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Extreme Music

Now you're all probably confused about what this thread is for, so let me clarify a few things before we jump into the main meat of the post.
  • No, this thread isn't just for metal music. This is not extreme in terms of heaviness, or anything along those lines.
  • This is not for extreme music in regards to lyrical content / themes, we live in the desensitized era so realistically there's nothing that's too "extreme" in that department these days anyways.
  • All musical genres that meet the criteria for this thread are welcome.
Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's dive on in. This thread is for the lesser known genres, to bring exposure to types of music that aren't often talked about even in the crowds of a genre's in-house fans. It opens up horizons, gives new listeners a taste of the deeper aspects of a genre, and also gives newer bands the chance to shine in a world where music is over-saturated. Now, there are a few qualifications for this thread, and they need to be made clear right off the bat. SO PLEASE READ THIS PART BEFORE POSTING:
  • In order for a genre / band to be posted in this thread, they must be at least a subgenre of a subgenre, for example: Metal (Not okay for posting) - > Metalcore (Not okay for posting) - > Electronicore (Okay for posting) - > Nintendocore (Awesome for posting) - > Commodorecore [Sid-Metal] (Superb for posting)
  • All subgenres of subgenres and below are accepted, this includes subgenres of subgenres of electronic music, metal music, folk music, etc.
  • Do more than just "this subgenre is a subgenre of this", post a little about it, maybe post Youtube links to a few bands, if you're feeling particularly motivated, give some backstory and history for the genre!
Example: Sid-Metal / Commodorecore is a unique genre that utilizes the specific chiptune tones that come from the Sid chip inside the Commodore 64 home computer model. It is also often blended with Power Metal, and various other theatrical genres. The best example of an active band and the most well known one in the genre is "Machinae Supremacy" who have been active since 2000 (almost 20 years!) and have put out multiple albums in the genre.

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Tera Melos

Banned deucer.

Nintendocore you say????

Probably one of the most early examples I have of exposure to Nintendocore as a "legitimate Genre".
Does Midwest Emo count for the thread? Punk Rock ---> Emo(/emocore) ---> Midwest Emo.

If you're not familiar with this and you wanna hear sad music have a listen.

Tera Melos

Banned deucer.
Does Midwest Emo count for the thread? Punk Rock ---> Emo ---> Midwest Emo.

If you're not familiar with this and you wanna hear sad music have a listen.

Do people really consider them to be Midwest Emo?

I always considered Midwest-Emo to be the pioneered mixture of Math-Rock and Emo, IE bands like Marietta, Moves Like Juno, Camping in Alaska, Park Jefferson, Merchant Ships, Tiny Moving Parts, Ect
js a better title for the thread might be "niche music" or something idk

While I'm here, have some Igorrr (Breakcore/Avant-Garde Metal)

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