buff all around. If this was Gen 8 I'd honestly roll my eyes at a sub like this for being a HO only menace, but with Terastallization legal, it's baseline is good enough to where this can be an immediately threatening sweeper right out of the gate.

:copperajah: I didn't like that this is just a carbon copy of a Gen 8 sub that has already proven itself to be viable there. Honestly that alone kinda ruins any chance of me wanting to vote for it. Outside of that, Water Steel is a generically good Typing, but the draws that it had in Gen 8 have not necessarily carried over here. In Gen 8 you could compress a Rocker, Water type check and a bulky Fairy abuser in one go which was super important for the metagane. Here though, Fairy types are just not that prevalent even with Terastallization involved, and the loss of Power Whip shuts down it's Ability to oressure opposing Water types. I have no doubt if this Pokémon won it would be a usable and viable addition, but I'm just not sure how valuable of an addition it is to the metagame right now.
:Sv/Tauros-Paldea-Combat: Fighting/Fairy Type (+Play Rough) + 20 HP

bulky valiant. could be good with a bulk up set since fight/fairy is a generally good typing on both ends, and intimidate forces things out/eases setup. 95/105/75 bulk is also decent. it'll be niche, but good at what it does

:Sv/Alomomola: + Knock Off

ive never used alomomola and i havent seen this guy once while playing ou so im pretty indifferent. gaining back a dexited move as strong as knock seems p cool for this though

:Sv/Brute-Bonnet: Grass/Steel Type (+Meteor Mash) + 15 HP

we brought back ferro but it's somehow fatter and has spore; 126/99/99 bulk grass/steel type with recovery is pretty insane. fire moves still demolish the poor guy but even then it can just tera water or fire and block them.

:sv/Cloyster: Ice/Ground Type (+Bone Rush)

cloyster gains double skill link stab. ice/ground is an amazing offensive combo, and with two 125 bp stab moves and shell smash, i will enjoy seeing the big numbers on my screen when cloyster lands an attack. we cook

:Sv/copperajah: Water/Steel Type (+Liquidation) + 20 Sp.Def

a little unoriginal to put the same copper sub as in the gen 8 ver, but if it aint broke, dont fix it. it's a reliable rocks setter with great special bulk, a good typing, and a strong offensive presence.

ranking: :cloyster:>:brute-bonnet:>:tauros-paldea-combat:>:copperajah:>:alomomola:
(first slate so far where i see potential in all five!)
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:tauros-paldea:7/10: Fat valiant. At first I thought it had too much overlap, its only advantages being bulk and eq, but apparently valiant doesn't get play rough like what da hell. Lack of utility really hurts it but it could find a place
:alomomola:4/10: Good buff but his ass is NOT touching OU
:brute-bonnet: 9/10: Probably my favorite this slate - It's fat, it's got Spore, it doesn't die to U-turn, it's got Meteor Mash to not be passive, combine that with tera (which I don't know whether that is legal or not) to handle fires and I can definitely see this being viable
:cloyster:8/10: Would have been orders of magnitude more based if you brought back defensive cloyster but this is still p good. Skill link shell smash mamoswine lets goooo
:copperajah: 5/10: Disregarding the fact that it's a copy paste from last gen, I'm pretty unsure about this one - bulk is good but I just don't see a slow water/steel performing well in this meta - you die to tusk, die to pult, die to helectrode, delphox can still hit you neutrally... this would be mid at best
(3 subs of mine really... i swear if its just my subs winning the slate that will feel bullshit, go sub smoe more subs Pls)

:Sv/Tauros-Paldea-Combat: Fighting/Fairy Type (+Play Rough) + 20 Def

gave play rough but it has raging bull lmao) ok but the bulk on it is huge with 75/125/70 it can take physical hits with ease and it has an awesome typing taking hits such as kingmabut sucker punch easily, taking on roaring moon, baxcalibur, dragonite, zamazenta, tyranitar, etc. Bulk up is a set i see big potential in since after a bulk up boost nothing really wants to take its attack and it can also use trailblaze last slot for the funny speed boost

:Sv/Alomomola: + Knock Off

(Alo was C-tier btw g-luke) so what does this do? well Whirlpool + Knock off now can force a decent amount of progress. Rotom-w trying to switch in? well its gonna have to deal with no item and later in the game Whirlpool Chip, Do you want to bring in zapdos? well good luck losing ur boots. I liked alo because of the fact it can be a big wall on balance and allow big wishes to be passed to teammates allowing pokemon such as zap, ting lui, great tusk having better recovery. It sounds nice

:Sv/Brute-Bonnet: Grass/Steel Type (+Meteor Mash) + 15 HP

Offensive ferro huh.... well it is an interesting thing esp with spore it can pose a huge threat to enemies since smth like amoonguss cant really beat it 1v1 due to not being able to deal damage to it and brute bonnet being able to just meteor mash through it and eventually spore smth on the enemies, it can also use crunch to deal with gholdengo to make sure u have a good time clicking buttons on them.

Synthesis also makes its longetivity pretty good as it can take a few hits and recover 50% from things such as baxcalibur, dragonite, enamorus, and also being able to spore offensive pokemon to use to its advanatage

:sv/Cloyster: Ice/Ground Type (+Bone Rush)

Pretty powerful sub, behind screens this is a deadly stab combination that is very hard to be resisted (only by rotom-w) and anything that can take icicle spear usually doesnt want to eat a bone rush like heatran, kingambit, gholdengo, toxapex, volcanion, tyranitar, delphox, tinkaton, etc.

252+ Atk Cloyster Bone Rush (5 hits) vs. 0 HP / 4 Def Kingambit: 330-390 (96.7 - 114.3%) -- approx. 56.3% chance to OHKO
252+ Atk Cloyster Bone Rush (5 hits) vs. 252 HP / 4 Def Tyranitar: 330-400 (81.6 - 99%) -- approx. 2HKO
+2 252+ Atk Cloyster Bone Rush (5 hits) vs. 252 HP / 4 Def Azumarill: 435-515 (107.6 - 127.4%) -- guaranteed OHKO

and behind screens it has free setup on many mons esp with tera, i see this being a powerful edition in the meta

:Sv/copperajah: Water/Steel Type (+Liquidation) + 20 Sp.Def

it's a copy paste from last gen.... unfortunately its not exactly a copy cuz it lost heat crash, power whip, stone edge, and a couple more tools making it so its walled by water types and cant really pressure smth like rotom-w, amoonguss, dondodozo, tera water garganacl. While its still prob a good edition and viable to some extent (idk how well it can recreate the stuff it did from last gen) it will prob see good enough use still to hopefully be a worthwhile edition

Tauros > Cloyster > brute bonnet > copper > alomomola

LOrd Fernado

:tauros-paldea-combat: nice buff that gives it a better typing and bulk, but i feel like this is just very slightly worse than iron valiant. (despite the fact it has no play rough). very slightly though and might have a place in the meta
:alomomola: good buff, but as others said it; not getting to OU
:brute-bonnet: offensive ferrothorn, yes plz. this is exacty what brute bonnet needed, making it not weak to u-turn as well as cutting down it's weaknesses and increasing it's bulk. yea this is my fav sub this slate
:cloyster: i'm actually a little against this sub seeing as it no longer has the good water / ice stab type combo and now has a typing thats a little bit mid but a good way to utilise skill link via bone rush.
:copperajah: hmm, yea no. the sub itself is fine but this sub is from last gen so no, and this meta wouldn't really love it anyways.
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