The Art Gallery x Smogfight - Submissions

Attack on @S0ph_13 's Gardevoir and Volcarona, Fishy 's Scovillain, reelSonder 's Bewear, klawp 's Zekrom, charmy2000 's ElectrodeView attachment 613011View attachment 613016View attachment 613014View attachment 613017, Zpengwin 's Bulbasaur, Wolfenite 's Rotom, Pissog 's Volcarona and Snorunt, Audiino 's Shuckle
>>>>>:))))))))View attachment 613013View attachment 613018View attachment 613010View attachment 613015View attachment 613012
oml i have no idea how you managed to do this many pieces, damn.

i love the beach take on shuckle's new spiky shell, that's a new idea im quite a fan of. the different purple shadow color for the shell really makes it pop. i also like your linearts, they're expressive and smooth! you could try pushing the line weights some more, that'd bring things up another level. great arts!

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