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Though my team did not make it to r2, I think we did an incredible job this year, and I'm going to do shout-outs regardless.

HSA: Man, I've known you since we played on central in powc in 2012. You are a stellar battler and a really great guy to hang out with in the chat, in IDM calls, and you know how to level with me. I kinda screwed you over with that team I gave you though, that was my bad. Don't hang your head on that loss at all, I should have built you a better team xD. Hope I get to play with you again sometime soon!

Kidogo: Hey man!! You need to not be sick. You're a really chill dude, one of my best friends on here, and definitely one of my hardest sparring partners. You're a smart player, and that's what sets you out from the rest. I've learned a lot from playing with you dude, you're really awesome and I hope I get to play on a team with you again sometime soon!
Lavos: One of the main reasons I made west was because of you. I'm really happy I got to play with you even if it was for a short time. You're a good friend and an extremely smart kid, if you decide to play 6th gen you're going to keep being a force to be reckoned with.

Mithril: Dude you're really chill, you need to talk in chat more. I like you a lot, even though we didn't socialize much once the season started you're pretty chill and I hope I can have some more cool convos with you about lotr soon!

Moet: We have our ups and downs, but I've known you for a long ass time man. You're a really good battler and I never liked playing you in tests because you just knew how to play against me so well lol. You are so clutch dude, and you're a force to be reckoned with as well.

Mostwanted: Man if there was one thing I enjoyed this world cup it was you and your use of some of the most outrageous shit I've ever seen. You literally came to me and said: "build me something with aggron" and I was immediately sold. You brought huge confidence in my team building skills seeing you use my teams and wrecking kids with them. You are also a really good friend, fuck what other people might say. Also, you're an extreme bo55 for going 3-0.

Myzozoa: You and I love the same stuff when we battle. Dragons fuck yeah, and you're an extremely cool dude. Really clutch of you to go 2-0 man. You taught me some cool life lessons I'll never forget man. Pleasure to play with you, and I'm enjoying the stuff I hear from you more and more every day.

Phil: Without a doubt, you are the best captain I've ever played under. I cannot thank you enough for picking me up this season despite what you heard about me from other people. I've learned a hell of a lot from you as a person and as a captain, and you really are the MVP of west. You had my back this season countless times and I just don't know how to repay that. Thanks for giving me a chance this season, and I really would love to play with you again man.

Rem: Cool dude, and you know how to lift Phil's spirits up man. Great manager :eek:, sorry we couldn't bring you blue again. Hoping to talk to you more in the chat as the years go on!

Scofield: The man, the legend. Dude you're like way chiller than what I've seen in previous posts lol, I really enjoyed talking with you and still enjoy your advice and amazing stories man. You're a great dude, good luck with your after college life and stuff.

TFC: My nigga TFC, ahh man you are such a cool dude. I loved playing you, you're such a good sport and such a pleasure to hax. LOL but really you're 0-1 doesn't do you justice at all, you are a crucial member of this team and you are a really good battler. Looking forward to chatting it up with you soon

Yee: Yee, you are one of the coolest dudes I have ever met. You hate this metagame so much though lol. You might have gone 0-3, but I would still take you over a lot of other people here. And no, I'm not just saying that. I like you a lot dude, and am really glad I got to chill with you this season.

Finally, Undisputed: I saved my best shout-out for last. You are truly one of the best guys I've ever had the pleasure of meeting on this site and in pokemon in general. You don't know how grateful I am for you. You are probably the biggest reason I made the team. That boost of confidence you gave me to keep trying my hardest in tryouts is what really got me going. I'm looking forward to keeping my friendship up with you for a long time man. Definitely hoping to play with you sometime soon.

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