The Liar's Rule Tournament: Round 1

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Level 51

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Our timezones are wayyy far apart, and SilentRevolver can't really play all day like I can. ;~; giving free win to SilentRevolver


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Yeah, we wanted to battle near the beginning of last week, but Brotom has not responded to my VM I sent on the 26th and hasn't been online since the 27th (Hurricane?). Activity post,


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I currently am working on my senior thesis, so I will try my best to update this over the weekend. I only go on the forums about two minutes at a time.
Okay, so I noticed this tournament hasn't been active lately so I decided to take it over for now (approved by KG). If Mike is able to continue hosting once he is less busy, I have no problems letting him take over again.

Here is the result of Round 1 according to this thread. Let me know if I made any errors.

Round 1

weegee the haxer vs kd24
Kennen vs TalkingLion
DarkLoic vs Trollmonchan
Amell vs Kelsey
nightcore vs DrMohammadLi
FelixMinamimoto vs MikeDecIsHere
Sayonara vs complete legitimacy
LuckOverSkill vs Hawkstar
Vinc2612 vs Anno nyme
kokoloko vs pokebasket
Pkrs vs IceCarAdler
Metroid78 vs Brap
locopoke vs ssbmm
Pedrock vs Limitless
Double01 vs Lohgock
braveswin11 vs RockHP31
Dr Ceil vs Senegal
~Greencore vs H-C
Tiffanyy vs Hoipolloi
Chase vs dragonuser
The Qwaz vs Myzozoa
Eranu vs Orichalcos Owl
SilentRevolver vs Level51
extremebeta vs Jayde
SoulWind vs SethZiBritania
LighTz911 vs Meh
Kael vs relaunched
Django vs Leftiez
CrashinBoomBang vs Brotom
davidness vs chaos 9
Princess Bri vs MOET
AuraRayquaza vs idiotfrommars

Round 2 will be up shortly.
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