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:tauros-paldea-combat: nice buff that gives it a better typing and bulk, but i feel like this is just very slightly worse than iron valiant. (despite the fact it has no play rough). very slightly though and might have a place in the meta
:alomomola: good buff, but as others said it; not getting to OU
:brute-bonnet: offensive ferrothorn, yes plz. this is exacty what brute bonnet needed, making it not weak to u-turn as well as cutting down it's weaknesses and increasing it's bulk. yea this is my fav sub this slate
:cloyster: i'm actually a little against this sub seeing as it no longer has the good water / ice + freeze dry stab combo but a good way to utilise skill link via bone rush.
:copperajah: hmm, yea no. the sub itself is fine but this sub is from last gen so no, and this meta wouldn't really love it anyways.
Cloyster doest learn Freeze Dry
voting time! start voting yall!

heads up, after this we might not do the next slate until a while. with the soon tier shifts and all that. so yeah
so um.

it's been, about a month or so! instead of radio silence, i'll be telling on what's going on and what will be going on!

For starters. the head of the mod Ardy (a.k.a Winter) will be stepping down to focus more on their personal life. They'll still be around, of course, but will not be as involved. Thank you to Winter for starting out both gen 8 and gen 9 of Theorymons!

As for the current mod itself, we've inevitably decided to put at least a long year pause. This is due to the fact that with DLCs coming in, the metagame will change drastically over and over again. In hindsight, the timing of this mod was a tad bit too early. So, we ask for your understanding and we apologize for the sudden break TT

Of course, once the metagame settles down for real, we'll have the mod back up and running again! We'll figure out what to do with the previous winning subs first, before moving onto the new slates. But until then, thank you for your time :psyglad:

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