Tournament Sword and Shield UU Alpha Tour [Won by Alpha Rabbit]

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With the information in this announcement:

Will we be using the preliminary UU roster based on the stats post tomorrow [And the one being used with a UU Alpha Ladder; if such a thing goes online tomorrow]; or will we be continuing to use the one in the OP?
This applies to everyone.

This tour will be based on the usage stats coming out tomorrow so anything above the 4.52% (T=15) threshold will be considered OU and on the banlist for this tournament. When the stats are released feel free to use them to base your teams around when you build for this tourney. I will make a follow-up post about this clearly depicting any changes to the current banlist and updating the OP as a result. I will also make this very clear when I tag everyone in the round 1 post.

I know many people have preemptively been building teams and given the slightly awkward timing of this being at our disposal, I intend for the first week to be slightly extended to make up for this anyways. More details regarding that will be addressed in the round 1 post. Feel free to continue using our current banlist if you wish to start building and just removing any illegal assets that change in tomorrow's stats, because from my knowledge there aren't too many changes to it.

Every other rule in the OP will continue to apply for the rest of this tour. Any changes to it such as the potential banning of Dynamax and Gigantamax in the upcoming suspect will be brought to your attention and dealt with accordingly. If a functioning UU Alpha is available on showdown by the time this tour begins then games can proceed to be played there. Again I will bring this to your attention if this is the case.

Sign-ups will be closed tomorrow as planned and I will make a follow-up post as soon as I have access to any changes. Follow the link above for more details on the changes to the tiering policy for Gen 8 if you are interested. That is all.
Usage stats have finally be released here are the changes to the ban list for this tour:

Rotom-H is OU by usage and WILL NOT be usable for this tour

:dracozolt: Dracozolt is OU by usage and WILL NOT be usable for this tour

Togekiss and Dracovish ended up meeting OU usage anyways and will continue to not be usable for this tour

Polteageist is now usable for this tour

Hippowdon is now usable for this tour

Gengar is now usable for this tour

Mew is now usable for this tour

Round One

Simia vs. Drud
PinkDragonTamer vs. Charmflash
Algeria vs. atomicllamas
crucify vs. Aloopuriza
Pak vs. TJ
Kickassin666 vs. lucqq
snaga vs. Finchinator
luisotte vs. Scizorphobic
Rav3ndan vs. Abyssal Ruins
Twilight vs. Y8
Diophantine vs. SiTuM
Jacobikko vs. Jordy
KW vs. Take Azelfie
Zapcre vs. TDK
zachkauffman vs. His
Averardo vs. solonor24
N_Mareanie vs. chimp
Wigglytuff vs. Nurse Cat
sketchy ecchi vs. Dollainthewoods
Jho vs. A Hero's Destiny
Galactiknight vs. Fakee
Moltracer vs. Fantos13
neomon vs. Shaad Skyel
sand1234 vs. Sificon
RahelGamer03 vs. Odd Della Robbia
Sage vs. The Thunderbirds
Folktale vs. Alpha Rabbit
The Damned vs. EviGaro
Elias PSY vs. Vaboh
LuluDzn vs. MultiAmmiratore
Slowpoke92i vs. Michael213
LordHelix vs. Moron5
Velcroc vs. KellyKafka
RaJ.Shoot vs. Roginald
Spl4sh vs. Smallsmallrose
Indigo Plateau vs. xJoelituh
Moutemoute vs. rozes
PTF vs. eaglehawk
Feliburn vs. Adrift and Alone
BackAtYouBro vs. Rawbi
SBPC vs. Sensei Axew
boyn vs. Glav
itsjustdrew vs. maroon
Estarossa vs. Nateboomer21
agenS vs. zugubu royale
Hogg vs. royesk
giove97 vs. blinkboy
danger zone vs. Kreme
Cam vs. Daisuke Shirou
Anime Sans vs. MetaRiolu7
martha vs. fanyfan
Forgettasaurus vs. lyd
Daiyaga vs. Shadowmonstr4
Mannat vs. TSR
LittleRunnerXC vs. zSpxdes
Juuno vs. -Latios-
Mygrein vs. The Number Man
Raikaria vs. A Cake Wearing A Hat
Kamitokka vs. Raseri
Amane Misa vs. G-Luke
Darkyspeed vs. Descending
DugZa vs. G-O-D BASTI
bugzinator vs. Destin77
explodingdaisies vs. HaxxSel

The OP has been updated with the final banlist, please refer to it or the usage stats provided at the start of this post / in the OP with regards to building UU teams. I have done this post all in one so that everyone is aware of this.

As of right now there is no Gen8 UU Ladder so play your games in Gen8 OU as initially planned. When a functioning UU ladder is available feel free to play your games on there. You may still continue to sign up as a Substitute until Wednesday 4th December.

Round One will conclude on Wednesday 11th December 11:59 pm GMT+0. Remember this is a Best of Three and replays should be posted.

Good luck everyone and have fun playing UU Alpha!​
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