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As they can both take a +1 Fiery Dance / Flamethrower. Then attack back with an Earthquake or Acrobatics.
I don't know about the statistic but again, in the current metagame Volcarona have to be play with Fireblast for the offensive version and the semi-bulky. If Hippowdon took damages then a +1 fireblast will... And are you sure your gliscor survive a Flamethrower at +1?
I don't know about the statistic but again, in the current metagame Volcarona have to be play with Fireblast for the offensive version and the semi-bulky. If Hippowdon took damages then a +1 fireblast will... And are you sure your gliscor survive a Flamethrower at +1?
Most, if not all, Volcarona that I see are the bulky variant and carry Fiery Dance and rarely Flamethrower.

0SpAtk +1 Swarm Volcarona (Neutral) Fiery Dance vs 16HP/0SpDef Gliscor (Neutral): 71% - 84% (211 - 250 HP). Guaranteed 2HKO.
0SpAtk +2 Swarm Volcarona (Neutral) Fiery Dance vs 16HP/0SpDef Gliscor (Neutral): 95% - 113% (283 - 334 HP). Guaranteed 2HKO. 76% chance to OHKO.
0SpAtk +1 Swarm Volcarona (Neutral) Flamethrower vs 16HP/0SpDef Gliscor (Neutral): 85% - 100% (252 - 297 HP). Guaranteed 2HKO. 4% chance to OHKO.
Your team looks very weak to Dragon Dance Gyarados, as it can easily set up on Jellicent, Jirachi, Hippowdon (and even Roserade if Sleep Clause is active) and the only way I see you can deal with it is Forretress's Volt Switch (something a bit unreliable imo), especially if Gyarados manages to get it while Rain is up as it gets leftovers recovery each turn (and can 2HKO Forretress at +1 too). I'm not sure about how you have been playing around Gyarados, but I think you might give ThunderPunch on Jirachi a try, preferably over U-turn (tbh, I don't find myself using U-turn on Scarf Jirachi, but maybe it's just me)

Congratulations both BKC and Funkasaurus on making this great team :)
Ok so I was using this team and came up against said gyarados.
Once the Gyarados switched into rocks and took the damage from the attack it switched into I was able to put it to sleep and KO it with volt switch.
Might have been lucky but it didn't seem like much of a threat and I dealt with it quickly.
Then, I'm sorry to say that but people who are using this Volcarona ( if true ) are brainless. You can't take this in consideration during the build.

You absolutly need a minimum amount of EV in Spe attack.

Sorry about the " brainless " but if people can explain me what is the purpose of playing it like that... In the current metagame it is just not possible.


El Ciclón Azul
Really amazing stall team you made guys. Kudos for that! This team is really solid but of course, Sun teams can be a huge pain if they manage to win the weather war or Volcarona gets his boosts. To help you make this less of a pain to deal with, I would like to back-up Grimm70´s suggestion of using 188 Speed EVs on Gliscor. These EVs prove to be really important as Gliscor can outspeed Volcarona if it didn´t managed to get a boost and OHKO first with Acrobatics while outspeeding max Speed Ninetales.

My second suggestion would be using Stone Edge over Ice Fang for various reasons. As both mentioned early, Jirachi is easily able to revenge kill any Dragon that managed a DD boost, while Forretress can 2HKO them with HP Ice when they are locked in Outrage. Forretress always beats Landorus and Gliscor tanking their hits and destroying them with HP Ice. I believe that you kept Ice Fang to take that big chunk of health from Dragon types, but I hardly see them to be troublesome. The change in Stone Edge has the huge advantage of OHKOing Volcarona as Hippowdon can take like a boss a boosted attack. It still does some nifty damage to Dragonite, Salamence and Gyarados so the loss is not too big. However, I also know that I lost crucial games against those damn Volcarona because of that crappy 80% accuracy. Rock Slide is an option to reliably deal better with Volcarona, although the power loss is noticeable especially against Gyarados. Good luck and I hope this rate helps both of you. :]
To patch up the Volca Weakness, how about using Toxic somewhere on Jellicent? Volca has no chance to deal a lot of damage to Jelli while Jellit itself can easily recover off the taken damage. Even if its a ChestoRest-Set, Jelli can still prevent the Rest with Taunt and if Volca decides to Rest right after the Toxic, what it normaly doesnt, you can still Toxic it again . If it decides to Rest again you have two freeturns to kill it.
Okay, so I decided to take another look at the team and actually just very quickly theorymon'd out something that can do pretty much everything your Roserade is doing but can also check a +1 Volcarona: Defensive Venusaur.

Venusaur (M) @ Leftovers
Trait: Chlorophyll
EVs: 244 HP / 56 SDef / 208 Spd
Calm Nature (+SDef, -Atk)
- Sleep Powder
- Hidden Power [Fire]
- Leech Seed / Energy Ball
- Protect / Substitute

With this EV Spread, Venusaur hits a stat spread of 362 HP / 202 Def / 235 SAtk / 273 SDef / 247 Spd, compared to your Roserade's 313 HP / 177 Def / 331 SAtk / 275 SDef / 216 Spd (i.e. it gains 49 HP / 25 Def / 31 Spd). It does lose out on a lot of SAtk but this set is more focused on crippling threatening Pokemon with Sleep Powder and dealing passive damage with Leech Seed than hitting hard. The Spd investment allows Venusaur to outspeed +1 Timid Volcarona in the Sun, (factoring in the 30 Spd IV for HP Fire) allowing you to Sleep Powder it (assuming no Chesto which is only at 12% usage anyway), and then either Leech Seed it or go to a better check. There is probably a way better EV spread out there, but I just wanted to show-off the defensive stats Venusaur can reach compared to your current Roserade, and still have enough EVs leftover to check one of the biggest threats to your team.

Bear in mind I've never used anything like this outside of sun, and certainly not on a team with its own sand-inducer. It probably won't be nearly as good as I've hyped it due to clashes with Hippowdon's Sun and losing out on Natural Cure, but I think its at least worth a shot considering the better overall bulk it gains and the ability to check Volcarona which you've highlighted as a big threat, whilst still being able to absorb Toxic Spikes, switch into Rotom-W and maim Scizor.

Still, I think Toxic Jellicent and Rock Slide Hippowdon are much more preferable changes to deal with Volcarona, but I just suggested this to give you another option if you don't like what anyone else has suggested.

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