Tournament Tag, you're it (Won By Garay oak)

Round 1

AnimeroDaniel vs. byron the bab bab
Serial EKiller vs. RedMaxx
Holy Break vs. Joyverse
Terracotta vs. Aurora
squinn vs. ZekromFan
Insult vs. King Billu
Lux92 vs. My Thunder
Ikey vs. Wamr
Diophantine vs. Azx
lhce628 vs. Jhonx~
DMDW vs. KyogreF4N
Jase Duken vs. iPro
Alkione vs. Aalbaniaa
Paraplegic vs. Pohjis
Garay oak vs. motogp
Bloody alfa vs. PurpleGatorade
wehavecancer vs. Exiline
Tenebricite vs. Bhris Brown
KingPlayer3D vs. pooyou123456789q
Mysterious M vs. Daydreamer dance
dream vs. Fireburn
lightninging vs. iry
Tikau vs. Alpha Rabbit
Funbot28 vs. dewtios
Splashbrutha vs. Gratify
EternalSnowman vs. didi
Paradise Seeker vs. Bye
Samqian vs. GotCookies
cielbakasan vs. hmsa2012
lotiasite vs. Bye
Holy Ghost vs. Bye
skysolo14 vs. Regrets

Deadline: Sunday 24th June 23:59pm GMT+1
Subs will replace byes, GOOD LUCK and remember NO EXTENSIONS for Round 1
Activity: judgement will be based off Smogon VMs so it is up to you to contact your opponents via Smogon for activity cases, if there isn't sufficient evidence whether one user should get activity over the other, the series will be coinflipped.
Reminders: Gothitelle is Banned, But Gothorita is legal!, Tournament is a Bo1 series.
Replays are mandatory to be saved, in case of disputes. (If you don't want to post them you can pm me them, but its better for the quality of the tour if replays are posted on the thread)
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