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Resource SV Ubers Reservation Index

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Generation 9 Ubers C&C (Pre-HOME Edition)

With a new generation out and Ubers being mostly stable, it's high time we opened up our C&C section! This is where the community meets up to contribute competitive-ready information to be put up on Smogon's dex. While there's not a lot to fill up our tier's actual memberlist, the Pokemon up for reservation are plenty!

Newcomers to C&C are advised to check out the following guides to prepare themselves for the section:

Welcome to Contributions and Corrections
New Terms introduced in Gen 9
Gen 8 Analysis Formatting Tips (just as a rough starting point)
Plagiarism Warnings (just don't do it)
Spelling and Grammar Standards (make things easier for the GP team by following this)

For the beginning of this generation and until further notice, we will be implementing Preview Analyses! This is to keep thing concise and to the point, especially since we expect a lot of changes in the not-so distant future. Below is an example of a skeleton of a preview analysis.

move 1:
move 2:
move 3:
move 4:
tera type:

  • 1-2 bullets on moves / items / abilities if they’re not self-explanatory, no need to explain if not
  • Bullet on EV spread if it’s not 252/252
  • Bullet on Tera type and usage (if applicable) - would recommend keeping this one in most cases due to it being a new mechanic
  • 1-2 bullets on general usage tips
  • 1-2 bullets for teammates (if applicable)

Written by:
Quality checked by:
Grammar checked by:

Reservation Rules
  • Anyone is able to reserve up to two SETS at a time. Badgeholders and QC members can reserve more if they wish (five being the maximum amount). After you get past the QC stage and go into the GP stage, you may reserve additional sets.
  • Those who have already shown to be trustworthy, badgeholders or not get to write for the extremely high priority and most important Pokemon.
  • Me and Fc will be discussing with the QC team and be posting reservation slates for what is available to write. This means that you can't go ahead and write for a C- ranked Pokemon just because it's your favorite, you have to be a bit patient.
  • Once you figure out which Pokemon you want to reserve, post in this thread. Under the circumstances that the index isn't updated, be sure to pay attention to recent posts to see what's taken.
  • Do not edit your posts if you wish to uphold your reservation or reserve an additional Pokemon.
  • This should be common sense, but only reserve a set if you have a good amount of knowledge about it and experience with the metagame.
  • If you have written for a Pokemon in the past and are writing for it now, do not copy and paste lines from your old analysis.
  • IMPORTANT: Do not start a thread if your reservation hasn't been approved! You risk getting it deleted!
Analysis Thread Tags
When you post your thread, be sure to use the appropriate tags for each stage of the analysis:

[WIP] - Work in Progress: The analysis is incomplete and is not ready for the QC Team to evaluate. Keep in mind that the longer your analysis stays in WIP stage, the greater the chance of it being reassigned. Please avoid making comments in these threads until they are ready unless it's something very important.

[Quality Control] - Quality Control Ready: In the thread title, include [QC 0/2]. Make sure you update the thread title with the number of QC checks you currently have. The analysis should be in bulletpoints before you receive your first QC stamp. After you obtain your first stamp, the analysis can be written up completely.

[Copyediting] - Grammar-Prose Ready: In the set title, include [GP 0/1]. The two required QC approvals have been met. The Grammar-Prose team now takes over. When you are ready for GP to check your analysis, please tag GP Team in your analysis so that the bot can put it into the queue.

[Done] - After the analysis gets a GP stamp, the analysis is ready for upload.

**Update your thread's tags and stamp number as you move along the process.

Moderation and QC Team

This subforum is currently led by myself (Lasen) and Fc. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

The QC team aim to stamp approval on previews that meet our quality standards. Our QC team is composed of the following members:

Fc (Ubers C&C Leader)
Lasen (Ubers C&C Leader)

We will also add AMQC members here, contact me or Fc if you wish to join the team! Their checks do not give a stamp but it's a good way to make both the official QC team's lives easier and get things going faster.

Reservation List
After reserving a Pokemon, you must post your analysis in a timely fashion. Your analysis thread must be up in 48 hours (2 days) or your reservation will be dropped. After that, you have 3 days to get it QC ready. If you have any extenuating circumstances that prevent you from getting up your thread within this time frame, notify a QC member via Discord. Do not reserve an analysis you don't have time to write. Pokemon that have major roles will be reserved for experienced analyses writers who are badged [BH].

Mausehold - reserved by Mashing
Iron Leaves - reserved by ox04

Chien-Pao - corvere, pichus, and ox04
Chi-Yu - corvere and Mashing
Flutter Mane - MTB, Aberforth, Frozoid, and ox04
Gholdengo - Fc and LeBarBURR
Glimmora - GeniusFromHoenn
Great Tusk - Takatk, OreoSpeedruns, and pichus
Iron Bundle - Fc and Frozoid
Iron Treads - Specially Defensive by SparksBlade and ox04
Koraidon [BH] - Fc, Manaphy, Frozoid, Takatk, and ox04
Miraidon [BH] - Eledyr, Fc, ox04, and Takatk
Ting-Lu - corvere
Skeledirge - corvere
Corviknight - Drifting
Grimmsnarl - Manaphy
Garganacl - Manaphy
Annihilape - Frozoid
Kingambit - pichus
Iron Moth - Lasen
Pawmot - Lasen
Pelipper - pichus
Blissey - Manaphy
Dondozo - Frozoid
Dugtrio - Manaphy
Espathra - OreoSpeedruns
Iron Valiant - CM by corvere, Mixed and Specs by Takatk , SD by Manaphy
Toxapex - pichus
Clodsire - Wooper Person
Gothitelle - Mashing
Houndstone - pichus
Palafin - CB by OreoSpeedruns, BU by Aberforth
Scream Tail - corvere
Roaring Moon - DD by Fc, CB by OreoSpeedruns
Ditto - pichus
Dragapult - corvere
Waking Wake - corvere
Slowking - Takatk
Baxcalibur - Mashing
Cyclizar - OreoSpeedruns
Floatzel - Fc
Froslass - Manaphy
Hawlucha - OreoSpeedruns
Scizor - ox04
Hippowdon - corvere
Masquerain - pichus
Azumarill - corvere
Iron Hands- AV by ox04, SD by corvere
Ceruledge - ox04
Slither Wing - OreoSpeedruns
Hatterene - Mashing
Tyranitar - Mashing
Alomomola - Mashing
Dachsbun - Manaphy
Dragonite - Fc
Garchomp - OreoSpeedruns
Orthworm - Takatk

The current slate can be found above. If it doesn't have someone's name next to it, feel free to request a set.

We recommend asking any questions in our #analyses channel in the Ubers Discord.
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Can I take over Offensive Tusk and Defensive Tusk?

can you? yes you can!
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Scarf Bundle and Scarf Flutter Mane

me and Fc agree both of these sets are too niche to be uploaded; gonna have to deny. -Lasen
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Scarf Korai Scream Tail Dachsbun Blissey
edit: Garganacl too lol

Begging God for no HWish... Go for it -Lasen
edit: what the fuck did you reserve l2r
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Double Dance and Calm Mind Miraidon, please

K -Lasen
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Can I do (Scarf Adamant) Dugtrio?

Sorry, we're only doing the S and A ranks now. Please be patient! - Lasen
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dropping CM Miraidon for now, my keyboard broke and it would be a pain to write it for the moment :psysad:

EDIT: My keyboard is fixed, I'm back on it!
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