Gen 2 The Beginner's guide to Countering Snorlax

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There are many ways of beating Snorlax.

Growlers and charmers can beat any curselax unless sleep (LK), but they will lose to BD
Skarm will beat any non FBlast lax unless sleep or some luck (BD + paralysis/crit), or BD + Boom
Curse rocks will beat any non EQ lax, especially with roar
Ghosts can block non EQ lax
Steelix is a good check for offensive teams, and it can curse + roar and boom. Be careful with fire blast
Curse + roar in general can beat lax 1vs1
AA Vaporeon can beat curselax unless sleep 1vs1
Haze can stop any snorlax (something like reflect + haze dnite is very effective)
Reflect + Seed Meganium can stop it, although it won't really win
Machamp can beat any snorlax 1vs1, especially the restalk set, but it will take a lot from D-E
Powerful threats like Marowak can RK BDLax
Explosions (unless snorlax curses too much)
Encore or Perish Song will beat last mon lax
etc etc

Some combos in defensive teams:
Skarmory + Miltank/Umbreon => It covers most curselax sets p well, but a LK + FBlast set can beat the core with good prediction, or a BD + FBlast/Sleep set. A boom + FBlast set is also dangerous for this combo, because it will likely lure miltank/umbreon, so another member of the team can take advantage of it.
Skarmory + T-tar => With t-tar you lose heal bell support, and its not as good mixed wall as umbreon, but it will cover BD + LK/FB or Curse + LK + FB sets much better (especially if t-tar is using curse + roar), while also giving good coverage vs threats like Egg (t-tar covers hp fire versions and skarm gdrain versions). BD + LK + Normal Attack + EQ is annoying for this combo though.
Skarmory + Ghost => Similar to the above. With a ghost you have the advantage of being able to block spin, as well as completely walling mono attacker lax, but be careful
Guys..I'm probably gonna get flamed for this, but is this hate really necessary? I mean it's just a beginners guide like he said: Not everyone can pick up steelix or suicune/etc right away.Hey other people might think, Hey hitmonchan's a good counter! and some people don't even use fighting types how about you think of a way to counter snorlax an EASY way.
Blue53 triplepost is unnecessary, keep it in one

picking up a steelix, miltank or whatever else is easier than picking up a machamp if you're quite the noobie. machamp requires predictions to work well, and what separates the good players from the mediocre players are their ability to predict well(as well as teambuilding). also, newer players might fall for something like this often: your machamp comes in on lax, takes 35% ish from body slam, opponent goes to zapdos and takes the cc like a man, you go to raikou, while they double to lax, and your machamp is in trouble, and is in 2hko range if bs paralyses you. miltank, skarm and whatever neutralises curselax with no issue(para is a bitch though), and is therefore easier to pick up
You kinda can actually, switch skarm in first and lax can't really get past skarm without LK, when you switch to ghost to take LK and go back to skarm for the eq i guess.
That's what I said. You can, potentially, bluff it into making a mistake. That is all; you have not walled it. Walling implies safety no matter Snorlax's choice of move.
My money is on clever troll. If I'm wrong than I'm laughing harder at your random calculations rather than the idea of using machamp itself.

Since there's one gsc topic a year this works out cuz at least people are talking about something
The point here is, machamp isn't really a great counter to lax (nothing is). As said, it takes 42-49% just switching into a lax double-edge, and there are a lot of other things that do the job better vs it. I don't really want to state the facts for the 5th time, but all I can say is read the comments from people more experienced than I.
Lmfao I didn't.

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