The Everything NHL Thread

draft order is up:

Rips (Ripchord)
Carl's Crosscheckers (Carl)
Synre's Jerkstaches (Synre)
Nordiques (Vineon)
Dunyain (Vampdude34)
Wildwang (Zerowing)
The Jackals (Jackal)
xocmin (Psycho)
Loudred Wings (FiveKRunner)
Australia Bullets (Bull3t)
Sionalanche (Siona)
Shred Durst (WER)

EDIT: 6 minutes until draft, get on guys! You can get on the draft thing already, be early and such
so the flames are crapping the bed. Langkow has 4/5 of their goals!!! It's insane. On paper the flames have an AWESOME team...too bad they always start crappy and Iginla doesn't do anything unless someone makes him mad.
Yeah, I got there late and only got to make like the last 4 or 5 choices. My team doesn't look terrible but it's not what I wanted.

I'll see how it goes and make moves from there.


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I'm pretty satisfied with what I got considering after like 5 or 6 picks I didn't know who the fuck to draft.

zerowing stole not one but both of the goalies I was going to grab so I officially hate him.
I mostly like my lineup, I kinda wish I'd not picked Lady Byng considering the general stratamagy of my team so I might try and deal him later but in general I like my roster, drafted knowingly into two injuries(although one is day to day) which I am kinda worrying about atm, solid roster though imo mostly.

EDIT: I probably could have said mostly 5 or 6 more times


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Picked all Quebec born players, and seen that, I am particularly satisfied with what I got. I like my roster better than some others out there.

now if only I could have gotten luongo or brodeur but they were impossible picks considering I decided to fish in for Lecavalier. Then I got in a pretty tough spot when other people decided they would pick Giguere and Fleury before I had even selected a goalie. Oh well, here's hoping Martin Biron has the season of his life.
I'd like to post to say that having two goalies playing at once is probably the worst experience ever... I have the two little liveupdate boxes open yelling PLEASE TO BE DONT a lot whenever somehow both of them are on the PK at the same time. Kolzig has mostly been a champ but man Brodeur is sucking so far, I probably should have benched him considering it was Ottawa anyway so I suppose I can only blame myself on that one!

Wings game should be interesting tonight although I have Holmstrom and Datsyuk and Jackal has Zetterberg so their PP will be a lot less profitable for me than it'll be most of the year, lol

EDIT: Man things went up from when I wrote this until now, a period later in each game neither goalie has been scored on and Gerber has. Keep it up Brodeur!!

EDIT2: Pretty much fucked, Brodeur has played pretty well as far as I can hear but man his team is not helping him, PPG due to about 87 shots being thrown at Brodeur on a PP on a pretty bad penalty, bleh!

EDIT3: Two goals in a row were under video review. Do you know what the worst thing in the world is? VIDEO REVIEW WHILE LISTENING ON THE RADIO. Can that be any less helpful to me? Ugh. 3-2 though fu gerber


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haha synre is this intense day one cant wait to see him on a saturday or especially once the playoffs roll around :p
Posting to laugh at how hilariously bad Toronto looked tonight!

I believe this is the last time I get to see them until I pick up center ice but man they looked terrible tonight, haha :( I'm almost surprised Carolina(who looked very good!) didn't score more than they did, they had a couple good chances they needed an act of god to fail to convert on(such as when Cole managed to post a shot on what was essentially an empty net) but somehow managed to screw up. After reading so much talk from 'experts' about how Toronto was going to squeak into the playoffs I am skeptical after that game but every team has shit games I guess!

Tomorrow should be fun with twelve games for fantasy, I am kinda annoyed I am wasting a 4 game week for the Wings on Jackal since he has Zetterberg but at least between Holmstrom and Kovalchuk I am getting 7 games out of LW this week in spite of Avery's stupid ass bleeding all over my bench. Also of course as a fan I really enjoy these game every other day stretches for Detroit!

Islanders/Rangers on Versus should be a good game too, too bad I will likely not see most of it since the Wings game has more fantasy impact for me as well as the fanatical Wings fan factor.


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Anybody know some sites where they stream live nhl games (if there is such a site, no clue) been looking for ages and until then i'm stuck with highlights.
I'm sure theres a site somewhere :P If you find one, let me know.....or if I find one, i'll let you know.

Currently i'll either watch replays on Pay TV or get the game by some other means, which i am not condoning in any way :)

Chill Murray

get well soon jacoby..
Hey, I'm not complaining. =D

I wish Versus streamed games, I'm going to be working in a computer lab for most of the Isles-Rangers game.


formerly SkylarGreen
Just a heads up incase you guys are wondering, this nickname was just my ingame pokémon game, and send a request to Chaos to change it back to my nickname i've been using for years (gr33n), so also changed my team's name :p

Just if you were wondering why ^^
Experiencing moderate to severing midweek annoyance at the fact I am losing 8-2 to Jackal considering that I would be the following against the rest of the group (man I am bored right now!)

zero 6-1
bullet 7-1
vineon 4-2
gr33n 7-1
WER 8-1
Rips 7-1
5kr 5-2
Dunyain 6-2
Carl 8-0
xocmin 4-2

With nearly all of the losses(and comedy ties) coming thanks to Brodeur tanking my goaltending stats, hopefully he redeems himself tonight >< And also at least there is another big day Saturday!

On the bright side the Wings looked pretty good again, offensively we look really good and we're controlling the puck well but we can't seem to get through a game without at least two major defensive breakdowns leading into bad goals. I'm more than a little concerned about our goaltending(although good ol Osgood looked pretty good) but as long as we sort out some of our retarded defensive mistakes we should be good this year I think!


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blah blah blah coulda shoulda woulda

I'd be in first place now if all my players had goals etc..

It's week one relax.


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I really enjoyed watching luongo get torned apart by my goal scorers and having my goalie Biron outshine him


oh yes.


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I don't care about Philly, I just like seeing Biron successful, he deserves it.

Buffalo is currently leading 4-0 with 6min left in the 2nd. Fuck yeah, it's about time.
Watching the non-NYI/TOR games on center ice in shifts.

Man Buffalo looks good tonight, where the hell hast his been? Glad to see Gerber getting scored on but Brodeur is continuing to make me wonder why I picked him , bleh.

More amusing was Kovalchuk getting in a fight though, haha. He attacked some guy for laying a cheap hit that didnt end up actually having been a cheap hit on one of his teammates except he went after the wrong guy. Comedy gold, really.

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