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Haven't commented here in a while, but I recently got back to playing and using an alt account, got to 1972 on the ladder today using this rain team. The main difference here is the use of Registeel over Ferrothorn because I wanted to experiment with an uncommon Pokemon that can potentially check Kyurem. I decided to use Registeel as it resists Kyurem's Ice STAB while still taking Earth Power reasonably well.

It serves as a rocker with toxic and like Ferrothorn, checks other threats like Weavile, Bisharp, and choice banded Rillaboom. Thunder is for the 30% paralysis chance and catching potential switchins like Urshifu-R and Tornadus-T off guard. Losing leftovers is definitely a huge drawback as unlike Ferrothorn, it doesn't have access to Leech Seed.

Another notable addition is a specially-biased mixed Seismitoad, which can lure in Blissey and Gastrodon with Focus Punch and Power Whip respectively.

Hazard control is still a glaring flaw as the team's only removal is Pelipper, which itself needs to hold a Damp Rock instead of Boots.

Well, this is my first post here and this time I will share a team on the core of weavile + lele + urshifu-r, explaining the function of the sets and how it works against what can threaten it.

To start we have urshifu, which is a great sweeper and is helped by lele, the latter helps both urshifu and weavile with the support of fs and also helps to have speed control in this team, finally we have weavile that has nothing extraordinary but it is a good late game cleaner and comes in quite handy on this team.

Then we have Garchomp who is the rocker of the team and helps to tank heatran and some other things, from there we go to Tornadus T who has this peculiar set with assault vest to face the users of choice specs, such as blacephalon and dragapult, it also helps a little to have better gameplay vs sun teams, things like Venusaur that fall with the help of the weather, recoil of life orb and heat wave, finally we have Scizor, which helps us vs things that are currently common like Kyurem and Lele in addition to serving as the only defoger of the team.

Here are some calcs of the team:

252 SpA Choice Specs Dragapult Shadow Ball vs. 252 HP / 88 SpD Assault Vest Tornadus-Therian: 109-129 (30.1 - 35.6%) -- 27.9% chance to 3HKO
252 SpA Blacephalon Shadow Ball vs. 252 HP / 88 SpD Assault Vest Tornadus-Therian: 97-115 (26.7 - 31.7%) -- guaranteed 4HKO
+2 252+ SpA Life Orb Venusaur Weather Ball (100 BP Fire) vs. 252 HP / 88 SpD Assault Vest Tornadus-Therian in Sun: 257-304 (70.9 - 83.9%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
0 SpA Tornadus-Therian Heat Wave vs. 0 HP / 4 SpD Venusaur in Sun: 224-264 (74.4 - 87.7%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

Btw, thanks to Sheik : for the help making the team.

Red Raven

Wanna add a couple more teams from my post before


This one is just an updated version of the one from before. It still has hazard stacking and the old core of offensive spdef Garchomp + scarf Kartana. Of course, being hazard stacking means Galarian Zapdos is making a return and the rest are just stuff I wanted to try out. I went with Ferrothorn as my steel because otherwise, specs Lele would probably just rip the team in half. Although Skarmory could still work since that thing racks up hazard damage like little else. This time though, I decided to use sub bulk up on Galarian Zapdos just for the fun of it

:corviknight::heatran::toxapex::tapu bulu::kartana::garchomp:

This team was made when I was experimenting with Garchomp as the stealth rocker. From the gen seven days, Garchomp was one of, if not, the best rocker for its ability to beat all defoggers with its z crystal set. I wanted to see if Garchomp can still beat Corviknight with stone edge without using life orb. Turns out, it can with an adamant nature. After swords dance, adamant Garchomp can actually two shot Corviknight with stone miss and both defog Fini and Tornadus still lose to it. The whole idea of this team was to make Heatran as annoying as possible. Heatran may be a good rocker but it has a very irritating moveslot syndrome since it wants magma miss, taunt, toxic, earth power and stealth rock. With Garchomp now having the rocks and still beating metal birb, it can finally be as annoying as it wants. The rest are just stuff I wanted to mess around with. I still wanted a team around Bulu so I added it and Kartana is there because there is no other pokemon I would trust to sweep if Garchomp isn't my sweeper

Adamant Garchomp is the key here as with jolly, you're not beating Corviknight. However, I chose to go adamant so that it can hold lefties. If you prefer to go with jolly Garchomp, then replace the lefties with hard stone. It will provide Chomp's stone miss with just enough oomph to beat metal birbs and of course, every other defogger still loses to it

The evs on Tapu Bulu is to survive Tornadus' hurricane from full hp while Pex is just something I made up. It usually runs 144 def / 112 spd for its mixed set and I thought to give it a bit more spdef because why not

In all honesty though, while the team works, I'm not a big fan of it because of one reason, magma miss. It's why I don't even like to use Heatran because every single time I click it, I just go 'you had one job, just the one'. Really, I would prefer to have my teams autolose to Kyurem than lose because my fucking magma miss missed
I just wanted to stop by and share this team I made a while ago ;)
I had alot of sucsess with it lately.

Slurpuff (M) @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: Unburden
Shiny: Yes
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Belly Drum
- Play Rough
- Drain Punch
- Heal Bell

Hawlucha (M) @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: Unburden
Shiny: Yes
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Acrobatics
- High Jump Kick
- Bulk Up
- Poison Jab

Incineroar @ Life Orb
Ability: Intimidate
Shiny: Yes
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD
Adamant Nature
- Fake Out
- Parting Shot
- Knock Off
- Flare Blitz

Togedemaru @ Air Balloon
Ability: Lightning Rod
Shiny: Yes
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Spiky Shield
- Zing Zap
- U-turn
- Fake Out

Clawitzer @ Choice Specs
Ability: Mega Launcher
Shiny: Yes
EVs: 248 HP / 8 Def / 252 SpA
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Aura Sphere
- Dragon Pulse
- Dark Pulse
- Water Pulse

Dhelmise @ Assault Vest
Ability: Steelworker
Shiny: Yes
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Atk / 8 SpD
Adamant Nature
- Anchor Shot
- Rapid Spin
- Earthquake
- Power Whip

Firstly we have slurpuff which is a beast if you pull off a belly drum without fainting. Belly drum will max your attack and use your sitrus berry and trigger its ability, unburden, which doubles its speed. Then u have play rough which is STAB and will be your main attack after pulling off belly drum. U also have drain punch to deal with steel types and other pokemon resisting fairy, plus drain punch is also a good way to get some healing. lastly we have heal bell which actually can be very helpful when dealing with pokemon using toxic + protect + healthrestoring move or sub or when needing to remove burn from slurpuff and the rest of your team. Trust me, heal bell has saved me many times.

Next we have another unburden ability pokemon, Hawlucha. Hawlucha's first attack is acrobatics which does double damage when it dont have a item and its STAB. Secondly, it has high jump kick which does a ton of damage and is STAB. then we have bulk up which rises its atk and def. u can use swords dance instead but that is completly up to you. Lastly we have poison jab which is coverage against fairy-types.

Incineroar which is both good support and a great attacker at the moment I use life orb but i will most likely switch it for a figy berry or another berry since it currently loses a lot of its health just by using fake out. Fake out I use for a tiny bit of chip damage before using parting shot or attacking with flare blitz or knock off which both are STAB. Fake out or parting shot can be switched out with taunt.

Next up is togedemaru with an air balloon so it safely can switch in to a ground move and sturdy ability so you can survive a hit. The attacks i chose are spiky shield for protection and chip damage, zing zap with STAB, u-turn to switch out with chip damage and again fake out for chip damage and to waste a turn. u-turn or fake out can be switched out with thunder wave or iron head after your own choosing.

Our fifth member are Clawizer with mega launcher giving all pulse attacks 1.5x power and choice specs to boost this even more. the attacks are aurasphere which gets the mega launcher boost and is coverage, dragon pulse who gets this boost as well, dark pulse which gets boost and lastly water pulse which gets the boost and is STAB. I have thought about switching out aura sphere with something else since both hawlucha and slurpuff has a fighting attack or switch out dragon pulse with ice beam because it covers more than just dragon like for example giving clawitzer grass coverage which chould be nice.

Last but not least, we have Dhelmise taking down tanky water types with STAB power whip and locking in pivots and other pokemon consantly switching out with anchor shot getting STAB from steelworker ability. Dhelmise also has rapid spin to deal with hazards and leech seed + rising speed. Lastly I chose earthquake for coverage, but phantom force is also a good competitor for this slot because of STAB. I gave it assault west so it can take a few super effective special hits.

I would say togedemaru is the weakest link, and should be switched out or maybe changed to level 1 togedemaru with sturdy ability and shellbell + fake out + spiky shield + encore + endeavor. This togedemaru worked much better and actually manage to take out other pokemon.

i have some replays:

This is the first time I have shared one of my teams, so please give feedback :)
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Few more rain squads. I don’t have the time (or patience) to ladder at all these days. I still very much enjoy building. Kyurem is broken though for real. Tried my best to make these not auto-lose to it:

Volcarona Rain
Almost identical to the Scizor build I’ve been using for years. Volc is a hard stop to Kyurem. The rest is straightforward.

Cosmic Jirachi Rain
Cosmic Power + Stored Power is cheesey but wins a lot more games than it should. I hate Kyurem so much.

Keldeo Rain
Keldeo is a better rain abuser than Urshifu. Trust me on this. The speed tier is really nice too. Props to the guy a couple posts up with Registeel. It actually keeps rocks down vs. Corviknight!
Here is a team I built around 6 months ago. I have shared this team with a few people in the showdown OU room. (Forgive my lack of knowledge on how to show the sprites. I rarely post on the forums.)

I call it "Spike Stacking Volcarona Bulky Offense". This team is excellent defensively, having outs against almost everything you will come across in the meta. The team is quite old though so perhaps some move sets and evs could be altered for further optimisation. Here is a bit of a basic outline on why I chose certain elements of the team. I have had success using this team, beating some very solid opposition, but I'm not overly competitive with Pokemon. I may provide some replays of me using this team at a later date.

Full offensive Hydreigon is used here to break down defensive structures to enable Volcarona to sweep easier. Focus blast is used here to cover Heatran, Kyurem, Tyranitar and Blissey in one slot. Dark pulse assists with bulky psychics that would otherwise trouble this team, and also provides solid neutral coverage against Pokemon such as Landorus t. Flash cannon is necessary to score a surprise 2hko on unaware Clefable on the switch, and KO magic guard Clefable at +2. Clefable is a real threat to this team and this is an effective way to alleviate the teams weakness to it. Hydreigon also provides a one time ghost resist to this team, along with psychic immunity for choice locked Tapu Lele.

Ferrothorn provides spikes to this team to provide a way to pressure defensive structures that would otherwise trouble this team. Power whip is used to deal with tapu Fini which is the most solid defensive answer to the Hydreigon set that is used. It also aids in dealing with rain teams which would otherwise be quite problematic. Iron head is necessary to pressure Clefable and Kyurem.

In this variation I have used trick scarf over calm mind on Tapu Fini to provide more speed to this team and assist with providing a first strike opportunity on Pokemon like Garchomp and Dragapult. Trick also provides the team a way to more easily dismantle defensive teams that use Pokemon such as Blissey. Tapu Fini is also a mandatory weavile check and provides misty terrain support to the team. Misty terrain is particularly helpful to Volcarona, weakening Kyurems Draco meteor and providing better set up opportunities against toxic users. Fini is also a solid Heatran check.

Landorus t is Landorus t. Physically defensive is used here to better deal with physical attackers such as Garchomp. Stone edge is used as an emergency check to Volcarona, hits Tornadus t hard on the switch and pressures Zapdos.

Zeraora is used as mandatory speed control for things like Kartana, Tornados t, Dragapult and weavile. Toxic is used to wear down troubling ground types over the course of a battle.

Volcarona is physically defensive to assist better against Kartana and other physical attackers that Volcarona's typing allows to check such as melmetal (careful of status). Psychic is used here to help the team get past Toxapex which can otherwise be quite annoying. Volcarona also gives the team a solid win condition and provides a deterrent against U-turn and Triple Axl spam.
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A dump of my past two~ months stuff in light of my dwindling interest in mons, figured would be a good time if any. Will put only the stuff I used and descriptions in the hide beneath associated with number. Dont ask about EVs, cause chances are I don't remember shrugs.


1) :ribombee::zapdos-galar::bisharp::thundurus::buzzwole::garchomp: - Ribombee Webs
2) :heatran::rillaboom::gastrodon-east::clefable::tornadus-therian::weavile: - Pads Rilla Offensive Heatran
3) :conkeldurr::garchomp::rotom-wash::tornadus-therian::weavile::aegislash: - Rudolf Cutler
4) :clefable::toxapex::reuniclus::landorus-therian::tornadus-therian::heatran: - Avatar Clef AV Reuni
5) :tapu-lele::magnezone::tornadus-therian::landorus-therian::urshifu-rapid-strike::volcarona: - AV Mag Dual Dance Lele
6) :slowking-galar::melmetal::tornadus-therian::hippowdon::tapu-koko::urshifu-rapid-strike: - Whirlpool GKing SubAcidArmorMelmetal
7) :latios::buzzwole::tornadus-therian::blissey::landorus-therian::ferrothorn: - SpecsLatios w/ unviable Blissey
8) :nidoking::rotom-wash::tapu-lele::heatran::dragonite::urshifu-rapid-strike: - Nidoking Acro Ursh
1) Was inspired by monkys UU Webs team that was spammed to hell when Buzzwole was UU. Ribombee looked cool (I also didn't/don't like the other web setters in the format) and Thundurus seemed underrated outspeeding the usual 168 speed Torns by one point. Webs is a total matchup fish unfortunately but ways to lure/overload each others checks is probably the best way to utilize it in OU.
2) Rilla one of like 20+ matchup fish mons in this tier but being able to supplement Heatran/Hawlucha/Kartana is a pretty big plus in my eyes still. I like the thought of pads since the most common sequences is some helmet/barb/kanto bird mon being thrown in front to chip it or fish for status.
3) Conk is strong just a bit hard to support cause every other fighter is faster which is more important currently. Probably would be better with Teleport support but again, the other fighters are better.
4) Life Orb Offensive Clef isnt new but I used this Clef set all the way back in ORAS and felt like doing it again. Paired up with AV Reuni to sponge hits from Lele and Knock items off. Band Lando for immediate breaking power.
5) You trap Heatran with Magnezone and let Lele or Volcarona win, more so the latter. Teams matchup against Pult is a bit dreadful prior to set up though.
6) Whirlpool G-King nothing new either but you need something to lure in or at least attempt to remove Pex from the game to make SubPress Melmetal to really work. Still think this particular Melmetal set is shit but it can solo on certain matchup fishes.
7) Latios is slightly better now due to less Corviknight spam but still a bit trash. If you play it right though it can be pretty strong against bulkier teams, it's terrible against the two sides of the building spectrum though. Blissey is unviable but it stops this team from getting slammed by Special Pults, Nidoking, Special Kyurem, etc.
8) Probably one of the few squads I actually like since it has some techs to lure/support win conditions in the form of Acro Ursh for things like Buzz to help the specific Dnite set sweep. The no item is intentional on Rotom-W it's to help keep Weavile in check so Urshifu isn't overloaded doing it.


9) :thundurus::heatran::slowbro::kartana::landorus-therian::tapu-koko: - Metal Sound Heatran
10) :nihilego::landorus-therian::ferrothorn::kyurem::tapu-fini::tornadus-therian: - Nihilego ID Toxic Ferro SubDDance Kyurem
11) :zapdos::landorus-therian::toxapex::heatran::dragapult::weavile: - Specs Zapdos
12) :terrakion::tapu-lele::magnezone::slowbro::landorus-therian::kartana: - Band Terrakion Slowbro
13) :aegislash::moltres-galar::volcarona::rillaboom::garchomp::hawlucha: - AegiGMoltRilla Hyper Offense
14) :mew::cloyster::volcarona::garchomp::bisharp::zapdos-galar: - MewCloyVolc Offense
15) :charizard::torkoal::xatu::venusaur::garchomp::blissey: - ZardSun
16) :corviknight::ferrothorn::heatran::zapdos::landorus-therian::rotom-wash: - BulkUpCorv HazardStack
9) A concept that isn't really used in SS, Metal Sound in conjunction with Future Sight users. Heatrans ability to force progress just by forcing you to go into your ground/water/dragon is pretty huge. You can fire off a Futureport with Bro go into Heatran click Metal Sound as any non Hydreigon mon comes in, making Future Sights power double upon hit due to the Special Defense drop through Metal Sound. I've considered trying it with Aegislash as well but never had the time. The concept is cool and it works well in practice but the team itself kind of keels over to Kyurem.
10) Wanted to try out Nihilego since it seemed very underrated offensively. The Ferro set is more common in Ubers/AG but it has strong applications in OU to pretty much wall most non fighting physical attackers, beating Magnezone 1v1 assuming Ferro clicked ID before a trap, while being just annoying. Ironically, Ferro matchup a bit annoying for this build, but it has busted Kyurem so yeah lol.
11) Basic Specs Zapdos build, offensive Zapdos sets in general should probably be used more because they're actually quite strong and it gives it a bit more range as an electric than the somewhat crappy defensive variants that usually don't do anything.
12) BandKion with Future Sight, nothing too interesting here but Terrakion another good matchup fish mon.
13) Use to be eject Pack Chomp to get stuff in more easily but that set is a meme and is garbage plus I needed power. For like 2/3 weeks I was only building offense since I was convinced that's the only way you could not autolose on matchup in this format.
14) As a continuation to my offense builds, built this Mew offense. This team is terrible in practice though but I did use it so it's going here.
15) Charizard is a fun meme in the Sun, but Sun is unviable without Unaware Clefable imo otherwise you autolose to every variation of Dragapult, Hawlucha, Kyurem, one way or another.
16) Bulk Up Corv with hazard stack, dual scarfers for real speed control bit of volt-turn core. Another team I genuinely like.
Direct all further questions to the user Snowy.
Just wanted to share the most demon set in existence.


Melmetal @ Leftovers
Ability: Iron Fist
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 Def
Impish Nature
- Body Press
- Substitute
- Double Iron Bash
- Acid Armor

An inherent benefit of this set is that it's a nice check to Weavile, Rillaboom, Bisharp, Kartana and Scizor.

The real reason to use this set is the setup potential. Some nice targets to set up on are, Corviknight, Ferrothorn and Blissey. If you manage to get up one acid armor undisturbed basically no physical attacker can realistically threaten you aside from maybe Choice Band Surging Strikes Urshifu. What's also really nice is that most special attackers in OU can't take an uninvested double iron bash after they break your substitute leading to situations where even if you don't sweep you at least took out a Mon Melmetal has no right generally 1v1'ing.

Obviously, this set isn't uncounterable. Infiltrator flamethrower Dragupult is a big issue and normally needs some prediction to beat. Haze Toxapex can stop anything from happening in its tracks and Slowbrow/Zapdos is quite unrealistic to break through as well. Blacephalon and Victini pose a threat even if you already have a sub up but you can still get some great chip on them. It also needs at least 1 freeish turn to get something going.
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I am coming back after a not very good job experience IRL, still far from my peak but I would like to share this team that I made and used for the last 3 days. Maybe I start another hiatus or run things even more casually for reasons of... this things all the time.

:Kyurem: I wanted to use BulKyurem DD for the first time, so taking Leftovers of things like Tapu Fini and Heatran was my first step, :Landorus-Therian: gives resistance to Fight, uses Knock Off and does Landorus-T stuff.
:Tapu Fini: locks Toxapex, speed control, Trick and gives Dragon "resist" to Kyurem, helping to stay safe against things like Garchomp and Dragapult.
:Heatran: is the first resistance to Fairy and Steel, as well as helping to remove bulky water like Toxapex and Slows.
:Latias: shares checks with Kyurem, so locking them with Choice item is a big help, Thunder Wave (first version) can give some extra opportunities for Kyurem to abuse Substitute, while Healing Wish (second) gives a heal + momentum, allowing it to increase "pressure".
The first version has :Melmetal: as breaker and an offensive check (this survives 2+ Sacred Sword Kartana without Life Orb, LOL and KOs back with Superpower) and at least weakens others Melmetal so Kyurem doesn't have to worry about his Substitute.
The version with :Corviknight: lets you play with less risk, but it's a little more tedious.
Nothing special on the ladder just around 1800.
If anyone is interested in delving further into EVs or even other issues let me know and I would be happy to comment but I don't want to make this post too long.

:Kyurem::Landorus-Therian::Tapu Fini::Heatran::Latias::Melmetal: V1
:Kyurem::Landorus-Therian::Tapu Fini::Heatran::Latias::Corviknight: V2

Quick Notes: Melmetal is scarier than ever. How long did I sleep for Galarian-Zapdos to become almost omnipresent? Scizor is annoying but bad. Shadow Ball drop urg. Sand Veil is dirty.

Good day everybody.


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hey its the guy who posts absurd amounts of teams on the forums again. with bdsp coming out tonight i intend to focus on that tier for a bit. so consider this a end of gen team dump type post. these are teams ranging from a few months old that i never posted to new asf, as well as ranging from great to decent in quality (some teams cant get tested for 50+ high ladder games). i tried to mix some cooler ideas with some more standard stuff to give people some options. ignore the near 100% lando usage, not my fault most of the other grounds are either passive asf or not v good defensively.

theres a lot so, small descriptions

:tornadus-therian::tapu-koko::nihilego::slowbro::melmetal::landorus-therian: nihilego + melm ft colbur bro bo Storm Zone got me onto nihilego
:zapdos-galar::tapu-lele::rotom-wash::ferrothorn::landorus-therian::weavile:gzap spikestack + lele, shoutout Skypenguin for making this scl approved (my version + scl version included)
:aegislash::dragapult::hydreigon::landorus-therian::tapu-fini::corviknight: sub aegi ghostspam + hydreigon bo (ausma said aegi is good)
:corviknight::clefable::landorus-therian::toxapex::melmetal::weavile: 3atk lo clefable + melm balance (epic lure for melm checks)
:tornadus-therian::tapu-bulu::heatran::slowbro::dragapult::landorus-therian: bulutran bulutran bulutran (i miss gen7 Ske) kyurem doesnt get freeze dry in gen7
:scizor::kyurem::victini::zeraora::tapu-fini::landorus-therian: nmi kyu + victini offense
:torkoal::weavile::blaziken::landorus-therian::heatran::venusaur: blaziken + flame charge heatran sun. you can run eruption > fire blast if you want on tran
:mamoswine::magnezone::garchomp::dragonite::tapu-fini::scizor: bw style lo mamo dragmag ft eject pack chomp & tele zone (tele into mamo on grounds)
:dragapult::victini::blacephalon::toxapex::landorus-therian::corviknight: FIRE&GHOST SPAM BALANCE? (ive posted like 40 versions of this team here and in cords so here is a new one)
:nidoking::ferrothorn::zapdos-galar::tornadus-therian::heatran::tapu-fini:nidoking + gzap spikestack. kyurem scary
:corviknight::slowking-galar::melmetal::tapu-koko::landorus-therian::toxapex:specs koko + pads melm bo because i hate lando
:gardevoir::tapu-lele::magnezone::melmetal::landorus-therian::tapu-fini:gardevoir psyspam shoutout Pinkacross for the idea
:ferrothorn::landorus-therian::nihilego::rotom-wash::tornadus-therian::kartana:nihilego spikestack. set up spikes an put everything in range of nihi gg
:zeraora::moltres-galar::dragapult::garchomp::melmetal::volcarona: MONSTER MASH HO MONSTER MASH HO
:toxapex::kyurem::zeraora::corviknight::heatran::landorus-therian:dd kyurem + band zera balance ft heavy slam tran
:mew::dragapult::heatran::toxapex::landorus-therian::scizor: cp mew + lure tran. s/o zeno420 for posting the core in the good core thread
:tyranitar::excadrill::melmetal::toxapex::zapdos::landorus-therian: sand is apparently okay right now according to Ox the Fox. two versions s/o georgiethefirst sand don
:heatran::tapu-koko::kyurem::kartana::garchomp::zeraora: super fire hyper offense that looks like bo. weakness policy kyurem + timid kart screens
:victini::kartana::melmetal::tapu-fini::tornadus-therian::landorus-therian: omari p power up punch tini + omari ps favorite mon kartana offense
:volcanion::volcarona::ferrothorn::weavile::garchomp::tornadus-therian: double volc spikestack, set up spikes and put everything in range of canion gg. bait blissey into knocks.
:landorus-therian::rotom-heat::moltres-galar::toxapex::scizor::kartana: sub salac rotom-heat + gmolt bo (s/o Skypenguin for the idea)
:dragapult::slowking-galar::buzzwole::kartana::landorus-therian::heatran: buzz + pult future sight bo
:landorus-therian::garchomp::slowbro::weavile::melmetal::tornadus-therian: double ground + colbur bro bo, good team but fuck stall mus
:kyurem::tapu-lele::tornadus-therian::landorus-therian::toxapex: :melmetal: nmi kyu + lele balance
:moltres-galar::nihilego::dragapult::scizor::tapu-fini::landorus-therian: one of the coolest teams ive built recently imo. pain split nihilego + gmolt + pult offense.


go wild hopefully people can enjoy some of these. additional shoutouts to Fusien Gomi curiosity TPP Azure Nights Reje blce Typhlosion4 Pokeslice Mimikyu Stardust (bad but cool ideas) and the church just because i want to shout out more people. honestly shout out to everybody that ive talked to or built with this gen, youre all great.

a lot of these will be really fucking good if we ban kyurem btw!_!. only about 25% of these actually lose to kyurem but that number is absurd still because it shows how just bad kyurem makes teambuilding. this paste will probably be updated as changes are made because obivously there will be probably be some oversights with this many teams, feel free to post or pm me and changes you make to the squads and ill check if theyre valid and potentially add them.

e: forgot to add the mew team to the paste so its now hyper linked to the sprites
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THE DUCK <3 Rain Offense with Physical Seismitoad and Offensive Zapdos.

:pelipper: :ferrothorn: :barraskewda: :seismitoad: :zapdos: :golduck:


explanation: The Duck offense is a rain team built with Golduck and physical Seismitoad and offensive Zapdos. Pelipper is the rain-setter and Ferrothorn the Grass- and Electric-resist meanwhile Ferrothorn can also setup entry hazards such as Stealth Rock. Barraskewda has the usual Choice Band set with Psychic Fangs to have outs vs Toxapex and Seismitoad can hit a wide amount of Pokemon with this 4 attacks set. Additionally, Zapdos is a great Ground-resist and has 3 attacks + Roost. Lastly, THE DUCK <3 is here with Calm Mind and 3 attacks, in which Psyshock is here to hit Blissey for great damage.

shoutouts: Thank you devin, blarghlfarghl, Empo, Lalaya for being such wonderful friends. Moreover Thanks alot to ironwater and Raineko for always having an open ear to me and thanks to all the friends I've made in Trainer Academy, the wonderful people in the Translation Server of smogon, and the people I have found in Jamvads Academy Server and on various subforums in smogon. You are all wonderful people. Always keep your heads ahigh! ^.^ I think you know who I mean <3

Thank you once again for being there for me and for your great friendship!
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Axeling Bolts

:ss/Zapdos: :ss/Weavile: :ss/Landorus-Therian: :ss/Scizor: :ss/Tapu-Fini: :ss/Victini:

Everyone knows how perfect bolt beam coverage is having little to no resists which makes the combination of Choice Specs Zapdos and Choice Band Weavile really strong, cleaning for each other nicely letting the other clean up after one has done his job and chipped the opponent down enough. I've been playing with this team for 48 hours and has worked nicely allowing me to reach the top 100 for the first time in SS Ou which makes me think is good enough to be posted here. Without anything left to say enjoy the team.

Small description of the team and sets

The main idea of the team as mentioned above is to abuse the nice pair of Zapdos and Weavile to break for each other and the rest of the team is meant to allow these powerful breakers to come in as frequently as they can.


This demond is keepable of two hitkoing everything in the metagame with the correct move if they aren't named Slowking-Galar or Blissey so as long as you hit your attacks you are gonna make the opponent sack a pokemon so try to get this boy in as frequently as you can.


This pokemon is the speed control of the team able to revenge kill all mons that Zapdos might have trouble killing. I personally went for Choice Band for the added power since I have double defog on the team but Heavy Dooty Boots is also o possibility with Swords Dance. In that case, I'll rather go for only one defogger but it's up to user's preference.


This is the main spedef wall for attacks that can threaten our Tapu Fini. I guess nothing more to explain on the ev spread just went for 28 Speed IV's for the slower Uturn vs opposing Landorus as well as outspeeding most Heatrans. As mentioned before defog could be changed for Stealth Rocks.


This is the check to Weavile, Tapu Lele, and Melmetal for the team as well as for Grass Spam. The ev's make it so you live a +2 Weavile's knock off into ice shard as well as 2 Modest psychic from Tapu Lele with rocks up. A thing I've tested a bit but I'm not sure enough it would be good its min speed to get the slower U-turn vs Corviknight which might be useful in some cases.


Our check to Urshifu and Dragapult is the next member of the team being able to sponge most hits that come for opposing water types as well as ghosts like Blacephalon. I went with Draining Kiss over Taunt since it offers you a way of healing yourself if you have lost your leftovers to a knock off earlier in the game.


The last member of the team is the most unpredictable pokemon in Over Used right now since it could be literally anything, apart from that it offers momentum to the team as well as a soft check to pokemon like Tapu Lele and Volcarona. I went for scorching sands as my last move on it since the Heatran match-up wasn't really good if Tapu Fini got low.

Last but not least s/o to my boy GaijinEagle for helping with the build

If you guys have any feedback in regards to the team let me know and thanks for reading this.

(Import of the team on the pokemon sprites)



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4 Attacks Protective Pads Melmetal, Defog Rotom-W and Smack Down Landorus-T
(Post Kyurem team!)

:clefable: :landorus-therian: :melmetal: :dragapult: :weavile: :rotom-wash:


explanation: 2 attacks clefable with soft-boiled and stealth rocks, clefable is the rocks setter here and combats strong fighting-types such as galarian zapdos and its also able to take on urshifu-rs close combat and aqua jet pretty well. landorus-t can help against dragapult, tapu koko, and zeraora and even tho it isn't assault vest set but melmetal can help with protective pads against ferrothorn and relieves pressure on the team against the aforementioned dragapult and tapu koko. it can also help against weavile and tapu lele and checks them. superpower is for ferrothorn and thunder punch nails toxapex and with protective pads it is safe from iron barbs, rocky helmet, and any other shenanigans like that, which gives it longevity in this aspect. dragapult + weavile can combat a lot of pokemon in the metagame together and are an overwhelming core for a lot of teams, since both can offensively pressure many teams with their strong stabs and coverages. rotom-w can help also against weavile and it can check heatran which is quite threatening to this team, moreover rotom-w can keep up and gain momentum with volt switch and this combined with landorus-t and dragapult they can form a great volt-turn core. landorus-t deserves a special mention here, as with smack down it is able to bypass pokemon such as opporing landorus-t, and also it can smack corviknight and skarmory literally on the ground and hits them qith a subsequent earthquake pretty hard.

have fun trying this team out.​
Hi, decided to share some teams I built recently that I thought were fun. Click the sprites for the pokepaste!

Scarf Latios

I originally built this around scarf latios but I was more surprised with how Melmetal was able to break a lot of teams. I tended to not switch out Melmetal when using this team, but you could probably get more mileage out of it by switching it out even at half health. Scarf Latios outspeeds most other scarfers but this particular set has not put in that much work while testing tbh. It could be worthwhile dropping recover for another attacking move. Slowbro is there to help handle Weavile and Tyranitar, and I quite like protect on Bro as a scouting move e.g when out against a Dragault or Lele. Nidoking has a nice speed tier and coverage that helps handle most things that counter latios. Most games I find Nidoking putting in the most work. Also, I love this Tornadus set! All of the moves, particularly Icy Wind, came into play quite a lot during testing. Toxic on Torn helps cripple CP mew.

SpD Swampert

Pairing SpD Swampert and SubToxic Aegislash with Grassy Terrain is so helpful for longevity. Use Pert for pivoting and rocks. Scarf Magnezone is there to cheese certain threats such as Lele, Urshifu among others; the key is to not reveal the scarf too early. Shuca SpA Ttar is to help beat Garchomp, Landorus or Dragonite which can otherwise be problematic long term. It is also an emergency check for Weavile & Volc, I haven't seen much of Volc nowadays but Weavile can be problematic. The shuca is just in case Grassy Terrain isn't up when you need it to. Aegislash requires some aggressive plays if you want to make the most out of it, like Knock Off vs Leech Seed when facing Ferrothorn, but with Substitute the mind games are in your favor imo. The Tornadus is again helpful with Icy Wind, Knock Off and Toxic. It also helps handle most Kartana sets through Heat Wave, which can otherwise be problematic. The team is fun but struggles when Ttar is overloaded.

Guts Conkeldurr

Not my favorite team of the three, but I like Conk so I'll post it anyway! I like to use Conk early game as much as possible, using Clefable to heal and come back in as much as possible. Zarude was placed over Rillaboom in response to the lack of Psychic Resists, but the team still struggles against Specs Lele so be aware of that.
Could you provide a little explanation for TTar's EV spread? Why not Quiet?
Sure no problem! It was mainly to outspeed 0 EV 31 IV speed neutral nature Pelipper (to help with the defensive Pelipper matchup), if I outspeed then tbolt can act as emergency cheese answer to Pelipper at some point during the game! The rain matchup was kinda tough for the team initially so wanted to implement different safeguards like this. However Quiet nature could help the matchup vs defensive Volc, so that is definitely an option, you could then switch Tbolt for Crunch as well!
:regidrago: :regieleki: :zoroark: :landorus-therian: :swampert: :scizor:

Dual Regi VoltTurn offense! Guaranteed the most fun team you'll play with, or your money back.

Strategy is simple, use Zoroark trick a ring target onto either the opposing fairy or ground and watch the appropriate regi go to work. Nobody expects scarf Regidrago and he doesn't miss the power too much.

Use Flip Turn and U-Turn to chip the opponent as they struggle to figure out whether you're Zoroark or not, and once you get that trick off, you're almost guaranteed a win bc the regis tear through EVERYTHING. Games with >1 fairy and ground are tough but those are rare, and even then they're often doable like I did here. Flawed team for sure, but when it works it's so satisfying. Also hilarious to see Dragapult or tricked Tapu Lele get outsped and destroyed by Dragon Energy.
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Edits: by Beastyj157 and me (Icegod777)
Original team: by Beastyj157

The original version of this team was made by Beastyj157 and he originally had flame body on Tran, jolly Weavile, and flamethrower on pult instead of u turn. I changed tran’s ability to flash fire to not get 6-0ed by volc. I changed Weavile to adamant because I was only missing on torn and Tran walls it anyways. Finally, I changed flamethrower to u turn on pult because I needed momentum more than I needed to hit Sciz, ferro and corv. I kept hydro pump to beat sp. def lando, tran, hippo and most importantly, ttar. Again, thanks to beastyj157 for making the original team and making all of this possible. Have a good one!


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