Tournament Teamballo I - Commencement/General Thread


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Welcome to the first edition of the TEAMBALLO, one of the two main events of the Italian Circuit. For those who don’t know, TEAMBALLO is a team tournament open to everyone in which 6 managers choose their team from a pool of players and compete during 5 weeks in order to qualify for playoffs. Then, the four best teams will compete to reach the final and proclaim themselves as winners of the event (and gain, besides eternal glory, a nice team custom avatar, courtesy of the room).
Lalaya, Giokio and plato#1805 are the Tournament Directors for this edition.

  • The competition will be based on 6 teams led by a manager and a co-manager. There will be a draft on Pokémon Showdown! (a subroom of the Italian room created for the purpose) in which they will select the players for their team (the minimum number of players per team is 14, 10 starters and 4 substitutes).
  • The season will last 5 weeks, so that all teams compete in a round-robin structure. Subsequently, the 4 teams with the highest number of points will qualify for the playoffs, which will last 2 weeks, so that the semi-finals and the final are held.
  • Each team earns 2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 for defeat.
  • Players may not be traded at any point.
  • During the first three weeks of the event, players will only be able to play in the tiers they have indicated in the signup form.
  • Signups will be open from the 7th to the 20th of March 2022. The day dedicated to the draft will be chosen between the 20th of March and the 27th of March (depending on the availability of TDs and managers) and on Monday 28th of March the first week will begin.

Below you will find the name of the various teams that will compete with their respective managers and co-managers:

These are the 10 tiers chosen for the tournament. In particular, as you can see, there are two Jolly tiers. The latter will vary from week to week, depending on the manager's choices.
  • SS OU
  • SS OU
  • SS OU
  • National Dex OU
  • Monotype (Bo3)
  • Gen8 Random Battle (Bo3)
  • Jolly tier
  • Jolly tier
Jolly tiers can be chosen by managers from the following: ORAS OU, SM OU, National Dex OU, BDSP OU, SS Monotype, SS Ubers, SS UU, SS 1v1 (for a more detailed explanation, check the complete ruleset at the bottom of this thread).


Signups will be open until 11:59 PM (GMT+1) on Sunday, March 20.
Here is the signup form:

N.B.: When a potential player signs up, they must also specify which tiers they are interested in playing during the tournament. To ensure the best possible experience for yourself, managers and your team, DO NOT join any tier you are unwilling to play. The tiers you have entered in your entry are not binding for the entire tournament, but they will affect how your potential manager views you and, as such, should be as accurate as possible to your skills.

You can find the full ruleset here: TEAMBALLO I - General Rules and Regulations
The staff also welcomes all participants to join the Discord server of the Italian room, where you will find all the information and updates regarding the event:

I hope you'll sign up, and most importantly, you'll have fun joining this tournament, and you'll enjoy your stay in the Italian room!​
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