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Yes, er, chaps, I should have mentioned, but... since you only get one vote, NO SELF VOTES. If we had a bigger field and could have more than one vote each, it wouldn't be a problem, but, well, it's like the Pirate King scenario from PotC 3. Everyone votes for themselves and then gridlock.

I'm sorry for not mentioning it in the original voting post. That's on me. No idea why I didn't think to make that clear. I shall amend the OP accordingly.
Okay, I reckon that's been long enough. I think we can announce our winners!

Move Name: Teleport Blast
Appearance In TCG: Team Rocket
BP: 70
PP: 20 (32 Max)
Accuracy: 100%
Elemental Type: Psychic
Damage Category: Special
Effect: Switches the user out after doing damage
Target: Single
Contact: No
Design Rationale: Gives Alakazam a much needed form of momentum, and with Magic guard, you can bring another pokemon in without fear of them being burnt or poisoned.

Ability Name: Psylink
Appearance In The TCG: Gym Challenge
Effect: As long as Alakazam has not fainted, raises the Attack and Special Attack of all of Alakazam's Allies that have a damaging Psychic-type move by x1.15. Also raises Alakazam's Attack and Special Attack by x1.15 if it has a Psychic-type move.
Ability Replaced: Inner Focus
Design Rationale: This ability acts as a nice boost to Alakazam's power, raising its Special Attack to a nice Base 155, which allows it to hit a bit harder. It also allows it to boost the power of its teammates, as long as they have a damaging Psychic move (which prevents it from abusing Calm Mind with other Pokémon) For example, if your Raikou has Extrasensory, its Special Attack is now 133 (132.5 rounded up). It can really be a big help to Pokémon that commonly run Psychic-type coverage moves, like Zoroark or even Typhlosion.

That concludes the first contest! Congratulations to Squawkerz and Yoshiblaze, and to every contestant as well. It was cool to see people trying to make this work.

Our victors may now pick a Pokémon line each for the next slate, and we'll go two at a time. In the meantime, discuss the new powers of Alakazam! I'll update the OP in a bit.
the Pikachu line. Of course, if BREAK evolution isn't allowed, don't worry, I've found other ways to make Electrivire fans suffer.
Are you either Yoshiblaze or Squawkerz? No?

Then shut up, you boring, frothy-mouthed little obsessive.
Ah, missed that little footnote. I'm not very good at spotting the ramblings of Electrivire fanboys.

Also, calling me boring when you're the one who likes Electrivire and thinks it's the best thing since themselves.
Right! Given that Squawkerz is conspicuous by their absence, I've started with one for Blaziken. Go nuts, gang! Remember, you can submit one move and one ability! Good luck to everyone taking part.

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Move Name: Vapor Kick
Appearance In The TCG: Supreme Victors
Base Power: 80
Power Points: 20 (max 32)
Accuracy: 100%
Elemental Type: Fire
Damage Category: Physical
Effect: This move is super-effective against Water types.
Target: 1 opponent.
Makes Contact: Yes
Special Properties: None.
Design Rationale: Fire type Physical Freeze Dry, with +10 BP instead of 10% freeze chance (in this case burn). The move in the TCG does double damage to Water types, so the effect matches perfectly, and it gives needed coverage to Blaziken. Can't be more detailed than this.
Ubers calcs
252+ Atk Mega Blaziken Vapor Kick vs. 172 HP / 0 Def Kyogre in Rain: 182-216 (47.3 - 56.2%) -- 79.7% chance to 2HKO
252+ Atk Mega Blaziken Vapor Kick vs. 252 HP / 200+ Def Arceus-Water: 222-264 (50 - 59.4%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
252+ Atk Mega Blaziken Vapor Kick vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Palkia: 168-198 (52.3 - 61.6%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
OU calcs
252+ Atk Blaziken Vapor Kick vs. 252 HP / 232+ Def Mega Slowbro: 132-156 (33.5 - 39.5%) -- guaranteed 3HKO
252+ Atk Blaziken Vapor Kick vs. 248 HP / 252+ Def Rotom-W: 186-222 (61.3 - 73.2%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Leftovers recovery
252+ Atk Blaziken Vapor Kick vs. 0 HP / 4 Def Manaphy: 270-320 (79.1 - 93.8%) -- 43.8% chance to OHKO after Stealth Rock

Ability Name: Burning Spirit
Appearance In The TCG: Supreme Victors
Effect: When this Pokemon in on field, it lowers the defense of any Burned Pokemon on field by 50%.
Ability Replaced: Speed Boost (UNBAN BLAZIKEN)
Design Rationale: The TCG version of Burning Spirit doubles any damage against any Burned Pokemon when Blaziken is on field, but I thought that'd be too overpowered, especially because Fire type Pokemon can't be burned in Gen 6 competitive battling. So I decided to go with Blaziken doing double physical damage to burned Pokemon. The viability of this is pretty good, but it's not overpowered to warrant a Blaziken ban, so we could get it back from Ubers.
Will-o-Wisp Blaziken could become a thing, since halving both physical attack and physical defense, as well as doing passive damage, is an amazing combination.
Move Name: Super Singe
Appearance In The TCG: Movie Commeration VS Pack: Sea's Manaphy (May's Combusken card)
Base Power: 65
Power Points: 20
Accuracy: 90%
Elemental Type: Fire
Damage Category: Special
Effect: 100% to burn to opposing Pokemon. 1% chance to burn if the target is a Fire-type or has the ability Water Veil
Target: Any adjacent Pokemon
Makes Contact: No
Special Properties: None
Design Rationale: Looking through Combusken cards, Combusken being my favorite Pokemon, I saw that May's Combusken got a card. So, I picked Super Singe. Super Singe would be a weaker alternative to Flamethrower/Fire Blast that can cripple attackers switching into Combusken/Blazkien. It's only 65 BP since making it stronger may be a little OP. Since the name is Super Singe, and Fire-types can be burned in TCG, I decided to give this a small chance of burning Pokemon that are usually immune to burns.

Ability Name: Firestarter
Appearance In The TCG: EX Ruby & Sapphire
Effect: As soon as the Pokemon with this ability is brought out, a sea of fire is envelops all opposing Pokemon, dealing 1/8 of all of the opposing Pokemon's HP per turn (same effect as a boosted Fire Pledge).

Pokemon with the ability Firestarter, Flash Fire, or Heatproof are unaffected. The damage is 1/6 of the Pokemon's HP in the Sun/harsh sun and 1/16 in the rain/sandstorm and no damage in heavy rain. This effect goes away if the user switches or or faints. This stacks with the effects of Fire Pledge in double battles.
Ability Replaced: Mega Blaziken's Speed Boost (I can't bring myself to remove Regular Blaziken's Speed Boost ;~;)
Design Rationale: I decided to give Mega Blaziken this ability because it helps it wear down Pokemon and finish them off, especially if they're holding a Focus Sash. This makes Blaziken a bit more threatening as walls are broken down faster and frail sash wearing mons now greatly fear Mega Blaziken. However, to mot make it OP, it only does as much as a burn and some Pokemon are even unaffected. Also, the name is way too perfect, I mean, FIRE-STARTER. IT'S PERFECT.
Move Name: Moonsault Blaze
Appearance In The TCG: XY Promo 86
Base Power: 100
Power Points: 8
Accuracy: 70% (it would be broken)
Elemental Type: Fire
Damage Category: Physical
Effect : If used, next turn, this move increases its base power by 100.
Target: 1 adjacent opponent
Makes Contact: Yes
Special Properties: None
Design Rationale: This is to help Blaziken take down those thick wall Pokemon on switch in.
Oh yeah, I forgot about this

Move Name: Fire Shard
Appearance In the TCG: Platinum (Torchic)
Base Power: 60
Power Points: 15 (24 Max)
Accuracy: 95%
Damage Category: Physical
Elemental Type: Fire
Effect: +1 Priority. Has a 10% Chance to increase to 100 BP, and a 25% Chance to decrease to 40 BP, which leaves a 65% chance to stay at 60 BP.
Target: Single Target
Makes Contact: No
Special Properties: None
Design Rationale: Looking through Torchic Cards, this was the best move I could find. It gives Blaziken priority.

Ability Name: Fire Breath
Appearance: Platinum (Blaziken)
Effect: All of this Pokemon's attacking moves have a 20% chance to burn the opponent if they don't already.
Replacing: Blaze
Design Rationale: Blaziken the ultimate burn spreader. I feel like it is not good enough to replace speed boost, the main reason why it and it's mega form are in ubers. It can now run this to catch physical attackers off guard.


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