The 3-mon Tournament - Round 1!

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me and opponent have impossible timings, pls flip for us FLCL and me
The actual difference is only 8 hours... Europe vs America has this problem all the time

Furthermore, I can't just flip players like it's nothing. I'm 99% sure it's against Smogon's rules. Please just try to get your battle done as best as possible (Just to get you started, if the player who has -8 will play at eg. 9PM, the one with +8 will have to play at 1PM. That should be very doable in weekends...)

just to clear things up, is garchomp allowed in this tournament or not?
Yes, Garchomp is allowed

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are graph theorists edgelords?
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Sorry for sending you a PM, but I had to get your attention :|
Can we play for the 3-mon tourney?

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Sorry i can't play now, i forgot to build my team for this tourney in the last few days.


...after 1.5 hours of waiting ;~;
Beat Rodan, 3-2 run in a gg.

Didn't save the log though.
Wait, my opponent gave me my win after a 1-0 setof battles. We never did anymore.

He did say I could have the win.

So our set is 1-0, as of right now. I will VM Rodan letting him know he has a chance to make a comeback.

If he still says I win though, that's that, I guess.
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