The Any Tier Tournament - Round 2

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sry to disturb you Oglemi, but requesting the win as i contacted potato14798 on his profile page monday to schedule the GSC UU match, and as i got no answer although he was active


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won ADV UU, then again luckfucked SoulWind out of BW OU, lost BW NU, then won GSC UU

ggs, again sorry about BW :|
My opponent didn't show up on Sunday evening as scheduled, I was on the last two days on evening as well but nothing.


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Activity again :< We scheduled for tomorrow and my opp didn't arrive due to something irl, which is fine. I was on for like 3 hours today as well, but I didn't see him on and I checked p. frequently.
requesting activity/extension, we have missed each other for the past few times we have been able to play. For the past few days I have been vming him but he hasn't logged on. I am unable to find him on smogtours or irc. Hopefully we can work something out soon, but idk if it will be possible due to timezone differences
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