The [Almost] Most Inactive Trade Thread Ever, Now With RNG'd 5th Gen Pokes!

Do you like SuperErinMan's new name (SigmaEpsilon), and do you like his Pokemon?

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CMT for this

Sigma Epsilon's Rotom-H ("SilverWash")
Modest; Levitate
Moved from Gen 4 (43631, SpErnM)
IVs: 31/21/27/31/31/31
EV'd to 254 Sp.Atk, 4 Sp.Def, 252 Speed
Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Hydro Pump, Rain Dance
"SilverWash" is because he came from my Soul Silver version.
He is a clone of SilvrToast, with a different moveset. Meant to set up Rain outside of Drizzletoed.

In response to your response, (what? did that even make sense?) I didn't see anything other than BellyZard I'd like at this time. I will check back when you get more stock in however. :3

I thought as much :P if you don't find anything then that's perfectly fine.

@Fell Angel

Yup, it made sense to me anyways XD
Alrighty, that's fine. So is BellyZard for DW Eevee acceptable for you?

@Both: I'm actually probably not going to be on for the rest of today, though, so I'll be sure to remember that we have pendings.
@iaann: There is no thread to CMT for. I will not trade with you without one.
@rubixlx0: responded in your thread.

I will be RNGing some new Pokes within the next few weeks/days. Here's what I'm aiming for:


Sigma Epsilon's Golett ("Golett")
Adamant/Impish/Relaxed; Iron Fist
Caught at Dragonspiral Tower
IVs: 31/31/30+/x/30+/31

Will be done with C-Gear RNG

As well as

Sigma Epsilon's Stunfisk ("HERP DERP")
Relaxed/Calm/Careful; Static
Caught at [Wherever Stunfisk is caught]
IVs: 31/x/30+/31/30+/x

Will be done with C-Gear RNG

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