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With the shift to Sword & Shield Moody was nerfed to no longer be able to boost evasion or accuracy. It will instead boost the other stats a bit more often (1/5 instead of 1/7). Moody was originally banned for being an uncompetitive ability that caused Pokemon to be able to snowball easily through sheer luck with evasion boosts. And I suppose it also borderline broke the evasion clause.

Now that Moody no longer boosts evasion, I question the uncompetitive nature of Moody. Evasion boosts were one of the primary reason you ever had time to amass enough boosts for the Pokemon who gets it to become threatening. With that gone I don't see how any of Glalie, Octillery, Snorunt or Remoraid is going to stay in for enough turns to be a consistent threat.
Moody clause should be removed. Evasion boost was the main issue, and it's gone. I'm trying to think at any dangerous situations implying Moody but since Smeargle got Dexit'd, Baton Pass is banned, Mega Stones are gone (so no overboosted Mega Glalie), there are no reasons to keep it banned. If Octillery or Glalie happen to be too strong in some LT then they will eventually get suspect tested but Moody stopped to be an ability that would make even something like Bidoof dangerous to some extent.

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I think it's fair to give Moody a second chance with Evasion being removed. While Baton Pass clause is still in effect neither of these Pokemon appear to learn the move either. I guess Dynamax and Moody could be a nasty combination just because the health could make defensive boosts scary and offensive stats being raised could make snowballing a bit easier, but Octillery is piss slow and Glalie has fairly low offensive stats and a bad typing defensively.
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I agree that Moody Clause is entirely obsolete now and should be removed from gen 8 for the reasons that have already been stated in this thread. the fact that moody no longer has a chance to boost evasion, meaning that it no longer violates the evasion clause, baton pass clause is still in and even if it wasn't Smeargle was bopped and neither Octillery nor Glalie have Baton Pass, and the fact that both Glalie and Octillery are bad anyway (former has a bad typing and low stats and latter is omega slow) completely removes the reasons why Moody was banned in the first place, so it doesn't really make sense to keep it banned imo.
yeah I know I sort of repeated the previous statements but I kind of just wanted to make my first post on this thread and I thought this was a really easy one to do it on lol.
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