Tapatalk support?

We're not adding plugins to the site for random chat, talk, or whatever. This has been suggested and shot down before (not this particular site, but the idea).

To clarify:

I've always been told, especially from the repeatedly-locked past topics on site plug-ins, that we just don't implement things like this regardless of what it is. Opening this thread is inviting discussion that will only lead to disappointment, I feel, but if you really want to talk about it, I guess you can go for it.
Hi there! Tom here from Tapatalk. We have a Pokemon fan here at the office, and she pointed out Smogon. Very solid community here.

We would love to partner with you all...does anyone know the right person to talk to?

Santa Monica, CA


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TapatalkTom I mean, what do you have in mind? I'll say up front that I am swamped at the moment and am unlikely to have time to make forum modifications for several months.

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