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Prehistoric Magikarp | Discussion

Here are the results of the vote! Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everyone for participating!

And that means, here is our new Magikarp spread:


Stats: 70 / 90 / 70 / 100 / 70 / 100
Abilities: Hydration, Sheer Force
Movepool additions: Magikarp's Revenge, Acrobatics, Hurricane

Feel free to discuss potential sets for Magikarp, and the impact the new threat would have on the metagame. Adjustments to the spreads can of course still be made, if found necessary.
  • What kind of niche will Magikarp fill in the metagame, and what kind of sets can it be expected to run?
  • How balanced is it in the current metagame?
  • What would be effective partners for Magikarp?
  • How could the metagame adapt around the new threat?


Other than that, the addition of Magikarp now marks the official completion of the Lost World project. It was certainly a fun ride for me, and I hope the fossil lover in you guys could enjoy the one or other turn in this project as well.
I'd like to take this opportunity to again thank everyone involved for their valuable contributions to this Pet Mod! Looking over the past winning submissions, I'm amazed how much creativity and variety went into each of those spreads not only from a flavor perspective, but from a competitive standpoint as well. It's not easy to create a balanced metagame with a dozen of brand new top threats, but I feel like there was remarkably much thought put into retaining a sensible power ratio, and even balancing out seemingly unstoppable offensive threats with new defensive ones. A summary of the implemented threats can be found in post #2, for those interested. Any further discussion on them is of course still welcome in this thread. ^^

In the upcoming weeks, I'll be reviewing each of the new threats in dex order, now that the metagame has become stable. This includes a closer look at their competitive performance, some slight adjustments to the spreads to include popular ideas from other submissions, and also the one or other artwork and flavor description dealing with their new typing and abilities. See you guys around!
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I wouldn't call it JUST yet, given that the future is likely to bring the discovery of more Fossil Pokemon. Still, I do agree that The Lost World project should at least be halted for now - I doubt that any new fossils are to be discovered TOO soon.

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Another Water/Flying Pokemon with Gyarados's almost exact movepool isn't that threatening, but Ancient Magikarp can still see some use. It's balanced.
A high special attack stat and STAB Hurricane are both nice, but it's not exactly perfect. Magikarp's Revenge is a physical move, so if Ancient Magikarp would like to use it's amazing effects, it would definitely have to be mixed. A pure physical Acrobatics variant is viable, but a lot more niche.

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