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I was a bit tired of OU and tried UU yesterday with a improvosed team on my own after looking shortly at the VR to have a quick overview of the meta.
For now I'm glad of the results as I've managed a 11-0 reaching 1300.
I'm usually around 1500 on OU so that may explain how I performed so well up to now. But I'm still proud to have such success in an unknown tier.

Here's two replays:
A one we're I get lucky on the H-arcanine duel (the jirachi was annoying as hell !!!)

Another against sun that I thought was lost until I realized that 3 spikes + band H-arcanine cleaned all his team:
wanna spark a discussion, sooooo
what's a mon that is in a lower tier, but you feel like it deserves to be up in uu?
some examples would be like:
terrakion isn't uu but its stab combo hits a TON of the defensive metagame and is therefore pretty effective.
bisharp isn't uu, but its a super bulky priority spammer to help deal with faster offensive sweepers.
okidogi fell from uu, but sub-bulk is still super freaking good.

not a super avid player, but i still regard uu as one of my favorite official metas, so i'm curious what actually active players think
what's a mon that is in a lower tier, but you feel like it deserves to be up in uu?
Thanks for sparking discussion, I've been wanting to not write for school for a minute lol.

:mamoswine: :assault vest:

This Pokemon, while admittedly needing some pretty substantial support, remains extremely effective in the current meta due to its combination of raw strength (130 base attack) and the coverage that its dual-STAB provides. Mamoswine, aside from having solid intangibles, is gifted a substantial niche due to the construction of the metagame. Let's look at Mamoswine's effectiveness by VR Tier:

[as an aside, all referenced calcs will be done with the set below]

S RANK: :garchomp: :latios: :tornadus-therian:

Garchomp is relatively straightforward: max attack Jolly chomp does just under 60%, giving you pretty substantial leeway (particularly allowing you to take damage from entry hazards a few times and still reliably force chomp out). While you obviously KO back with Icicle Crash, one thing that makes Garchomp particularly vulnerable to Mamoswine is the fact that Chomp is usually paired, at least defensively, with something that can soak Ice Beams/Play Roughs like Tinkaton, Coballion, Tentacruel, or Pecharunt.

Latios is pretty reliably checked by Mamoswine - max attack Adamant mamoswine can smack Latios for up to 68% (critically having the chance to KO after rocks + two rounds of LO recoil). Further, the set attached actually can eat a Specs Draco and KO back with Icicle Crash in a pinch.

There are so many sets of Torn-T that it can sometimes be difficult to know what to expect at team preview. Mamoswine can help to remedy that: in addition to threatening it out with Ice Shard, it takes 71.8% from a max special attack Timid Torn-T Grass Knot. If Torn-T doesn't have grass knot, you can pretty reliably switch in and move the state of the game forward.

A+ RANK: :zapdos:

Zapdos is uniquely threatened by Mamo: not only can it not switch in due to Icicle Crash, but it cannot Roost on it due to Earthquake. Further, none of Mamo's relevant STABs make contact, insulating it from the effects of Static. Zapdos, due to Thick Fat, is better off going for an uninvested Hurricane rather than Heat Wave (44% max vs 25% max).

A RANK: :azumarill: :greninja: :lokix: :mandibuzz: :pecharunt:

Azumarill poses a significant threat to Mamoswine, but the fact that we've rattled off a number of prominent mons before getting to something that Mamoswine objectively struggles with is pretty illuminating to me in regards to Mamo's effectiveness. While Azu can certainly threaten to chase Mamo away with Aqua Jet (58.9% max), it cannot switch in without being 2hko'd by Earthquake - even with max HP investment.

Greninja normally is a huge problem for Mamoswine, but Tera-Grass is Mamo's best friend here: even if Greninja has +1 from Battle Bond, both Ice Beam (50.3% max) and Dark Pulse (66.9% max) cannot KO mamoswine (if Tera-Grass) while Earthquake has a 100% chance to KO after either rocks or two life orb hits.

Non-banded Lokix actually trades pretty well into Mamo, but the fact that First Impression cannot OHKO Mamoswine means that either Lokix (or its teammate coming after a Lokix U-Turn) are subject to taking a hit from Mamo.

Mandibuzz, the tier's premier form of hazard remover, actually fares OK versus Mamo: it takes a minimum of 50% if it is nearly max HP and defense invested. Still, Mamoswine being able to make significant headway (especially considering Mandi cannot Roost stall Mamo) is notable.

Pecharunt can run a number of different spreads, but they're all in a game of catch-22 with Mamo: offensive sets take at least 71% from EQ while max/max defensive sets are still comfortably 2hko'd by mamo.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: :iron moth: :empoleon: :hydrapple: :tinkaton:

These four are either prevalent or becoming extremely common and AV Mamo can OHKO them all pretty comfortably.

The set below is one of my favorite that I've experimented with so far, especially considering Mamoswine's respectable bulk and access to Thick Fat.

Mamoswine @ Assault Vest
Ability: Thick Fat
Tera Type: Grass
EVs: 104 HP / 252 Atk / 152 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Earthquake
- Icicle Crash
- Ice Shard
- Trailblaze

This set is tailored to do as much damage as possible while still outrunning 350 speed mons (Latios, Gengar, Oger-C, Oger, non-booster Moth). I've had some success pairing this with Pokemon like SD Quaquaval (who greatly appreciates Mamo wearing down Garchomp), but I think Mamo has a good place in the meta due to its ability to threaten the top Pokemon and wallbreak for underappreciated physical threats.
Loving the look of psyspam rn. Deo-S psycho boosts looking insane especially since it has the coverage to beat all possible switch ins. The only check I can see is exca in sand but hawlucha threatens that and I’ve got sash hazards drill to revenge kill. The only good way I can see to beat it is just a surprise tera dark/ghost/fairy and pray that you revenge kill
kommo-o usage went down by 1% please dont let him fall to RU

excadrill has blessed us all..

deoxys is hilarious i'm gonna use him soon

we stole donphan again! haha RU!
What the actual fuck is Deoxys-Speed doing in UU? Deoxys-Speed is still very good in OU, and the only reason I can see for it dropping is being a victim of new toy syndrome or ladder not liking it despite it being good. Either way Deoxys speed dropping confuses me.

I just want OU to take their A rank powerhouse back

I think its gonna be kinda broken though
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Quick Post after playing some matches:

- Excadrill gives us an actual spinner! I'm looking forward to how its being used (I've seen SD, Special Defense, and Sand Rush so far)
- Speaking of Sand Rush, I've been seeing a lot of t-tars, which honestly haven't been that bad, but it's painful for this following mon...
- Skeledirge: The croc is back, and so far my experiences have been ok. Ladder spamming t-tar sucks for it, but its typing shuts down Iron Moth and Iron Crown, which is very nice,


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Rises and Drops Yay!

Drops to UU
A good spinner! Can also pose a pretty nice sweeping threat with sd and mold break- what do you mean the ladder is spamming sand rush? We have like 5 levitaters.

May seem like it’s not that good with all the ttars on ladder but… just use wisp on those. Ez Fix
But uh yeah nice tool for fatter styles, as it can protect against a good amount of setup threats.

Certainly didn’t expect THIS, offers solid natural speed control without scarf, nice for beating up HO. However, there is a decent chance that this ends up busted, we’ll see through week 2 of UUPL tho.

Rises to OU

Theyre really just gonna keep yoinking this lol.

Additional Stuff
-Maybe drill will mean ladder stops spamming donphan

With Dirge back in the tier, as well as Latios and Iron Crown still being huge, I think it’s about time to give Iron Hands another bite of the apple

:sv/Iron Hands:
1) Keep hands away from the tier
2) Keep hands away from me, getting bitten is unpleasant

Thats for sure...unexpected. The demon could easily become broken under Psychic Terrain, Psycho Boosting its way to victory with great coverage and even bolstering hazards. At least counterplay doesnt seem too different from Latios.

Leads sets are most likely going to be pretty great. Probably ban worthy.

:skeledirge: welcome back king. Time to glue the tier together once again.

:excadrill: a Spinner! A Latios check! The god herself has came to our rescue. I hope she's merciful and doesn't end up killing the whole tier with SD and Rapid Spin speed boosts.
:Deoxys-Speed: @ Expert Belt
Ability: Pressure
Tera Type: Fighting
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 SpA / 4 SpD
Mild Nature
- Expanding Force
- Superpower
- Knock Off
- Ice Beam

I’ve been using this set on a psyspam team and holy moly does this thing shred. If you can get it in safely, then it will just start murdering almost anything. It doesn’t really have a safe switch in, and revenge killing it is highly difficult without an excadrill in sand or a good scarfer, but most people are too scared to use their scarfers out of fear of getting outsped and killed. The best part is that it’s incredibly customisable if I want to change the set. I might put fire punch on it for steels, psycho boost for a stronger but less spammable stab option.

This actually raises a significant issue with deo-s imo, how unpredictable it is and how easy it is to bluff a set. The wide array of coverage this thing has as well as a flexible options for ev investment make this thing a nightmare in both the builder and in game. The worst part is that even if you prepare really well to counter most sets, the opponent could easily bluff a different ev spread by attacking into a scarfer or switching on a possible revenge kill, but in reality you do outspeed and can 1 shot it later in the game. Again, the list of truly safe checks is minimal and I do think that the thing that really breaks this mon is it’s unpredictability and I would love to see it banned sooner rather than later.

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