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This thread will serve to herald the upload of new articles to The Competitor! The title will be updated to highlight the release of a new article, which can be accessed via the following link, of course.

The Competitor!

Huntofthelion offers an in-depth look at new players to watch out for in SPL.

Read about what's new in RU, courtesy of Jellicent!

Wanna know all the dirty details about the most recent Smogon Frontier? Read about it in Nachos's Smogon Frontier Conclusion!

Read about the results of the recent RBY mini-tournament in Jellicent's RoA Roundup 3!

Earthworm, Eraddd, and Stone_Cold take some time out of their busy LoL/Canada Ball schedules to comment on three of the niftier tournaments that have just recently begun. Read about it in Eraddd's article!

Remember the showdown between Krack and Zak91 that should have happened but never did? Just in time for this season of Battle of the Week, Nachos (with a bit from Eraddd) writes about potential hype matches that should DEFINITELY happen.

You probably know him for copying august's sun team or for getting haxed out of Tour each week: yes, it's the infamous Lavos Spawn of PBC fame, and his never-before-seen interview has finally hit the pages of The Competitor. Follow the link below to read more about him, courtesy of mediocre user ballabrown24.

Read the double interview with the first two Grand Slam Open winners, McMeghan and blarajan in the link below. Thanks to Jellicent and Eraddd for the great interview. Be sure to send me fanmails or suggestions! :)

The SPL is just around the corner (provided the world doesn't end in 21 Dec 2012)! There's still about a month before it starts though, but there's room to speculate who will probably be retained for the same team. With that, read the article, Who to Keep for SPL, by Nachos! Credits to Zracknel and ium for the art too! Oh wait, that's not all. The Competitor has hit more than 100 uploads on-site! Many thanks to Setsuna, Zracknel, and Eraddd for their hard work in the revival of The Competitor. Also cheers to everyone who has helped out with The Competitor in the past or present such as Kinneas. Great job everyone! Here's to many more uploads and releases :)
Also, feel free to use this thread to post feedback or article ideas, ask questions, or discuss anything pertaining to The Competitor in general!


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still in complete dismay that the western intro wasn't used :<

regardless, thanks for the highlights, windsong. Interesting article; can't wait to read more in the future
Nice lol...a log of my match vs dragonuser should be up there though, it was awesome and as close as it gets (literally a tie lol, what more could you ask?!).
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