Tournament SWSH NFE Ghosting Tour [Won by Crystalites and 85percent]

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That was so goddamn fun

aight these are our logs: (names redacted to preserve anonymity)
End of the battle (includes our personal chat highlights):

[22:02:40] Dr. Online was invited (and promoted to Room Voice) by Felucia.
+Dr. Online joined
[22:03:01] ★Felucia: "There's nothing to stop you taking the advice of people not on your team, but remember that they may not always have your best interest at heart, and spies and backstabbers are everywhere."
[22:03:09] +Dr. Online: sup noobs
[22:03:14] ★Felucia: [REDACTED] if you backstab us I'll backstab you back so hard that you'll forget you had a back to begin with
[22:03:15] +Waylaid: sup dr
[22:03:21] +Dr. Online: oh the point of the alt
[22:03:27] +Dr. Online: was to not let rest of nfe know
[22:03:29] ★Felucia: I'll edit it out
[22:03:29] +Dr. Online: loooool
[22:03:34] +Dr. Online: ty
[22:03:48] +Waylaid: Alright the real start now
[22:03:54] +Waylaid: let's do this
[22:03:55] +Dr. Online: only other nfe person i let know was MAGMAR FAN bc teammate

[22:04:09] ★Felucia: Like literally who are our opponents
[22:04:11] +Waylaid: lemme talk to the other guy
[22:04:25] +Waylaid: "K3ppr"
[22:04:31] +Dr. Online: mono people iirc
[22:04:31] +Waylaid: [22:04:18] Waylaid: yo
[22:04:32] +Waylaid: [22:04:20] Waylaid: we ready
[22:04:32] +Waylaid: [22:04:26] K3ppr: DugZa should be on in a minute
[22:04:39] +Waylaid: so how we doing today
[22:04:41] ★Felucia: Smh being late
[22:04:44] +Dr. Online: free win kek
[22:04:53] ★Felucia: I woke up 6 hours before I normally do for this game and they can't even be on time
[22:04:56] +Waylaid: quick felu ban him

[22:06:10] +Waylaid: we need nicknames
[22:06:13] +Waylaid: what do we name frax
[22:06:21] +Waylaid: I'm thinking
[22:06:22] +Dr. Online: Strawberry Gashes
[22:06:23] +Waylaid: capitalism
[22:06:28] +Waylaid: cuz it bites you in the ass
[22:06:38] +Waylaid: but Strawberry Gashes also works
[22:06:40] ★Felucia: I prefer to be direct about it
[22:06:43] +Dr. Online: ok but it leaves the gashes on itss victims too
[22:06:43] ★Felucia: "assbiter"
[22:06:57] +Waylaid: "strawberry assbiter"
[22:06:59] ★Felucia: LOL
[22:06:59] +Waylaid: does that work
[22:06:59] ★Felucia: yes
[22:07:02] ★Felucia: yes
[22:07:02] +Dr. Online: goat

[22:07:16] +Waylaid: alright it'd be really funny
[22:07:24] +Waylaid: if we just did the same nickname
[22:07:26] +Waylaid: the whole time
[22:07:29] +Waylaid: with minor changes
[22:07:35] ★Felucia: not minor changes
[22:07:36] ★Felucia: just the same
[22:07:53] +Dr. Online: change the berry and the type of wound each time
[22:07:56] +Dr. Online: imo
[22:08:22] +Dr. Online: link team quick?
[22:08:24] +Waylaid: blueberry footgnawer
[22:08:49] +Dr. Online: BLUEBERRY FOOTGBNAWER
[22:08:51] +Dr. Online: LMAOOOOO

[22:09:58] ★Felucia: I put up a 500 song playlist on shuffle and it just went to some heavy speedcore
[22:09:59] ★Felucia: I'm awake now

[22:11:07] +Waylaid: I'm psyching them out
[22:11:12] +Waylaid: it's probably not their birthday

[22:12:44] +Waylaid: these goldfish are whole wheat
[22:12:44] +Dr. Online:
[22:12:46] +Waylaid: kinda nasty

[22:16:58] +Waylaid: I'm tearing through these golfish
[22:17:00] ★Felucia: actually
[22:17:06] +Waylaid: my heart is beating from my stomach
[22:17:15] +Waylaid: and my cat took my blanket

[22:20:12] +Waylaid: do we eq
[22:20:18] ★Felucia: eq kills, knock catches switches
[22:20:21] +Dr. Online: ^
[22:20:23] ★Felucia: !pick eq, knock
We randomly picked: eq

[22:20:43] +Dr. Online: why
[22:20:45] +Dr. Online: am i
[22:20:48] +Dr. Online: phophetic

[22:31:30] +Waylaid: I think we play the long game
[22:31:30] +Dr. Online: er
[22:31:33] +Dr. Online: haze
[22:31:37] +Waylaid: and just wait for him to fall asleep
[22:31:48] +Dr. Online: that never works

[22:32:34] +Waylaid: sap or shade here
[22:32:41] +Dr. Online: act
[22:32:42] +Dr. Online: hm
[22:32:44] ★Felucia: willo
[22:32:44] +Dr. Online: shade
[22:32:52] +Waylaid: thanks felu

[22:38:02] ★Felucia: forfeit for dignity
[22:38:03] +Waylaid: we put up a hell of a fight for a 5-0

☆Waylaid: this is a wrap gg we got this
DugZaッ: Rufflet goat?
☆Waylaid: yeah
☆K3ppr: rufflet goat

☆Waylaid: can't kill us if we kill us first
Waylaid forfeited.
K3ppr won the battle!
☆Waylaid left.
☆Waylaid joined.

☆Waylaid: let's do it again
☆Waylaid: g2 when

☆K3ppr: Look at this DugZa goon
☆K3ppr: "Can I make winpost"
☆Waylaid: smh I'm gonna make winpost
DugZaッ: Expert ghosting by me, you're welcome
☆Waylaid: felu ban them quick
DugZaッ: LOL
DugZaッ: Goat plays
☆Waylaid: can't post if their smogon is removed :eyes:
Hax ruins pokemon: ghosting yet again the same teems
%Felucia: who are we banning
☆Waylaid: everyone

☆Waylaid: we had your team tho ;mao
☆K3ppr: Yea
Scar3krow☭ joined.
☆Waylaid: still lost
☆Waylaid: cuz we're BALLERS

%Felucia: Oh right I saw
%Felucia: phophetic and first thought was
%Felucia: what kinda phobia is that

happy birthday to k3ppr I ate all the goldfish even though they were nasty whole wheat
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Calling act, scheduled for 5pm gmt, had 1 opponent show up at 20 past saying the other would be there soon, got told they were 'deciding a team' at 25 to 6 but darth had to leave at quarter to 6 so had no time to battle. Attempted to schedule a time next week so we could request extension but we couldnt find a time that we could all be here for


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Ghosting Tour Round 1 Admin

Act Wins

The Tangela Courtiers have been given the act win over The Freaky Fridays
have been given the act win over TBD 2
Mysterious Charmeleons have been given the act win over Huston Morgan

Other Wins

Todd was given the win by Super Hut Weenie Jrs.

Coinflip won the coinflip against TBD 1


A three day extension (Thursday 11:59 PM EST) has been given to the hax of the outback and Voluptuous Glooms

SWSH NFE Ghosting Tour - Round 2

Tournament Rules

  • General tournament rules and regulations (excluding the ghosting aspect), which can be found here.
  • All replays must be posted - Posting the ghosting logs or voice call recording is highly highly encouraged.
  • Standard SWSH NFE rules - Dynamax is allowed. Currently, Doublade, Type: Null, Rhydon, and Shadow Tag are banned. If anything else gets banned during this tour, it will be allowed to be used for the week it was banned in, but not allowed for subsequent weeks.
  • Tournament will be single elimination bo1 game.
  • No Disallow Specs - To let people ghost and join games easily
  • No Battle Timeout for the first 30 minutes of the game - This lets both teams discuss the game and their plays during the game without any timer pressure. However, after 30 minutes, either team can put on the timer if they wish to ensure neither team is needlessly timerstalling. Make sure the time the game started is posted in the battle chat at the start of the game if you wish to use this.
  • Prioritise getting the game done in time, although extensions will be allowed if you ask.
  • Schedule early and properly please. Don't tag your opponents on Saturday with a 'Play rn' or something similar.
  • All Discord Tags for opponents can be found in the first post on this thread.
Round 2

20. The Tangela Courtiers ( VigilanteVigoroth , Seraphus ) vs 19. Tenacious Toxels ( Crystalites , 85percent )

3. Combat Rock ( Anime Sans , Tack :] )
vs 17. Mysterious Charmeleons ( RaJ.Shoot , Elgino10 )

25. Wacky
s ( -Voltage- , TheTrueLegendary ) vs 16. Voluptuous Glooms ( Fille , squinn )

11. Stomach Pain Panchams ( Thunder~BALLZ , vooper ) vs 13. Islamic Sneasels ( Kaif , Spiderz )

( jcbc , Ampha ) vs 10. I Hate Cheese555 ( 3.14dgeot-Mega , Cheese5555 )

12. Epic Gamer Elekids ( DugZa , K3ppr )
vs 1. Todd ( Jho , SHSP )

9. Eh ( dom , MaceMaster ) vs 7. WPC ( blinkboy , Angels & Airwaves )

22. ( Fish1899 , KlefkiHolder ) vs 18. Marill Mafia ( Quagg , Monsareeasy )

Deadline is 16th December 11:59 EST, Extension Deadline for this week is 12th December 11:59 EST
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won ggs
[13:46:03] Tack is a Nerd was promoted to Room Voice by Anime≧◡≦Sans.
[13:47:27] +Tack is a Nerd: invite Mrs. Melia Antiqua
[13:47:37] Mrs. Melia Antiqua was invited (and promoted to Room Voice) by Anime≧◡≦Sans.
[13:47:40] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: is this allowed
+Mrs. Melia Antiqua joined
[13:47:51] +Tack is a Nerd: yes
[13:48:00] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: Hey
[13:48:02] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: ok
[13:48:02] +Tack is a Nerd: simbo confirmed
[13:48:03] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: hi
[13:48:05] +Tack is a Nerd: hello fren
[13:48:07] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: Hi Anime sans
[13:48:16] +Tack is a Nerd: lemme grab the squad
[13:48:25] +Tack is a Nerd: it was the one i was laddering w/ a second ago
[13:48:39] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: alrighty
[13:48:58] +Tack is a Nerd: who's running calcs, who's clicking buttons?
[13:49:03] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: I wanna click
[13:49:06] +Tack is a Nerd: kk
[13:49:14] +Tack is a Nerd: i'll make fun of you when you misclick
[13:49:16] +Tack is a Nerd: dw
[13:49:29] +Tack is a Nerd: wait
[13:49:30] +Tack is a Nerd: nicks
[13:49:33] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: I don't know what I am going to do lol
[13:49:46] +Tack is a Nerd: see, ghosting is cheating in every other tour
[13:49:49] +Tack is a Nerd: but ur the goat
[13:49:51] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: tho what is the plan
[13:49:51] +Tack is a Nerd: so
[13:49:56] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: what are we gonna name them
[13:49:59] +Tack is a Nerd: uhhhhh
[13:50:16] +Tack is a Nerd: could just name them after flowers or some shit
[13:50:41] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: I know like 2 kinds of flowers though
[13:50:51] +Tack is a Nerd: and i'm a wannabe botanist
[13:51:02] +Tack is a Nerd: tbh name gloom titan arum
[13:51:12] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: That's a neat name
[13:51:33] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: give me 5 more flowers now
[13:51:34] +Tack is a Nerd: It's the scientific name for the flower the line is based on
[13:52:03] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: Googled it, it's neat
[13:52:09] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: but yeah nicks
[13:52:11] +Tack is a Nerd: corsola is purple, so orchid imo
[13:52:26] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: I was going to something toxicial flower name
[13:52:36] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: because corsola is kinda toxical in itself lol
[13:52:38] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: corsola is staghorn coral I think
[13:52:41] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: so we could use that
[13:52:46] +Tack is a Nerd: ye but coral is an animal
[13:52:50] +Tack is a Nerd: actually
[13:52:52] +Tack is a Nerd: go w/ that
[13:53:01] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: Staghorn coral (Acropora cervicornis)
[13:53:04] +Tack is a Nerd: name klang lavender town looool
[13:53:29] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: that's dark
[13:53:35] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: I don't get it why through
[13:53:38] +Tack is a Nerd: klink klang kingklang
[13:53:43] +Tack is a Nerd: is what that beat
[13:53:46] +Tack is a Nerd: sounds like
[13:53:51] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: oh LOL
[13:53:53] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: Ok I getchuuuu
[13:53:55] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: genius
[13:54:00] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: ok we just need natu pilo gurdurr
[13:54:17] +Tack is a Nerd: hmmm
[13:54:26] +Tack is a Nerd: HGH is best gurdurr name tbh
[13:54:37] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: pilo likes to smell on flowers
[13:54:47] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: with the sprite itself
[13:54:54] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: it kinda shows it only the nose
[13:54:56] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: lol
[13:55:04] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: what's the character limit
[13:55:06] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: for nicks
[13:55:16] +Tack is a Nerd: 19
[13:55:17] +Tack is a Nerd: iirc
[13:55:30] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: uhhh
[13:55:36] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: cors is full scientific name minus space
[13:55:37] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: lol
[13:55:39] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: fuck pollen can we nickname it xd
[13:55:55] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: xd
[13:55:57] +Tack is a Nerd: loool
[13:55:58] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: is its name now
[13:56:05] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: HGH for gurdurr
[13:56:15] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: Oh yeah by the way anime sans
[13:56:21] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: sorry for screwing you up in ladder's LOL
[13:56:27] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: oh did that happen
[13:56:36] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: ummmm idk
[13:56:41] +Tack is a Nerd: hm
[13:56:44] +Tack is a Nerd: natu/pilo
[13:56:46] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: I feel i have seen your name so many times
[13:56:49] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: idk
[13:56:49] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: pilo is xd
[13:56:57] +Tack is a Nerd: i'd be down to nickname pilo "pollen fucker"
[13:57:06] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: Same
[13:57:07] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: that's better
[13:57:08] +Tack is a Nerd: we aren't vgc so its legal
[13:57:13] +Tack is a Nerd: LOL
[13:57:18] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: ok natu
[13:57:26] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: Haha
[13:57:48] +Tack is a Nerd: name it Hattrem but good
[13:58:08] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: ok done
[13:58:14] +Tack is a Nerd: ez claps
[13:58:17] +Tack is a Nerd: incoming
[13:58:22] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans:
[13:59:00] xHys was invited (and promoted to Room Voice) by Anime≧◡≦Sans.
+xHys joined
[13:59:07] +xHys: ok cool
[13:59:08] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: goat
[13:59:10] +Tack is a Nerd: goat
[13:59:11] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: what's the lead here
[13:59:15] +Tack is a Nerd: inb4 backstabbed
[13:59:28] +Tack is a Nerd: hm
[13:59:28] +xHys: smth that doesnt let grookey or linoone in for free
[13:59:33] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: there's is either choke or thwacky
[13:59:47] +xHys: gurdurr is prob best lead depending on set
[14:00:00] +Tack is a Nerd: theirs is choke/thwackey, gurdurr is probs best
[14:00:02] +Tack is a Nerd: or gloom
[14:00:14] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: leading gurdurr
[14:00:18] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: ?
[14:00:29] +Tack is a Nerd: i'm thinking gloom
[14:00:32] +xHys: I would, but gloom is fine too
[14:00:34] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: I think gloom is the better option to start with
[14:00:41] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: clicked gloom
[14:01:00] +Tack is a Nerd: kk
[14:01:18] +Tack is a Nerd: beats everything but mime
[14:01:26] +Tack is a Nerd: see?
[14:01:29] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: goated
[14:01:33] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: Spritzee is going to be definetly the sweeper
[14:01:34] +Tack is a Nerd: this is powder easy
[14:01:42] +Tack is a Nerd: haka will probs be DD
[14:01:43] +xHys: yeah powder is the play
[14:01:43] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: freest sleep powder oat
[14:02:01] +Tack is a Nerd: threats are spritz/mime/thwackey
[14:02:14] +xHys: taunt linoone is also a possible threat
[14:02:16] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: as long corsola is alive through
[14:02:28] +xHys: also idk what thwacey does
[14:02:36] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: knock
[14:02:44] +xHys: does knock 2hko natu?
[14:02:47] +Tack is a Nerd: knock/turn/SD/taunt/Hammer
[14:02:47] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: they won't throw out spirtzee
[14:02:58] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: ok haka is alseep now
[14:02:58] +Tack is a Nerd: knock should 2hko natu
[14:03:08] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: As far I know, taunt based setup or scarf
[14:03:10] +xHys: ok so their play is either mime, or predict double
[14:03:13] +Tack is a Nerd: !dt moonblast
  • Moonblast
    2430% chance to lower the target's Sp. Atk by 1.
Priority: 0 |  Gen: 6 |  ✓ Secondary effect |  Z-Power: 175 |  Target: One Adjacent Pokémon
[14:03:19] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: not a bullet
[14:03:20] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: still
[14:03:22] +Tack is a Nerd: yep
[14:03:24] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: do we click it
[14:03:35] +xHys: you can, probably
[14:03:36] +Tack is a Nerd: that then go to pilo if they mime
[14:03:40] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: hit the moonblast imo
[14:03:42] +Tack is a Nerd: is pretty clean
[14:03:51] +xHys: yeah that sequence works
[14:03:56] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: inb4 the rara fblast mime
[14:04:06] +xHys: wait fblast isnt common?
[14:04:10] +xHys: someone needs to teach me the meta
[14:04:13] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: it's fairly common
[14:04:14] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: !dt spiritzee
No Pokémon, item, move, ability or nature named 'spiritzee' was found. Showing the data of 'Spritzee' instead.
  • LCSpritzee
    HealerAroma VeilHP
Dex#: 682 |  Gen: 6 |  Height: 0.2 m |  Weight: 0.5 kg (20 BP) |  Dex Colour: Pink |  Egg Group(s): Fairy |  Evolution: Aromatisse (trade)
[14:04:18] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: sball has been making the rounds
[14:04:21] +Tack is a Nerd: sball/fblast are generally the filler
[14:04:22] +xHys: prob otr np
[14:04:24] +Tack is a Nerd: or NP
[14:04:31] +xHys: for spritz
[14:04:32] +Tack is a Nerd: ye spritz is OTR or a cleric
[14:04:34] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: otr or cm spritz
[14:04:39] +xHys: could be both
[14:04:41] +xHys: theoretically
[14:04:44] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: what is otr?
[14:04:44] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: ort cm cleric
[14:04:45] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: goat
[14:04:49] +Tack is a Nerd: trick room alone
[14:04:49] +xHys: own-trick-room
[14:05:11] +xHys: 63 spatack means it would be np + tr, or cm outside of it
[14:05:22] +Tack is a Nerd: mhm
[14:05:23] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: I doubt it will be trick room
[14:05:29] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: bc the other mons are all fast enough
[14:05:36] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: exception of machoke
[14:05:38] +Tack is a Nerd: i'm expecting cleric myself
[14:05:42] +xHys: the point of otr is that the team isnt based around the mon
[14:05:43] +Tack is a Nerd: but wouldn't be surprised
[14:05:47] +xHys: it's like hat/reuni in OU
[14:05:50] +Tack is a Nerd: ^
[14:06:02] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: ok what now
[14:06:03] +Tack is a Nerd: ok wtf do we do
[14:06:05] +Tack is a Nerd: hm
[14:06:12] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: moonblast again tbh
[14:06:17] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: throw another one lol
[14:06:18] +xHys: the play for them is always knock
[14:06:20] +Tack is a Nerd: nah we get crippled
[14:06:23] +Tack is a Nerd: by knock
[14:06:26] +Tack is a Nerd: if that happens
[14:06:32] +Tack is a Nerd: i think play is sap
[14:06:36] +Tack is a Nerd: in all honesty
[14:06:41] +xHys: well
[14:06:42] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: hmmmm
[14:06:44] +xHys: what do you need this for
[14:06:45] +xHys: ?
[14:06:47] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: sounds nice
[14:06:50] +Tack is a Nerd: act
[14:06:51] +xHys: linoone?
[14:06:53] +Tack is a Nerd: hold on
[14:06:58] +Tack is a Nerd: lets look at what's needed
[14:07:16] +xHys: gurd checks thwack/linoone
[14:07:22] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: do we deal with haka fine
[14:07:24] +xHys: yes
[14:07:25] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: if it wakes up
[14:07:26] +xHys: yes
[14:07:28] +Tack is a Nerd: ye
[14:07:31] +Tack is a Nerd: we're phys cors
[14:07:33] +xHys: which is why
[14:07:34] +Tack is a Nerd: MB again
[14:07:34] +xHys: i think
[14:07:35] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: I think moonblast is
[14:07:36] +xHys: you can mb
[14:07:37] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: the play
[14:07:40] +xHys: yea
[14:08:01] +Tack is a Nerd: thats evio
[14:08:01] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: oh they doubled
[14:08:03] +xHys: is that evio
[14:08:05] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: ye
[14:08:10] +Tack is a Nerd: pilo
[14:08:23] +Tack is a Nerd: go pilo
[14:08:25] +xHys: yea
[14:08:27] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: going pilo
[14:08:28] +xHys: if they np
[14:08:31] +xHys: then u have to dyna
[14:08:34] +Tack is a Nerd: mhm
[14:09:02] +Tack is a Nerd: but max quake is rly good vs this team
[14:09:07] +Tack is a Nerd: so idt i'd even mind
[14:09:14] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: max quake be like
[14:09:24] +xHys: bottom text
[14:09:24] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: you make my earfquake
[14:09:45] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: I have a feeling mr mime has rapid spin
[14:09:46] +xHys: bowlcut: engaged
[14:09:54] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: 18
[14:09:56] +xHys: free rocks
[14:09:57] +Tack is a Nerd: lol they didn't psy
[14:10:00] +Tack is a Nerd: easy rocks
[14:10:06] +xHys: psy wasnt play if u went natu
[14:10:09] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: rocks up
[14:10:15] +xHys: but fb was always the play if they have
[14:10:15] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: rock em
[14:10:24] +xHys: so we can (maybe) rule out fb
[14:10:43] +Tack is a Nerd: i'm thinking it's 3 attacks+spin tbh
[14:10:50] +Tack is a Nerd: w/ sball as 3rd
[14:10:50] +xHys: oo would be to click hard eq and see how they respect pilo
[14:11:04] +xHys: bc they might double to choke
[14:11:09] +xHys: and idk how much speed you're running
[14:11:09] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: nah rocks are good esp since evio mime
[14:11:10] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: !dt hakamo
No Pokémon, item, move, ability or nature named 'hakamo' was found. Showing the data of 'Hakamo-o' instead.
  • NFEHakamo-o
Dex#: 783 |  Gen: 7 |  Height: 1.2 m |  Weight: 47 kg (60 BP) |  Dex Colour: Gray |  Egg Group(s): Dragon |  Evolution: Kommo-o (45)
[14:11:20] +Tack is a Nerd: it's evio mime, i rly want rocks
[14:11:22] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: we're running enough to hit 171
[14:11:25] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: on pilo
[14:11:32] +xHys: how much does non-evo choke hit
[14:11:39] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: but if they're forb it's probably fast
[14:11:39] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: kinda shocked hakamo does not have stealth rock lol
[14:11:46] +Tack is a Nerd: it's probs max since forb
[14:11:47] +xHys: ig it doesnt matter if we just sack natu or w/e
[14:12:00] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: does their team even have rocks
[14:12:00] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: lol
[14:12:03] +xHys: n
[14:12:05] +Tack is a Nerd: i like both quake and rocks
[14:12:09] +xHys: unless thwackey gets rocs
[14:12:09] +Tack is a Nerd: nah they don't
[14:12:13] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: rocks are going up
[14:12:14] +Tack is a Nerd: and this is their removal
[14:12:17] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: this turn
[14:12:25] +xHys: !learn aromatise, defog
Pokémon 'aromatise' not found.
[14:12:30] +xHys: !learn aromatisse, defog
In Gen 8, Aromatisse can't learn Defog
[14:12:32] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: lol
[14:12:36] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: they aren't fb
[14:12:38] +xHys: yeah ur good
[14:12:38] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: psyshock oh boy
[14:12:39] +xHys: to eq
[14:12:48] +Tack is a Nerd: shard?
[14:12:51] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: RIP
[14:12:51] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: shard
[14:12:53] +xHys: shard if have
[14:12:54] +xHys: yeah
[14:12:56] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: that mon is definetly dead
[14:13:02] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: lol pilo is so good
[14:13:11] +xHys: if they go choke just sack natu
[14:13:13] +xHys: right?
[14:13:13] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: they are def going to switch machoke
[14:13:15] +Tack is a Nerd: that was defs a sack, since it's ass in this mu
[14:13:23] +xHys: defo not ass if it was evio taunt
[14:13:25] +Tack is a Nerd: if choke comes sack natu ye
[14:13:28] +xHys: but it looked to be scarf or smth
[14:13:30] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: how much does shard to to orb choke
[14:13:33] +xHys: not 50
[14:13:36] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: sad
[14:13:39] +xHys: prob like 25
[14:13:43] +xHys: max
[14:13:47] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: sacking natu
[14:13:53] +xHys: huh
[14:13:55] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: LOL
[14:13:55] +xHys: they didnt knock
[14:13:57] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: they did not what
[14:13:57] +xHys: thats wild
[14:14:03] +Tack is a Nerd: 252+ Atk Piloswine Ice Shard vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Machoke: 81-96 (26.9 - 31.8%) -- guaranteed 4HKO
[14:14:03] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: I am actually shocked
[14:14:09] +Tack is a Nerd: is this
[14:14:12] +Tack is a Nerd: a future sight
[14:14:17] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: I think so
[14:14:18] +xHys: prob a heat wave
[14:14:21] +xHys: if it ko's
[14:14:42] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: I think for one thing
[14:14:42] +Tack is a Nerd: lemme calc
[14:14:46] +xHys: u might want to calc that, i gotta brb
[14:14:49] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: if they are going to lose machoke
[14:14:52] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: or switch some way
[14:14:55] +xHys: bc heat also hits
[14:14:56] +xHys: mime
[14:14:58] +xHys: mime
[14:14:59] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: it will be back to mime galar
[14:15:03] +xHys: which is v nice
[14:15:04] +Tack is a Nerd: 0 SpA Natu Heat Wave vs. -1 0 HP / 0 SpD Machoke: 116-137 (38.5 - 45.5%) -- guaranteed 3HKO
[14:15:08] +xHys: yeah hit is
[14:15:10] +xHys: always the play
[14:15:12] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: have
[14:15:12] +xHys: heat
[14:15:14] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: wave*
[14:15:36] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: now we need to wait for raj to come back
[14:15:37] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: lol
[14:15:45] +Tack is a Nerd: rip in indian internet lol
[14:15:52] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: rippp lol
[14:16:05] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: But yeah, after mime is gone
[14:16:08] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: and maybe mach
[14:16:18] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: corsola should stop the tf outta the rest
[14:16:20] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: Maybe
[14:16:45] +Tack is a Nerd: it's phys biased, so doesn't stop spritz
[14:16:49] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: cors isn't based id cm
[14:16:50] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: alas
[14:16:53] +Tack is a Nerd: !learn spritzee, healing wish
In Gen 8, Spritzee can't learn Healing Wish
[14:17:05] +Tack is a Nerd: ok wtf are they playing too
[14:17:09] +Tack is a Nerd: damn i called it right
[14:17:13] +Tack is a Nerd: was a free FS
[14:17:17] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: rip
[14:17:22] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: what we doing here now
[14:17:29] +Tack is a Nerd: !learn spritzee, mystical fire
In Gen 8, Spritzee can't learn Mystical Fire
[14:17:39] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: !dt spiritzee
No Pokémon, item, move, ability or nature named 'spiritzee' was found. Showing the data of 'Spritzee' instead.
  • LCSpritzee
    HealerAroma VeilHP
Dex#: 682 |  Gen: 6 |  Height: 0.2 m |  Weight: 0.5 kg (20 BP) |  Dex Colour: Pink |  Egg Group(s): Fairy |  Evolution: Aromatisse (trade)
[14:17:41] +Tack is a Nerd: is that free klanger?
[14:17:55] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: !learn spritzee, willowisp
In Gen 8, Spritzee can't learn Will-O-Wisp
[14:17:57] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: yes
[14:18:15] +Tack is a Nerd: hold on
[14:18:20] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: the wish setup woah
[14:18:23] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: grind should kill
[14:18:24] +Tack is a Nerd: lemme calc if klang gets choke here
[14:18:38] +Tack is a Nerd: grind easy
[14:18:45] +Tack is a Nerd: grind their pole
[14:18:49] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: clicking grind
[14:18:56] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: oh
[14:19:02] +Tack is a Nerd: gloom?
[14:19:13] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: think so yeah
[14:19:21] +Tack is a Nerd: oh god why
[14:19:22] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: oh
[14:19:26] +Tack is a Nerd: keep it up
[14:19:28] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: bruh momentum
[14:19:30] +Tack is a Nerd: this is
[14:19:33] +Tack is a Nerd: sub BU
[14:19:33] +xHys: back
[14:19:35] +Tack is a Nerd: probs
[14:19:38] +Tack is a Nerd: wait
[14:19:41] +Tack is a Nerd: its resttalk
[14:19:42] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: gloom again?
[14:19:45] +Tack is a Nerd: still BU tho
[14:19:46] +Tack is a Nerd: ye
[14:19:52] +Tack is a Nerd: gloom is it
[14:19:54] +Tack is a Nerd: always
[14:20:01] +Tack is a Nerd: moonblast rn
[14:20:04] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: free moonblast
[14:20:16] +xHys: yea
[14:20:38] +Tack is a Nerd: i'd be tempted to max ooze in another timeline
[14:20:48] +Tack is a Nerd: and i'd have killed a spritzee
[14:20:49] +Tack is a Nerd: damn
[14:20:50] +xHys: just sludge bomb
[14:20:51] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: damn
[14:20:52] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: question right now is...
[14:20:55] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: yeah bomb
[14:20:57] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: how much will sludge bomb do
[14:21:00] +Tack is a Nerd: what are they playing to
[14:21:01] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: they aren't going back to haka
[14:21:04] +xHys: 30% poison
[14:21:11] +xHys: so it doesnt matter if it doesnt kill
[14:21:18] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: damn
[14:21:23] +xHys: moon
[14:21:29] +Tack is a Nerd: they're physdef
[14:21:36] +Tack is a Nerd: so sludge
[14:21:40] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: or
[14:21:42] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: just sleep at em
[14:21:46] +Tack is a Nerd: nah
[14:21:46] +xHys: nah
[14:21:48] +xHys: sludge
[14:21:49] +Tack is a Nerd: haka's still out
[14:21:50] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: haka still asleep
[14:22:00] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: didn't hakamo rest tho
[14:22:02] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: n
[14:22:02] +Tack is a Nerd: n
[14:22:07] +Tack is a Nerd: it revealed talk
[14:22:07] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: oh
[14:22:12] +Tack is a Nerd: after we powdered
[14:22:18] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: aight
[14:22:22] +Tack is a Nerd: MB every time he wishes
[14:22:25] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: wow not one poison proc
[14:22:27] +Tack is a Nerd: can't let choke/haka in
[14:22:36] +xHys: nice
[14:22:37] +Tack is a Nerd: mb again
[14:22:39] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: there it is
[14:22:39] +xHys: now mb
[14:22:56] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: bomb again?
[14:22:56] +xHys: wait
[14:22:59] +xHys: poison does how muhc
[14:23:02] +xHys: 12?
[14:23:03] +Tack is a Nerd: 12%
[14:23:10] +xHys: 12 + 40 = 52
[14:23:10] +Tack is a Nerd: we end up stalling this out
[14:23:11] +xHys: +12
[14:23:13] +xHys: means kills
[14:23:13] +Tack is a Nerd: unless minrolls
[14:23:17] +xHys: so you win now
[14:23:19] +xHys: if you sludge
[14:23:26] +Tack is a Nerd: MB again
[14:23:27] +xHys: bc now he cant protect
[14:23:28] +xHys: so u mb
[14:23:37] +Tack is a Nerd: hm
[14:23:39] +xHys: k hes psyshocking
[14:23:45] +Tack is a Nerd: this needs to be spin for them to win
[14:23:47] +Tack is a Nerd: i think
[14:23:59] +xHys: spirtz is now not a mon
[14:24:00] +xHys: tho
[14:24:03] +xHys: so its 4v6
[14:24:06] +Tack is a Nerd: mhm
[14:24:08] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: ye
[14:24:13] +xHys: and ice shard kills choke
[14:24:20] +xHys: so really its 5v3
[14:24:30] +Tack is a Nerd: can't go pilo here tho
[14:24:34] +xHys: nope
[14:24:39] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: hm why?
[14:24:42] +xHys: prob just sack natu
[14:24:44] +xHys: tbh
[14:24:47] +Tack is a Nerd: natu ye
[14:24:52] +Tack is a Nerd: bad in this MU
[14:24:52] +xHys: then go klang
[14:24:52] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: sacking natu
[14:24:58] +Tack is a Nerd: ok
[14:25:00] +Tack is a Nerd: so
[14:25:14] +Tack is a Nerd: they revealed/bluffed no FB really well
[14:25:26] +xHys: i think you tp here
[14:25:39] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: they will do another nasty plot btw
[14:25:40] +Tack is a Nerd: lemme calc
[14:26:47] +Tack is a Nerd: ye tp
[14:27:02] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: ok now what
[14:27:13] +xHys: klang
[14:27:19] +Tack is a Nerd: cors eats if no freeze, klang resists everything
[14:27:29] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: grind?
[14:27:37] +Tack is a Nerd: hm
[14:27:39] +xHys: if you sg, do you outspeed rapid spin'd mime?
[14:27:52] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: no
[14:27:55] +Tack is a Nerd: n
[14:28:03] +xHys: does grind kill?
[14:28:06] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: no
[14:28:13] +Tack is a Nerd: 252+ Atk Klang Gear Grind (2 hits) vs. +1 0 HP / 0 Def Abomasnow: 244-292 (101.2 - 121.1%) -- guaranteed OHKO
[14:28:14] +Tack is a Nerd: yes
[14:28:17] +xHys: then grind
[14:28:24] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: wait fr
[14:28:27] +Tack is a Nerd: well not when they do that lol
[14:28:31] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: ok damn
[14:28:33] +xHys: just counter dyna
[14:28:37] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: I really doubted that
[14:28:45] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: steelspike time
[14:29:07] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: they're going choke
[14:29:15] +Tack is a Nerd: this is always choker
[14:29:24] +xHys: do u outspeed
[14:29:30] +Tack is a Nerd: if it's not max
[14:29:37] +Tack is a Nerd: we're creeping the 170 creepers
[14:29:42] +Tack is a Nerd: of which choke is one
[14:30:15] +Tack is a Nerd: tbh steelspike this
[14:30:19] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: oh they went monkey
[14:30:20] +xHys: yea
[14:30:24] +Tack is a Nerd: we don't need klang now
[14:30:27] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: mhm
[14:30:28] +xHys: nope
[14:30:42] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: there are just two pokemons again they can use
[14:30:50] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: so yeah klang doesn't matter
[14:30:53] +xHys: both lose to pilo, right?
[14:30:58] +Tack is a Nerd: ye
[14:31:02] +xHys: lie, pilo + gloom wins
[14:31:03] +Tack is a Nerd: need pterrain down tho
[14:31:16] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: goated
[14:31:16] +xHys: huh
[14:31:18] +xHys: he sacked
[14:31:18] +Tack is a Nerd: for choke
[14:31:34] +xHys: nah u can sack gurd hp if needed
[14:31:56] +Tack is a Nerd: just steelspike again
[14:31:58] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: spike this too right
[14:32:01] +Tack is a Nerd: they're mono tail
[14:32:07] +xHys: 3 turn
[14:32:08] +xHys: pog
[14:32:12] +Tack is a Nerd: like sack klang lol
[14:32:13] +xHys: just grind
[14:32:16] +Tack is a Nerd: we win
[14:32:33] +Tack is a Nerd: just grind
[14:32:38] +Tack is a Nerd: stop setting up
[14:32:40] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: ok
[14:32:49] +Tack is a Nerd: thats why
[14:32:50] +xHys: drain
[14:32:55] +Tack is a Nerd: drain is free
[14:33:01] +Tack is a Nerd: i assume sack is incoming
[14:33:10] +Tack is a Nerd: or more rest
[14:33:11] +xHys: yeah but thats fine if they do
[14:33:13] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: this was a really easy game
[14:33:17] +Tack is a Nerd: it has slots for BU?
[14:33:24] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: yeah
[14:33:26] +Tack is a Nerd: gloom ig
[14:33:33] +xHys: nice
[14:33:34] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: rest/sleep talk, dragon tail/bu
[14:33:47] +Tack is a Nerd: thought it'd be fighting move
[14:33:59] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: also what simbo said
[14:34:02] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: 14:32:01] +Tack is a Nerd: they're mono tail
[14:34:03] +Tack is a Nerd: s/o to them not bringing hazards btw
[14:34:05] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: no you didn't
[14:34:07] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: why tf no hazards
[14:34:18] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: lol
[14:34:20] +Tack is a Nerd: oh damn they eat one
[14:34:28] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: they eat 2
[14:34:33] +xHys: rolls
[14:34:33] +Tack is a Nerd: its a roll
[14:34:35] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: oh
[14:34:44] +xHys: "eat 2
[14:34:45] +xHys: lul
[14:34:50] +xHys: nice win
[14:34:53] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: nice w
[14:34:57] +Tack is a Nerd: lets go
[14:35:04] +Tack is a Nerd: ty based lords
[14:35:10] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: I did nothing
[14:35:10] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: I'll post
[14:35:12] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: for the homies
[14:35:14] +Mrs. Melia Antiqua: I had fun watching tho
[14:35:14] +Tack is a Nerd: :ferrowin:
[14:35:22] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: :ferrowin:
[14:35:27] +xHys: :ferrowin:
[14:35:30] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: hys ur gonna be in the next nfepl right
[14:35:33] +xHys: probably
[14:35:36] +Tack is a Nerd: shame dr. online couldn't make it
[14:35:37] ★Anime≧◡≦Sans: ferro dynasty
[14:35:47] +xHys: buy me for as much as nfepl 1
[14:35:48] +xHys: !!
[14:35:50] +Tack is a Nerd: oh ye we probs should use ferro name again lol
[14:36:09] +xHys: ferrocious gen8 ferros
[14:36:22] +Tack is a Nerd: <3
[14:36:29] +Tack is a Nerd: with a rusty ass manager
[14:36:31] +Tack is a Nerd: to boot
[14:37:10] +Tack is a Nerd: anyway clean win ladies and gentlemen gg

Try to guess who says what we are on the same alt

  1. [22:58] Marill Mafia: join this alt
  2. [22:58] Marill Mafia: pass word is
  3. [22:58] Marill Mafia: *******************************
  4. [22:58] quagsgone: LOL
  5. [22:58] quagsgone: I have stopped btw
  6. [22:58] Marill Mafia: .
  7. [22:58] Marill Mafia: ok
  8. [22:58] Marill Mafia: helllo marill amfia
  9. [22:58] Marill Mafia: hey
  10. [22:59] Marill Mafia: are u in suu too now
  11. [22:59] Marill Mafia: what?
  12. [22:59] Marill Mafia: the chat
  13. [22:59] Marill Mafia: private chat
  14. [22:59] Marill Mafia: no but i can click on my name then join it
  15. [22:59] Marill Mafia: ah ok
  16. [22:59] Marill Mafia: is this really easier than having a private room btw
  17. [23:00] Marill Mafia: yeah ig
  18. [23:00] Marill Mafia: we need to confuse the people reading logs
  19. [23:00] Marill Mafia: ok
  20. [23:00] Marill Mafia: can u send me the team again
  21. [23:00] Marill Mafia: no ill chall
  22. [23:00] Marill Mafia: who are we playing
  23. [23:00] Marill Mafia: klefkiholder and fish something
  24. [23:00] Marill Mafia: actually its prob better if u have it anyways
  25. [23:01] Marill Mafia: yeah lol
  26. [23:01] Marill Mafia:
  27. [23:01] Marill Mafia: thansk
  28. [23:01] Marill Mafia: klefkiholder is not on
  29. [23:02] Marill Mafia: alright I have it now
  30. [23:02] Marill Mafia: so I messaged klefkiholder
  31. [23:02] Marill Mafia: and he's trying to reach his team mate rn
  32. [23:02] Marill Mafia: we just have to wait
  33. [23:03] Marill Mafia: oh
  34. [23:03] Marill Mafia: i was goign to say
  35. [23:03] Marill Mafia: pls tell me they gave us the win
  36. [23:03] Marill Mafia: loool
  37. [23:03] Marill Mafia: im gonna play some cod in the meantime
  38. [23:03] Marill Mafia: is meantime a word btw
  39. [23:03] Marill Mafia: what
  40. [23:03] Marill Mafia: I feel like I have heard that before
  41. [23:03] Marill Mafia: oh uhh
  42. [23:03] Marill Mafia: people say it
  43. [23:04] Marill Mafia: ye its a word
  44. [23:04] Marill Mafia: ok cool
  45. [23:04] Marill Mafia: also u need to link some music again
  46. [23:04] Marill Mafia: the music should be the dynamax argument
  47. [23:04] Marill Mafia: lol
  48. [23:05] Marill Mafia: how is suspect laddering going btw
  49. [23:05] Marill Mafia: youtubeNP85oqPdN4A[/MEDIA]
  50. [23:05] Marill Mafia: here
  51. [23:06] Marill Mafia: ok cool
  52. [23:06] Marill Mafia: i have 78.2gxe and need 5 more games
  53. [23:06] Marill Mafia: ah nice
  54. [23:06] Marill Mafia: u got this
  55. [23:06] Marill Mafia: most of my ls are hoen
  56. [23:06] Marill Mafia: if not all of them
  57. [23:06] Marill Mafia: lmao
  58. [23:08] Marill Mafia: ok so we just wait now and ill let u know when they respond
  59. [23:09] Marill Mafia: ok
  60. [23:09] Marill Mafia: im hyped
  61. [23:09] Marill Mafia: just watched this Christmas movie
  62. [23:09] Marill Mafia: I'm feeling great rn
  63. [23:10] Marill Mafia: uhh sure
  64. [23:10] Marill Mafia: lmaoo
  65. [23:10] Marill Mafia: i neeed to know what the fish person's name is
  66. [23:10] Marill Mafia: lol 1 sec
  67. [23:10] Marill Mafia: I doubt he has replays btw
  68. [23:10] Marill Mafia: its like fish1998
  69. [23:10] Marill Mafia: something like that
  70. [23:10] Marill Mafia: at least on smogon
  71. [23:11] Marill Mafia:
  72. [23:11] Marill Mafia: btw idk if ive told u b4
  73. [23:11] Marill Mafia: but bookmark this
  74. [23:11] Marill Mafia: no replays
  75. [23:11] Marill Mafia: unless the alt is wrogn
  76. [23:12] Marill Mafia: ok
  77. [23:13] Marill Mafia: 15 mins
  78. [23:13] Marill Mafia: they responded
  79. [23:16] Marill Mafia: ok so im going to eat smth rq
  80. [23:17] Marill Mafia: ok
  81. [23:18] Marill Mafia: ok back
  82. [23:18] Marill Mafia: ate a bannana
  83. [23:18] Marill Mafia: now i am hyper charged
  84. [23:18] Marill Mafia: damn
  85. [23:18] Marill Mafia: thats great
  86. [23:18] Marill Mafia: lol
  87. [23:20] Marill Mafia: joinOURPL
  88. [23:20] Marill Mafia: thats their name rn
  89. [23:21] Marill Mafia: lmk when ur ready
  90. [23:21] Marill Mafia: I just need to put on music
  91. [23:21] Marill Mafia: im ready whenevr
  92. [23:21] Marill Mafia: ok ill chall
  93. [23:22] Marill Mafia: what happened
  94. [23:22] Marill Mafia: i dced
  95. [23:22] Marill Mafia: oh
  96. [23:22] Marill Mafia: u gotta get the logs
  97. [23:23] Marill Mafia: ok
  98. [23:23] Marill Mafia: I will
  99. [23:23] Marill Mafia: but are u ready now?
  100. [23:23] Marill Mafia: yes
  101. [23:23] Marill Mafia: pls use the right team
  102. [23:23] Marill Mafia: LOL
  103. [23:23] Marill Mafia: ye
  104. [23:23] Marill Mafia: check all the moves and stff
  105. [23:23] Marill Mafia: yeye
  106. [23:24] Marill Mafia: rip joinourpl has no games
  107. [23:24] Marill Mafia: yeah ik
  108. [23:25] Marill Mafia: yo im not familiar with spdef cors calcs vs machoke
  109. [23:25] Marill Mafia: does it still eat knock?
  110. [23:26] Marill Mafia: well uhh
  111. [23:26] Marill Mafia: eat isnt the correct term
  112. [23:26] Marill Mafia: huh
  113. [23:26] Marill Mafia: but yes it can beat it
  114. [23:26] Marill Mafia: ok
  115. [23:27] Marill Mafia: idk if I like spdef cors+tspike then
  116. [23:27] Marill Mafia: like if choke ends up killing us
  117. [23:27] Marill Mafia: ig we just wait with putting them up if the opp has a machoke
  118. [23:28] Marill Mafia: ive laddered with the team
  119. [23:28] Marill Mafia: yh it looks good to me
  120. [23:28] Marill Mafia: im confident in my ability to play it
  121. [23:28] Marill Mafia: we just have to be careful
  122. [23:29] Marill Mafia: ok
  123. [23:29] Marill Mafia: shoot
  124. [23:29] Marill Mafia: dude now we have to go back in chat and can't look at teams while we play
  125. [23:29] Marill Mafia: ive never played anything like this
  126. [23:29] Marill Mafia: pikachu + ruff
  127. [23:29] Marill Mafia: same
  128. [23:30] Marill Mafia: ok
  129. [23:30] Marill Mafia: lead what do u think
  130. [23:30] Marill Mafia: ye u can
  131. [23:30] Marill Mafia: move the tab to where the rooms are
  132. [23:30] Marill Mafia: drag and drop the battle
  133. [23:30] Marill Mafia: to the room side
  134. [23:30] Marill Mafia: ok
  135. [23:30] Marill Mafia: oh
  136. [23:30] Marill Mafia: wow
  137. [23:30] Marill Mafia: I have never done that before
  138. [23:30] Marill Mafia: wow
  139. [23:31] Marill Mafia: it looks weird af
  140. [23:31] Marill Mafia: lead machoke u think
  141. [23:31] Marill Mafia: ??
  142. [23:31] Marill Mafia: I can't see chat but whatever
  143. [23:31] Marill Mafia: yeah
  144. [23:31] Marill Mafia: machoke
  145. [23:31] Marill Mafia: is fine
  146. [23:31] Marill Mafia: always cc
  147. [23:31] Marill Mafia: knock?
  148. [23:31] Marill Mafia: u love cc don't u
  149. [23:31] Marill Mafia: ok
  150. [23:31] Marill Mafia: well
  151. [23:31] Marill Mafia: I actually agree
  152. [23:31] Marill Mafia: we can knock cors if it comes in
  153. [23:31] Marill Mafia: its ok
  154. [23:31] Marill Mafia: ig u could knock
  155. [23:31] Marill Mafia: lets just cc
  156. [23:32] Marill Mafia: but gurdurr is annoying
  157. [23:32] Marill Mafia: ye nice
  158. [23:32] Marill Mafia: its ok
  159. [23:32] Marill Mafia: cors?
  160. [23:32] Marill Mafia: lol
  161. [23:32] Marill Mafia: mareanie and get up tspikes?
  162. [23:32] Marill Mafia: or wait
  163. [23:32] Marill Mafia: yeah
  164. [23:32] Marill Mafia: I agree
  165. [23:32] Marill Mafia: i hate rufflets legality
  166. [23:32] Marill Mafia: tspike seems fair to me
  167. [23:32] Marill Mafia: so much
  168. [23:32] Marill Mafia: its ok
  169. [23:32] Marill Mafia: we just click haze
  170. [23:32] Marill Mafia: rufflet is the senter of everything
  171. [23:32] Marill Mafia: its less healthy than mime
  172. [23:32] Marill Mafia: yeah lets think about it later
  173. [23:33] Marill Mafia: tspike 100%
  174. [23:33] Marill Mafia: lets click tspike
  175. [23:33] Marill Mafia: ye
  176. [23:33] Marill Mafia: machoke?
  177. [23:33] Marill Mafia: yeah
  178. [23:33] Marill Mafia: cc again
  179. [23:33] Marill Mafia: id argue knock is an okplay
  180. [23:33] Marill Mafia: let me calc
  181. [23:33] Marill Mafia: we can cc imo
  182. [23:33] Marill Mafia: it won't kill but like put in range of ice beam from mime maybe
  183. [23:34] Marill Mafia: eh cc
  184. [23:34] Marill Mafia: ye
  185. [23:34] Marill Mafia: just knock
  186. [23:34] Marill Mafia: just knock? or trade rocks
  187. [23:34] Marill Mafia: what do u think
  188. [23:34] Marill Mafia: ig knock is ok
  189. [23:34] Marill Mafia: knock 100000%
  190. [23:34] Marill Mafia: oh they don't know
  191. [23:34] Marill Mafia: ye
  192. [23:35] Marill Mafia: they just created a monster
  193. [23:35] Marill Mafia: ok
  194. [23:35] Marill Mafia: ok
  195. [23:35] Marill Mafia: LOL
  196. [23:35] Marill Mafia: so we need to think
  197. [23:35] Marill Mafia: we can go mare
  198. [23:35] Marill Mafia: spam haze
  199. [23:35] Marill Mafia: o
  200. [23:35] Marill Mafia: no
  201. [23:35] Marill Mafia: or
  202. [23:35] Marill Mafia: I mean yes
  203. [23:35] Marill Mafia: thats the play??
  204. [23:35] Marill Mafia: thoughts on dmaxing machoke
  205. [23:35] Marill Mafia: isn't it
  206. [23:35] Marill Mafia: bro here we go again
  207. [23:36] Marill Mafia: lets think
  208. [23:36] Marill Mafia: but then u spam max cc / steelpike
  209. [23:36] Marill Mafia: yh
  210. [23:36] Marill Mafia: ok we can click it
  211. [23:36] Marill Mafia: its fine
  212. [23:36] Marill Mafia: wait
  213. [23:36] Marill Mafia: whats the bb calc
  214. [23:36] Marill Mafia: dude
  215. [23:37] Marill Mafia: eh
  216. [23:37] Marill Mafia: dont stay in
  217. [23:37] Marill Mafia: or
  218. [23:37] Marill Mafia: hmmm
  219. [23:37] Marill Mafia: what about pilo?
  220. [23:37] Marill Mafia: mime is an ok play but that outspeed pikachu
  221. [23:37] Marill Mafia: I kinda want machoke since it will put in so much work
  222. [23:37] Marill Mafia: dont go pilo
  223. [23:38] Marill Mafia: yeah we can't go mime lol
  224. [23:38] Marill Mafia: can't we just go into mare
  225. [23:38] Marill Mafia: sure it wins
  226. [23:38] Marill Mafia: but
  227. [23:38] Marill Mafia: i think we can wo/ it
  228. [23:38] Marill Mafia: mare and haze
  229. [23:38] Marill Mafia: no
  230. [23:38] Marill Mafia: mare and haze
  231. [23:38] Marill Mafia: fine
  232. [23:38] Marill Mafia: please
  233. [23:38] Marill Mafia: thanks
  234. [23:38] Marill Mafia: see machoke would have died
  235. [23:39] Marill Mafia: mare wasn't that huge either way
  236. [23:39] Marill Mafia: now we just click scald
  237. [23:39] Marill Mafia: choke?
  238. [23:39] Marill Mafia: no
  239. [23:39] Marill Mafia: i think choke
  240. [23:39] Marill Mafia: dont scald
  241. [23:39] Marill Mafia: no no no
  242. [23:39] Marill Mafia: get ur kill
  243. [23:39] Marill Mafia: wanna go choke?
  244. [23:39] Marill Mafia: yes
  245. [23:39] Marill Mafia: so
  246. [23:39] Marill Mafia: cors
  247. [23:39] Marill Mafia: go corsola
  248. [23:39] Marill Mafia: lets just go cors tbh
  249. [23:40] Marill Mafia: yes
  250. [23:40] Marill Mafia: ive clicked
  251. [23:40] Marill Mafia: remember mime is np
  252. [23:40] Marill Mafia: i know
  253. [23:40] Marill Mafia: and is fastest thing if their mime dies
  254. [23:40] Marill Mafia: I MADE THE TEAM
  255. [23:40] Marill Mafia: so really good
  256. [23:40] Marill Mafia: yeah bro ur GOAT
  257. [23:40] Marill Mafia: for using broken mons?
  258. [23:40] Marill Mafia: lol
  259. [23:41] Marill Mafia: sap
  260. [23:41] Marill Mafia: y/y
  261. [23:41] Marill Mafia: ok
  262. [23:41] Marill Mafia: no
  263. [23:41] Marill Mafia: wait
  264. [23:41] Marill Mafia: wait
  265. [23:41] Marill Mafia: so ferro
  266. [23:41] Marill Mafia: if they go ferroseed who cares
  267. [23:41] Marill Mafia: might come in
  268. [23:41] Marill Mafia: yeah
  269. [23:41] Marill Mafia: but like how annoying will hazards be
  270. [23:41] Marill Mafia: then u burn it
  271. [23:41] Marill Mafia: i think mime wins
  272. [23:41] Marill Mafia: yeah
  273. [23:41] Marill Mafia: so we will win soon
  274. [23:41] Marill Mafia: ok
  275. [23:41] Marill Mafia: i hope
  276. [23:41] Marill Mafia: do ur play man
  277. [23:42] Marill Mafia: I trust u
  278. [23:42] Marill Mafia: actually
  279. [23:42] Marill Mafia: lets say u go choke
  280. [23:42] Marill Mafia: and they go pikachu
  281. [23:42] Marill Mafia: u dont lose that much
  282. [23:42] Marill Mafia: thats fine
  283. [23:42] Marill Mafia: yeah
  284. [23:42] Marill Mafia: go choke?
  285. [23:42] Marill Mafia: lets go choke
  286. [23:42] Marill Mafia: yeah
  287. [23:42] Marill Mafia: !learn pikachu, knock off
  288. In Gen 8, Pikachu can learn Knock Off only when obtained from:
  289. Gen 7 or earlier (all moves are level-up/tutor/TM/HM in Gen 7 to 8)
  290. [23:42] Marill Mafia: nice lets get a kill
  291. [23:42] Marill Mafia: cc
  292. [23:43] Marill Mafia: bop
  293. [23:43] Marill Mafia: do u sack machoke
  294. [23:43] Marill Mafia: and bp
  295. [23:43] Marill Mafia: cors again=
  296. [23:43] Marill Mafia: but
  297. [23:43] Marill Mafia: wait
  298. [23:43] Marill Mafia: think
  299. [23:43] Marill Mafia: ok
  300. [23:43] Marill Mafia: ok
  301. [23:43] Marill Mafia: if they double into ruff
  302. [23:43] Marill Mafia: what do u click
  303. [23:43] Marill Mafia: ok
  304. [23:43] Marill Mafia: we can bp
  305. [23:43] Marill Mafia: ig ud still be fine
  306. [23:43] Marill Mafia: but i dont want to risk it
  307. [23:43] Marill Mafia: ye
  308. [23:43] Marill Mafia: ncie
  309. [23:43] Marill Mafia: lmao
  310. [23:43] Marill Mafia: clean
  311. [23:43] Marill Mafia: go into
  312. [23:43] Marill Mafia: bp again?
  313. [23:44] Marill Mafia: pawn
  314. [23:44] Marill Mafia: i think
  315. [23:44] Marill Mafia: sure??
  316. [23:44] Marill Mafia: pawn can sd and win too
  317. [23:44] Marill Mafia: what does pawn do??
  318. [23:44] Marill Mafia: sd on ferro
  319. [23:44] Marill Mafia: and risk sub / cc ruff
  320. [23:44] Marill Mafia: can't we sack mare??
  321. [23:44] Marill Mafia: please
  322. [23:44] Marill Mafia: go pawn
  323. [23:44] Marill Mafia: it does 0
  324. [23:44] Marill Mafia: mare
  325. [23:44] Marill Mafia: 0
  326. [23:44] Marill Mafia: mar might haze ruff
  327. [23:44] Marill Mafia: dont u agree?
  328. [23:45] Marill Mafia: it can
  329. [23:45] Marill Mafia: mare is sack here
  330. [23:45] Marill Mafia: maybe
  331. [23:45] Marill Mafia: vs ruff
  332. [23:45] Marill Mafia: pawn puts on pressure also
  333. [23:45] Marill Mafia: to ruff
  334. [23:45] Marill Mafia: ice chard
  335. [23:45] Marill Mafia: yeah
  336. [23:45] Marill Mafia: lets just
  337. [23:45] Marill Mafia: go mare
  338. [23:45] Marill Mafia: na
  339. [23:45] Marill Mafia: sry I clicked mare
  340. [23:45] Marill Mafia: paid off
  341. [23:45] Marill Mafia: ok since its in
  342. [23:45] Marill Mafia: we might as well scald
  343. [23:45] Marill Mafia: yeah
  344. [23:46] Marill Mafia: i disagree with ru play still
  345. [23:46] Marill Mafia: sry I clicked btw
  346. [23:46] Marill Mafia: but I feel like it doesn't matter
  347. [23:46] Marill Mafia: we win either ay 2bf
  348. [23:46] Marill Mafia: go mime?
  349. [23:46] Marill Mafia: ok
  350. [23:46] Marill Mafia: yeah I think so too
  351. [23:46] Marill Mafia: yeah we can mime here
  352. [23:46] Marill Mafia: do we dmax
  353. [23:47] Marill Mafia: I think we can
  354. [23:47] Marill Mafia: yeah
  355. [23:47] Marill Mafia: i say yes
  356. [23:47] Marill Mafia: fight move or ice move?
  357. [23:47] Marill Mafia: oh ice is stronger
  358. [23:48] Marill Mafia: doesnt madder tho
  359. [23:48] Marill Mafia: yeah lol
  360. [23:48] Marill Mafia: we win either way
  361. [23:48] Marill Mafia: but u already clicked LOL
  362. [23:48] Marill Mafia: can I say 2 things to u
  363. [23:48] Marill Mafia: can u hand me logs ill post
  364. [23:48] Marill Mafia: sure talk
  365. [23:48] Marill Mafia: 1.
  366. [23:48] Marill Mafia: if u want u can also post
  367. [23:48] Marill Mafia: gg we played super clean
  368. [23:48] Marill Mafia: 2.
  369. [23:48] Marill Mafia: I fucking LOVE U
  370. [23:49] Marill Mafia: lol
  371. [23:49] Marill Mafia: felt great to get that off my chest
  372. [23:49] Marill Mafia: ill hand u the log


Own a doghouse?
Ghosting Tour Round 2 Admin

A four day extension (Thursday 19th December 11:59PM EST) has been granted to Islamic Sneasels and Stomach Pain Panchams

SWSH NFE Ghosting Tour - Round 3

Tournament Rules

  • General tournament rules and regulations (excluding the ghosting aspect), which can be found here.
  • All replays must be posted - Posting the ghosting logs or voice call recording is highly highly encouraged.
  • Standard SWSH NFE rules - Dynamax is allowed. Currently, Doublade, Type: Null, Rhydon, and Shadow Tag are banned. If anything else gets banned during this tour, it will be allowed to be used for the week it was banned in, but not allowed for subsequent weeks.
  • Tournament will be single elimination bo1 game.
  • No Disallow Specs - To let people ghost and join games easily
  • No Battle Timeout for the first 30 minutes of the game - This lets both teams discuss the game and their plays during the game without any timer pressure. However, after 30 minutes, either team can put on the timer if they wish to ensure neither team is needlessly timerstalling. Make sure the time the game started is posted in the battle chat at the start of the game if you wish to use this.
  • Prioritise getting the game done in time, although extensions will be allowed if you ask.
  • Schedule early and properly please. Don't tag your opponents on Saturday with a 'Play rn' or something similar.
  • All Discord Tags for opponents can be found in the first post on this thread.
Round 3

12. Epic Gamer Elekids ( DugZa , K3ppr ) vs 7. WPC ( blinkboy , Angels & Airwaves )

16. Voluptuous Glooms ( Fille , squinn )
vs 13. Islamic Sneasels ( Kaif , Spiderz )

10. I Hate Cheese555 ( 3.14dgeot-Mega , Cheese5555 ) vs 18. Marill Mafia ( Quagg , Monsareeasy )

19. Tenacious Toxels ( Crystalites , 85percent )
vs 3. Combat Rock ( Anime Sans , Tack :] )

Deadline is Sunday 22nd December 11:59 PM EST, Extension Deadline Thursday 19th December 11:59 PM EST
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