The Library's Staff Q&A

Greetings and salutations, one and all, to the culmination of the community and the staff of The Library! Did that sound fancy? I hope so. I wore a monocle and raised a cane as I typed that. Anywho, we've a bunch of these questions to get through, so continue reading to see 'em.


1) What would you say is the most important piece of advice to give to someone about writing?

Kiwiko - Keep practicing and working on your characters. Whether it's the same story or not, you can re-use characters and their personalities again and again until you know exactly how to write about them.

Mad Monty - That we are our own worst critics. It’s easy to receive praise from others; it is a lot harder to be satisfied with our own work.

BreadLoeuf - This advice goes with practically any hobby: Don’t write when you don’t want to write. I can’t stress enough how unfun that can make writing seem. :) It’s not supposed to be a chore or a task, it’s just something you do when you’re up to doing it. If you’re wafting through writer’s block, let it go by. Struggling to write when you’re hazed out is not how you improve.

Dawn of Athena - Just write. Don’t worry too much about the quality, as you can always edit that later. You can’t edit things if you don’t have anything to edit. It’s good practice for writing in general as well.

RavioliQueen - I would say the most important piece of advice is: at the end of the day, you write because you love to write and because you want to. Like any craft, don’t write what you think others want to see, write what you like to write, delve into your world however you want. Your world, your rules, we’re all just allowed to explore it. Just don’t shy away from taking constructive criticism at times, we all just want things to make sense and for you to succeed in your writing.

nudepantsman - I love Seth Godin's perspective on writing, and writer's block in particular. "
People with writer’s block don’t have a problem typing. They have a problem living with bad writing, imperfect writing, writing that might expose something that they fear." Just write. Like everything else, the more you practice, the better you'll get!

Celine - Be sure to enjoy what you're writing, if you don't like it, finding motivation will be difficult and the end result may not be something you're happy with.

Peary - Don't force it. Let the creativity come to you. At the same time, don't procrastinate either. It's all about balance; when you have a good idea, put it to paper and pick it back up when you feel like it.

2) Who made the prompts (in the prompt archive) that don't have anyone credited?

Everyone - Mad Monty

Mad Monty - Ha, thanks folks! If a prompt is uncredited, for example, not submitted by someone here in the room, it is either a prompt of my own creation or I’ll snag one from the Writing Prompt subreddit. I try to use prompts from my imagination but there’s a few that were from more clever folks.

3) Do you listen to music when you're writing or doing writing-related things? If so, what do you usually listen to?

Kiwiko - To a certain extent, yes actually! Not necessarily for writing but I sometimes do when I’m reading and trying to focus with noisy surroundings. I try to go for some calmer remixes of stuff like Legend of Zelda or Pokemon music (I love Zame and I’ll never stop)

Mad Monty - I do listen to music when I write, but it’s usually either instrumental or music sung in a foreign language, that way I don’t accidentally write the lyricarry on my wayward son, there’ll be peace when you are- crud I did it again. Actually, Kiwiko brings up an interesting tidbit. Video game music is good for writing to, because it is, by its very nature, designed to help you focus on a task without distraction. It's why sound design in games is so important.

BreadLeouf - I don’t tend to listen to music whenever I’m writing. It makes me lose focus very easily, since I’m not very attentive to multiple stimulants, myself.

Dawn of Athena - Yeah, I listen to music when I’m writing. It’s nice to have some background noise when I’m alone on my computer in general. I usually listen to videogame music or anything from Two Steps From Hell.

RavioliQueen - I do! I love listening to music whenever I write or draw, it helps me get into the mood, and sometimes even inspires me to write certain scenes. I’d have to say I usually listen to rock music or things with a fast tempo, anything that gets me pumped and energized and excited.

Terno Gravatia - No, I don't listen to songs while writing. And I feel like it would distract me rather than help me focus on writing.

nudepantsman - Always. I like to tailor the music to the mood and theme of what I'm writing - I once wrote an ex-girlfriend a poem listening exclusively to hauntingly romantic piano ballads (Vincent, by James Blake)

Celine - I do not :( It tends to distract me.

Peary - Yes, preferably something without lyrics like Video Game OST (Pokemon DPP is a personal favorite) or Ambient EDM

4) What mainline Pokemon games have you played (if any)?

Kiwiko - I’ve played quite a few (Didn’t own all of them though). Pokemon Black was my first and White 2 was my favourite. I’ve also played Pokemon Crystal, Moon and Pokemon Sword

Mad Monty - Main games? All of them. Hoenn (Gen 3) is my favorite, but I really like Sword/Shield a great deal too. I look forward to more of them. More collecting. More types. More janky move combos. Z-Move Mega Gigantamax Primal Clefable when?

BreadLeouf - Essentially every single mainline game is a game that I’ve played, minus X&Y as well as the Let’s Go remakes.

Dawn of Athena - All of them except gen 1 and 8, not taking into account separate versions.

RavioliQueen - I have played Emerald, Heart Gold, Soul Silver, Black, White, Black 2, and Alpha Sapphire.

Terno Gravatia - I have played Fire Red and Emerald, but never finished them. Although, I'm at the Elite Four in Emerald, but my team is too weak to fight the 3rd Elite. I have to grind my Pokemon to get past her, but the grinding is way too boring, which made me stop playing for now.

nudepantsman - I've played Gen 1 and 2 (on the handhelds, about the time that they came out 0.0). I stopped before 3 came out, but began playing competitively in 2013 with a fan-made gen 3 MMO. Since then, I've played just about every generation, both competitive and storyline.

Celine - Everything from gen 3 on. I have never actually played the original gen 1 or gen 2 games. I have played FireRed/LeafGreen and HeartGold/SoulSilver though.

Peary - Emerald, Diamond, Platinum, Soul Silver, Black, Black 2, Y, Omega Ruby, Moon, Ultra Sun, Sword

5) If you were a Pokemon, which one would you be and why?

Kiwiko - Swirlix cause I’ll eat every sweet given to me

Mad Monty - Zeroara. I’m tall and thin, with an affinity for electricity. Despite my favorite being Clefable and my Staffmon being Zekrom. Otherwise, I physically look like Lucien, the Elite Four Psychic leader.

BreadLeouf - Any monkey Pokémon.

Dawn of Athena - Feraligatr (But why? Inquiring minds want to know, Dawn. Inquiring minds!)

RavioliQueen - I’d have to go with my favorite Pokemon, which is Froslass! I love the snow and ice and cold, and I love ghosts. Ghosts are badass and the rules don’t apply to them, and there’s something mysterious and sinister about them that just makes me really appreciate them. Also because magic and hexes.

Terno Gravatia - Lucario. They are just so cute and awesome!

nudepantsman - I don't know which one matches my personality best, but I would absolutely love to be a Gengar. What a life.

Celine - I honestly do not know. Maybe like... Dialga/Palkia? They both have very cool abilities and don't have the responsibility of "absolute power" that Arceus does.

Peary - Jirachi, he looks fly and loves to help people.

6) You find a genie and receive this offer: Kill one person that you are very close to (emotionally), and you will get one wish. (the wishes follow the standard rules: you can't wish for more wishes, can't revive anyone, etc.) What would you do? Would you take the offer?

Kiwiko - I wouldn’t take the offer; why remove someone who is extremely close to you emotionally if you can't even share the wish with them? If they’d be gone, I’d be going against my wishes rather than earning them.

Mad Monty - No. I don’t want to have a wish and lose someone close to me. What would be the point of enjoying that wish without that person by my side?

RavioliQueen - No. I don’t think any of my desires are important enough to be worth someone’s life.

nudepantsman - I would decline the offer, and move on.

Celine - This is tough. I'm sure many of my close friends would gladly sacrifice themselves to save the planet, or for world peace, or another grandiose wish that could be accomplished. How to choose, though, and how to live on with the guilt? Plus, are we talking about a murphy's law wish situation, where it's always going to be interpreted in the worst possible way?

7) What is the funniest thing you've seen here on PS?

Kiwiko - There are way too many funny things to pick one of them, but I’ll mention one. If I recall correctly, Aeonic came in and started making some stupid hilarious html boxes in Arts&Culture, fun times

Mad Monty - I have to pick one? This April Fool's where we traded intros was pretty good. The buttons to learn about The Library were replaced with Rick Rolls, except one that went to "The Most Unwanted Music". It's on YouTube. Bonus if you can sit through all 22 minutes of it. I guess if I had to pick one, to this day, I still laugh at my fellow RO’s comment about severe weather. Dawn once said: tornado season sucks. I'm a sucker for puns and wordplay.

Dawn of Athena - Anything April fools related. They’re always fun to look forward to every year. Also my favorite quote: (Anke vs Best1Rulez Court Case) [20:34:51] Peary: next quote is the defense of Best1Rulez [20:34:56] Peary: .randquote [20:34:56] *Kid A: Anke

RavioliQueen - I have honestly seen a lot of humorous moments happen on PS, I don't think I can pinpoint a single one as funniest? Well, actually, there was the time Aeonic, Zodiax, Mia, and Annika came by THP one night and raised absolute hell there. That was quite comedic actually, and I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in a long while.

Terno Gravatia - I once got in PS and went to The Library. Then, I typed in hi, but just before I hit enter, mc56556 said hi, and after I sent my message, they said "Wow, what a fast response!".

nudepantsman - I see new funny things pretty much every day playing Hackmons Cup. Seeing someone rage when they got a shell smash fire blast Heatran with Primordial Sea was definitely up there.

Celine - I honestly am not sure. There have been plenty of fun moments, such as seeing an RO promote a reg to mod on accident, admins turning Lobby into a boat emoji, and a glitch that happened a while back where anyone could demote anyone which led to auth testing it and getting messages like (Celine was promoted to room regular user by Celine.)

Peary - One fine day in anime and manga
[21:52] %Gota^^Love^^Yaoi: Hitmoneechan take the shitpost down a level
[21:52] Hitmoneechan: Its not a shitpost though, its my opinion
[21:53] %Gota^^Love^^Yaoi: Yea well I'm about to mute for your opinions then


1) So.... what is the deal with the llamas?

Mad Monty - Alrighty, settle in. This is a long one. When I was a little kid, we, my family and I, went to a renaissance festival. They had an “exotic animal” petting zoo, that had an elephant, some giraffes, some goats and sheep, and a llama. So I was feeding the animals and I turned to feed some of the goats, and the llama bit my shoulder. Not in an aggressive manner, but more in a “hey, kid. Feed me.” manner. The owner came over and apologized and I said “I wasn’t expecting to get eaten by llamas” And now we have this silly llama nonsense. I don’t actually hate llamas, but it’s kinda weird and so am I.


1) You guys are my favorite staff in the Library, so it's such an honor to ask you guys a question! I am always interested in your work when you post links, so my question for you guys is this: What was your favorite work that you guys have done, and why do you like that work the most? :3

Mad Monty - I wrote a poem called Sticks and Stones that I am quite proud of. It was the first piece I wrote commemorating an event. If’n you’d like to see it, or any of the other work I’ve done, lemme know. I’m happy to share it.

BreadLeouf - Naturally, it was a nonfiction piece that I’ve loved a lot. I’ve written position papers for school-related purposes, and I’d say that those papers were some of my proudest moments in writing, as silly as that can sound.

RavioliQueen - Awwww I’m honored to answer your question! I’d have to say, while it’s not my strongest work (I don’t think I have a strongest work…) my favorite work is a short story I wrote (which I’m currently in the middle of expanding upon) based on a prompt I submitted, about a graveyard and bodies coming back to life. I think I really like this work because of the chance of being able to expand on it and create lore and making a universe out of it. Writing lore is one of my favorite things when it comes to stories and I feel like if you have solid lore and worldbuilding, things will be able to fall into place more easily! Also it was the first piece of work I ever wrote after 4 years, when I got so discouraged from writing and I had given up, so it was my introduction back into the writing world.

2) This is another question I had, but I want to ask all of the staff; What made you want to begin writing?

Kiwiko - Honestly, I only began really enjoying writing this year. Due to learning a lot of new things about figurative language and writing techniques e.g. pathetic fallacy, I noticed that writing can be much more than others make it out to be. I got into writing some stuff to try out new techniques, expand my vocabulary, improve my grammar and my overall utilization of every word to make a piece much more effective.

Mad Monty - My uncle, Harold Huber, is a published writer. He got me interested in wordplay and puns at a young age. He taught me Scrabble and Probe, made me fall in love with vocabulary and satire. When he passed away, I made sure that I did him proud with my writing. I’m not published and I’m not sure I ever will be, but I love writing all the same.

Dawn of Athena - My memory is a little foggy on this one, as it’s been 8-9 years since I started, but I started in 7th grade when I saw youtubers making caption type stories. I found them interesting and fun to watch, and it was what got me into writing. I also discovered Deviantart around this time, which is where I discovered transformation stories, which is a recurring theme in all of my stories today.

RavioliQueen - I am really into worldbuilding and character creation, and after about 6 years or so of creating a universe in my mind and expanding it, I thought I finally wanted to put it on paper and make it into something tangible which I could go back to and refer to instead of having to pick through my brain to remember which plot point happened first and which scene came after what. One day, I’ll actually write everything down and have my own little comic series.

Terno Gravatia - Well, it was the room itself! Seeing everyone's different projects made want to write too, and i started out with some poems, then trying to write stories.

nudepantsman - Reading, honestly. I started reading in 2nd grade and fell in love with the escape. I wanted to be able to give that to others, too.

Celine - Originally I wrote as a distraction / coping mechanism, but it developed into more of a hobby.

Peary - Whenever we would have writing in classes that actually had prompts I enjoyed writing for or free prompts, I would really enjoy it. I started getting back in to writing when I had a lot of free time on my hands, and then I found out I had a knack for writing poetry. Now, I write my own songs and am even working on my debut studio album under the alias "Yung Peary"


1) Why are you so cute?

Kiwiko - That’s been a secret for centuries upon centuries

Mad Monty - Practice.

BreadLeouf - Why thank you! :flushed:

Dawn of Athena - No u

RavioliQueen - uwu

Celine - Maybe she's born with it... or maybe it's Maybelline.

Peary - :flushed:


1) Why are u so cute?

RavioliQueen - Am I shocked to see this come up (again) ? Slightly. My answer remains the same: uwu. (Idk honestly qwq I don’t try to be?? But I’d like to be glad I am? As opposed to not cute ig???

So that's it, everyone! Thank you for reading this colorful wall of text! Thank you all, on behalf of the auth of The Library for all your questions! Feel free to ask us more here or in the room on PS! - Mad Monty

P.S. HoeenHero approved this post. I'm a Smogon n00b, but he's got super powers and swamp turkeys, so...
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