The Most Facepalm Worthy Thing You Have Done in All of Pokémon

I was playing in a tournament when the game was still new and switched my Mega Kangaskhan into my oppenent's Aegislash. Mega Khan was the only thing my team had left that could deal with him, and I used Fake Out. He then killed me with Sacred Sword and proceeded to sweep my team.
Nearly everything I (and my brother, since we shared the game) did on my first Silver run qualifies for this. Let's begin my harrowing tale.

First off I had no idea how to get out of my own house. It took me forever to figure out where the door was. After that I got a cyndaquil, which as you all should know is #155 in the dex. Keep in mind that I saw Pokemon the first movie, which featured Mewtwo as #150. Mewtwo was very strong.

Therefore since Cyndaquil was five numbers higher than Mewtwo, it was stronger. I was overjoyed.

Now, remember the rocket switch puzzle in the Goldenrod basement? I had no idea how to figure it out. It literally took me three weeks and talking with my friends to solve this atrocious puzzle. By the time I had solved it my Typhlosion was level 67 from random training in the grasses next to it.

Also during gameplay, I had met one of the rarest pokemon of all time: A Crystal Tentacool. I had watched the anime, so when I saw it sparkling I knew it had to be the one and only crystal tentacool. I used my master ball on it, and caught it! Then I went to save my game...

... and my game shut off because it had low battery and I didn't even know it. That day I cursed my fate.

Oh but it gets worse. Later in the game, my brother found a "weird golden onix" and killed it to see what would happen. Little did he know that he had killed the extraordionarily rare Crystal Onix from the anime, and that since it was dead, we would never see it again.

When we finally got to the elite four, we were excited that the game was nearly over and we would be the conquerers of Silver! But there was one slight problem: Talking to one of the guys inside Indigo Plateau revealed a horrifying fact.

"If you lose against the elite four, you have to start all over again!"

In horror, we realized that thi meant if we lost THE ENTIRE GAME WOULD RESET!

In preparation to take on these monstrously strong trainers, we trained everything to level 60 (and of course my typhlosion, who was level 79 ish due to the goldenrod incident). With huge luck (or so it seemed at the time, the team was so overpowered the E4 didn't stand a chance) we secured victory.

And then I turned off the game and started a new one: this time with totodile since my brother had wanted that originally. And then my brother told me there was another country you could visit after the E4 was defeated. I facepalmed myself that day.

Finally, after doing all that again minus most of the stupid, I decided I wanted a Kingdra since it was a water dragon, which was awesome. So I trained Seadra to level 97 and THE DAMN THING NEVER EVOLVED!! Even water stones and trading it had no effect!!

Luckily I had a friend who was one of the few people with internet at the time (Anyone remember dial up?), and he managed to solve it with a dragon scale. I then had my Kingdra, whicxh may or may not have been my first level 100...

Also we did the same thing with my brother wanting a Poliwrath, but we only trained it to 86 before realizing it needed a water stone.

And so ends my facepalm tale of the first time I played Silver when I was... maybe eight? My brother was five? Anyway, so ends it. Many years later, I am a lot more savvy about Pokemon. I now know that the combination is 1,2,3 in that order. I hope.
In Pokemon X, I was trying to hunt down Zapdos (I chose Fennekin as my starter), so I looked through the key items for the Town Map, since it was in every game. I spent a good hour trying to look for it in there and talking to everyone in the game, only to find out that you never get one (unless it's possible. If it is, someone slap me across the face). So I tried alternate ways, running around randomly, trying to find the blasted electric bird. I didn't see it once that day.
Next day in my hunt, I try the Pokedex to map its location. Turns out it just moves around like Mesprit in D/P/P and Raikou/Entei in HG/SS. I spent the rest of the day trying to track it down, and forgetting that they move far across the map when trying to fly to them.
Day 3, I decide to keep on going. I remembered that error from the second day, so I track it down and make it retreat to its cave. I then head to that cave, only to find out IT WASN'T THERE. I turned off the game for the day after saving.
The fourth day, I found out you simply walk some ways inside and it simply swoops down on you. For the next 3 hours, I was trying to find a way to weaken it down to the red without knocking it out. I eventually caught it, after 4 days, 17 hours, 28 minutes, and 39 seconds (not completely sure, just an estimate).

I feel like a big dumb idiot at some times.
one time when 9 year old me saw shiny groudon on my old ruby i thought my game had broken since it was pretty old even when i was 9 and so i had run from the battle. WHY GOD WHY!!! then again i have shiny kyogre 6iv on X :D
I'm trying to grind for Leftovers, so I put two Pickup mons (lvl 7 Zigzagoon and lvl 30 Pachirisu) in the Daycare, set things up to keep on biking around around in circles, then left the DS on for 8 hours. And then I accidentally pressed the power button when picking up the DS. Rage occured.
A few years ago, I was playing Pokémon Black and wanted to get a Landorus. I already had a Tornadus, and my friend with White had agreed to lend me a Thundurus. We had just traded the eggs for the starters, and I went to battle Landorus, but I had forgotten to save. Naturally it KOed itself with Struggle, so I wanted to reset. However, the last time I had saved was before the starters were traded over.

Being a noob and not knowing that resetting the game would put me right after the trade, I proceeded to change the option "Save before IR" to "No" and trade everything back, then reset the game. Thus, I was put right after the trade, with Landorus already defeated. Then I had to leave my friend's house.


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Not a massive facepalm, but when I was 8 I was playing Emerald and trying to catch Groudon and Kyogre. After many hours of searching, I was eventually able to reach Groudon's cave. I saved the game, and after numerous attempts, finally caught it. In my enthusiasm for finally catching a legendary, I went in search of Kyogre, but forgot to save beforehand. It was on yellow health, and in the process of attempting to weaken it, I accidentally ordered my Rayquaza to use Thunderbolt. Of course, it died.

However, that was not the worst moment.

After killing Kyogre, I decided that because it had taken me so long to catch Groudon, I saved the game.

My friends never looked at me the same way again.
A couple of mini face-palms I suppose:

My older brother started me on Pokemon, right? We were young and he just beat Leaf Green and I was working on finishing Fire Red. He told me he was finished with the game and that I could play with his Pokemon a little bit. I thought he meant I could play his game. I restarted it- whoops. He was not the happiest camper.
To make matters worse, just recently, I went on the old Crystal version and was just waiting for the "load" screen to come up while I was watching television, and accidentally pressed "new game." Then my brother came home the next week and asked to see the Crystal version because he hadn't played it in years. He wasn't very happy then either... ehehe..

If my luck wasn't worse, I beat all of Emerald, then I dropped it in the cracks of my couch and couldn't find it. Then I bought a new one and lost that somewhere, so I bought a third one. After I finished the third one, I found my other two games.
I have a lot of Blazikens.
Me and my friends all loved pokemon. So we had this big sleep over, and we pretty much played pokemon the whole time. On my Crystal, on an emulator, we ran into Raikou 5 times. In ONE NIGHT! Anyway, we got it into the red zone, and sometime later, I ran into it, by myself. I accidentally fainted it. That's probably the worst one I've made. I guess, the reason I caught Latias in Sapphire is because a) I learned from this experience and b) A friend caught it for me. And I restarted a Fire Red in which I caught a shiny pidgey.
Not many 'facepalm worthy moments' exactly, but I DO remember one. It was the time I was around 3rd or 4th grade, and I found a wild shiny. I thought my game was getting glitched up, and I immediately switched off the game (luckily didn't restart). The worst part was, I completed a decently big chunk of the game without saving.
The most recent one:

I was losing my time at GTS, looking for good deals. When I saw a Shiny Suicune asking for a level 91-100 Goodra. I was quite interested, knowing that Suicune is good as GTS fodder, and a Shiny legend offer asking for something else than untradeable event Pokémon is very rare. Unfortunately I had not the requested Pokémon, so I looked for a Goodra and traded my Moltres from FireRed (that was the most interesting offer). It was level 50, so I bought 41 Rare Candies with Poké Miles and gave them to this Goodra. Then I immediatly traded my Goodra for this Suicune.

"This Pokémon has already been traded."

Now I have an useless Goodra, lost my Moltres, and wasted more than 20,000 Poké Miles. Now it's time to massively Wonder Trade I guess. At least I got another Pokédex entry for a Kalos-native Pokémon I didn't have before, I hope I'll get the Oval Charm soon.
Spending DAYS trying to figure out how to get into Sootopolis City. I was new to video games in general at the time and didn't understand things like, "getting a new ability (in this case, Dive) will be important to access the next area".

Simple times.

I also fell for the "Pikaleca" rumor, dropping off Electabuzz and Pikachu will create some sort of hybrid. I assume, it was just some kid fooling around and accidently discovered Elekid without realising what he'd done. But I didn't really understand the whole breeding thing back in those days.
I'm rather new here, but I guess this is as good a place to start as any... So please don't kill me.

One of the first runs of Crystal version. Shiny Suicune. So pretty in it's silvery blue... And what do I do with it? I KO it. >.<

Then there's the whole matter of not really understanding trade evolutions with hold items, nor the fact that Nidorino/Nidorina used the Moon Stone to evolve... I think I got Rocky the Onix I traded that NPC for a Bellsprout up to like Lv. 87 or something wondering why it wouldn't evolve into the epically cool (in my young and impressionable mind anyway) Steelix.
I was playing an X & Y Wi-Fi match with a good friend of mine. She brought out a Thundurus and I brought out my Rotom-W. My team was a bit weak to Thundurus and Rotom couldn't exactly do anything, what with Thundurus having Volt Absorb. I didn't know exactly what my opponent would do, so I decided to stay in to be safe and use Hydro Pump. However, I accidentally mis-clicked and used TRICK. I was so pissed at myself because I had given the Thundurus my...Choice Scarf... -_-
I went back to Pokemon White 2, which I haven't played in quite some time. After selling all of my stones, jewels, and such to the man in Icurrus (or however you spell it) City, I ended up with 2 million Poke simply because I spent almost none of it. I wondered what I could buy with it. I mean, I had 2 million, and another 250 thousand. I found my answer.

I leveled my Dojo in Join Avenue to the highest level, and did the same to the Cafe. I could end up spending so much money to get 23 levels in one day on a single Pokemon, and raise the necessary EVs into my team. I kept buying training, and bought other things to sell to the other vendors who bought things for high prices (one example was a 100 Poke Casteliacone for 2000 Poke sold to the maid on Route 5).

This went on for about 2-3 months. Eventually, I realized there was a hole: Haxorus. I spent another 30 minutes trying to find an Axew with Mold Breaker. Ended up leveling it up, setting EVs into Attack and Speed, and evolved it. Did this with Samurott, Latias, Reshiram, Flygon, and other Pokemon I planned on using.

Now I only have less than 10000 Poke. Though, I think I can simply buy and sell things back to where I was at before. Though, looking back at it, it feels like that it's been a long wasted time.
Using my Master Ball in Pokemon Red on Agatha's Gengar (to be fair, I was a kid and had went off to have lunch so I forgot that I was in a trainer battle. And I don't have a cable at that time so all those trade to evolve mons eluded me)
My first completed Blue file was won entirely by my (younger) neighbor lending me his Articuno. Before that I kept dying at the Elite Four with my OP Blastoise (with shit PP) and various level-20-useless-mons. So of course I was so eager to start again (and build an even-leveled team) that I saw the Hall of Fame, danced at the credits, and immediately started a new file. You know, Gen I, loooong before the DS induction of "BE FREAKING CAREFUL AND USE THIS CODE BEFORE STARTING OVER."

Needless to say, my neighbor was nooootttt happy.


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I had an Adamant Dragonite in Fire Red, and I was getting into the basics of competitive battling (AKA move diversity), and I gave it Thunder, Blizzard, Fire Blast and Fly. I remember that Dragonite had very high Attack (before I knew what EV training was), so his Special Attack was pretty low.
Anyway, I still have that Dragonite as a reminder of how shitty I used to be.
My first game was Sapphire. I went through the entire thing with just my starter, a Treecko/Grovyle/Sceptile. It hit Lv85 by the time that I reached Ever Grande City. My next highest level was just a Taillow/Swellow that I used for Double Battles. It was Lv24 by the time that I reached Ever Grande City. My next highest was a Zigzagoon at Lv5. Yeah.

Not bad enough? Well, here was my Sceptile's moveset: Strength, Cut, Rock Smash, and Flash.

Yeah, it was a LEVEL 85 HM SLAVE. I didn't realize that HM Moves couldn't be forgotten, nor did I realize that a Move Deleter was in the game so that I could forget them.

But wait, it gets better.

The second member of the Elite Four, Phoebe, uses Ghost-types, which are immune to Strength, Cut, and Rock Smash. Additionally, Sableye is on her team, which is immune to Flash as well, thanks to Keen Eye as an ability.

I actually still have yet to beat her, and I refuse to erase my save file or actually put in the effort to delete these HM Moves and Heart Scale back some good stuff, just because it was my first save file, and I feel sentimentally attached to it. (Actually, even without changing movesets around, I suppose that I could just Flash them until their accuracy is minimal, then switch out, she misses a bunch of times, and I slowly kill her with Swellow (who is immune to Ghost-type moves to boot). Huh. I'll keep this in mind.)

Oh yeah, and there's another big facepalm moment in this playthrough.

So take a wild guess what I used my Master Ball on in this playthrough. I didn't realize that there was only one in the game, so I just wasted it on a Cacnea. Fortunately my battery died not long after, though, and so I got another chance to not waste it.

And so I caught a Golbat with it.

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