The Items Tournament [Round 1]

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The Items Tournament
Approved by Ditto

  • Standard OU Singles 6v6.
  • Wonder Launcher is set to off.
  • Each Round I'm gonna tell an item and all of your pokemon have to be holding that item Ex:If I say Choice Scarf one round all of your pokemon have to be holding Choice Scarf.
  • Species Clause: A Player may not have two of the same Pokemon on their team.
  • Sleep Clause:A player may not put more then one of his opponent's pokemon to sleep.
  • Self-KO Clause: If a player’s last Pokemon faints due to Explosion, sort of recoil, or faints after using Destiny Bond and brings down the opponent’s last Pokemon, the player who enduced the suicide attack loses.​
  • General Wifi Tournament Rules can be found here:
  • Single Elimination.​

Bald Accountant VS religiousjedi
Husky VS FallenKnight
pokemonrocks77 VS DigGa
TheJuiceyPorygon VS lijero13ss

Deadline is October the 21st.


All you're pokemon need to be holding choice band.
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