Tournament The LC UU Cup - Won by Corporal Levi


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Round 1

fitzy72 vs pinktidal
Alan vs GotCookies
Yay vs DugZa
lost heros vs Pamplona
Heysup vs amazingzangoose
Watchog vs tahu
Endal vs infamy
Serene Grace vs TheRam
Mikaav vs Ampha
kushal00 vs Plas
czim vs LilyAC
Kolonel Kipkluif vs Quote
Midnight Howl vs SpaceWorm
Metool B vs yellowfin
I attract E-Girls vs Nurul
Nailec vs Vhue
MFJK vs Alkione
Diophantine vs Shrug (was given win)
GrootFromDidney vs Simbo
Jytcampbell vs Drud
EnzoLapras vs fatty
dahli vs Anime Sans
Magma vs Cheese5555
Sealette vs Fantos13
UltraBallz vs Dreamcatcher
RaJ.Shoot vs MK007
mudd_skip vs Corporal Levi (was given win)
Jeffis vs mashumarutu
Thundaaaaa vs Ninjadog13
Sificon vs jcbc
Royal1604 vs neomon
-DarkAlex55- vs leo05051998

26/32 matches completed

Deadline is March 17th at 11:59pm EDT (GMT-4). Please challenge in [Gen 7] LC. Remember that if you bring an illegal team, you will be forced to forfeit that game.

Replays must be saved, but don’t have to be posted this round. Please just DM them to me or Serene Grace so we can use them for usage stats.

Remember to use the LC UU Resource Thread for the current banlist, viability rankings, and sample teams!

Bracket was generated by Smogon Bracket Generator courtesy of Merritt. Thanks!

Good luck to all.

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