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approved by A Cake Wearing A Hat and notably not the World Trade Organization

art credit to Reuters and Ruben Sprich

Team Preview Random Battles' tournament, better known as TPRB, better better known as Trade Policy Review Body, is the World Trade Organization's premier body for reviewing trade policy and proposing alternative approaches. This way, everyone can avoid the worst trade deal in the history of trade deals, maybe ever. In the same manner, Team Preview allows players in modern generations to avoid losing their one critical defensive wall, or their one 'mon that outspeeds an opposing threat - the worst Randbats experience in the history of Randbats experiences, maybe ever.

Tournament Rules:
  • Use the following challenge code for all games: /challenge random battle @@@ team preview
  • This is a Gen 9 tournament.
  • This is not a part of any Random Battles Circuit. No prize is awarded for this tournament.
  • Best of 3, single elimination.
  • All replays must be posted.
  • Tournament rules must be followed.
  • If you do not contact your opponents publicly on Smogon and your game goes unplayed for whatever reason, you will get flipped.

Signups will end April 14th, 11:59 PM GMT.
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