Data Temporary Leaves of Absence (formerly permanent)


Banned deucer.
Ive been in cali (so phone only) since monday and just now remembered to post this lol

Saturday, when i get back, is designated asb catch up day
Laptop not working right at the moment. Its not connecting to internet at all. Should be fixed come Monday. My phone is only letting me post in a few places. Will be back come Monday.
I'm going to the land of robots suits and kawaii senpais for 6 days. Expect no reffings.

SubwayJ dont DQ me I'll try to Starbucks. Find a subref for yourself and colourcodedchaos if you want.

kenneth1221 so sorry to delay your first Hall. Seek out a subref if you so wish.

@whoeverelseicantrmb sorry m8s
Further to the previous post, the Ghastly Green Shit Infection has finally left my beleaguered sinuses only to find a new home, so it seems, in my laptop. Joy uncon-fucking-fined. This is currently coming to you from an IAD at my Work Trial, the opportunities for use of which are few and far between. =[


Look at my shiny CT!
Got exams this week. I'll still be around, but don't DQ me if I don't post.

EDIT: Exams are over and I passed with flying colors. Now there's no excuse for my not reffing besides laziness.
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I shall be inactive until about the 1st or 2nd due to holidays and my own birthday coming up in slightly over a week's time. Please don't DQ me. I'll try to get any owed orders up when my head clears itself of this sinus medication :(
Incredibly busy today, this is probably my only opportunity to be online, tomorrow is the earliest I can get anything done, please no dq.
Thank goodness I was actually able to make it here, my Internet is worse then shit, and I can barely view a page without crashing. I will try like hell to post, but please don't dq me while I try to get this under control.
So, I didn't want to have to post here, but my Internet connection has become cripplingly slow, most liked as a result of a snowstorm in my area. I will try to post whenever I can, but my activity will be slowed/blocked. Anyway, please don't DQ me from the things that I am working on.


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I am out from 17 to 20th January. By out, I mean "consider yourself lucky if I manage to post in your battle".
Going away tomorrow for four days (24/1-28-1). I should be able to make DQ on everything (or close enough to) but would appreciate some leniency none the less.


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As some may have noticed, I am approaching DQ on a good share of matches, mainly the ones I am reffing. Because of that, before asking for patience, I better explain myself.

As I have said some posts above, I have moved out of my house about 2 months ago. Until about 10 days ago, I was living with my cousin, with spotty internet but with internet. Now I am living by myself and still don't have a good connection at home. My posts come either from cell phones or from my job's computer. And since things are getting more complicated there, the time I have for things here is minimal at best.

I intend to have this fixed by the end of this week and I will try my best to post on every thread at the best of my capacities. But I'd kindly ask, one more time, that you don't DQ me at least until the week is over.


EDIT: K, I am back somewhat.
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Due to an exam, I won't be able to attend my matches and ref until Tuesday 28th since this time or a bit later. Thank you for your understanding.

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