The Most Facepalm Worthy Thing You Have Done in All of Pokémon

Funny thing is, actually doesn't, at least not explicitly. The game just sort of expects everybody to be serious about their principles lol. You're not told you can't catch other trainers' pokemon ( AKA steal ) until you try to which is kind of controversial in its own way.
IIRC the games do tell you you are not supposed to throw Pokeballs at opposing trainers' Pokemon.

Thing is, they tell that on signs many ignore at first.
I watched my friend catch missing no and saw his game glitch and crash then decided to do the same thing expecting a different result... bad times
I watched my friend catch missing no and saw his game glitch and crash then decided to do the same thing expecting a different result... bad times
Assuming it was RBY, aside from sprites glitching and Hall of Fame corruption, MissingNo. (theoretically) does not cause problems...
The funny thing is that, if you used the old man glitch to find MissingNo., you could've had different results, as the weird stuff that appears after performing the glitch depends on your IGN. For example, in my case: Lvl 40 Golbat, Lvl 128 Electrode and Lvl 0 M'.
By the way, while M' and MissingNo. are similar and both cause the Bag item multiplier error, M' does cause problems in the game especially if it's at Lvl 0 (my game froze when I stored it on the PC and tried to withdraw it, but I did it on purpose, I knew that would happen but I wanted to try). Maybe it was M' and not MissingNo.? Or did you use a cheating device?
It took me years to complete Platinum, because I couldn't figure out what party I wanted to finish with, and wasted a lot of TMs/levels on Pokemon that would never see the light of day again. I only buckled down and finished it earlier this year, and that was just so I could transfer Pokemon from my friend's Sapphire cartridge.
Gen 4 was when I started to play competitively. I made a few teams to test out in Battle Revolution, and there was of course many lulz to be had, like me using Garchomp all the time because “there’s no way it can be uber!”, as well as a Sceptile with Frenzy Plant. But the worst one of all was when I tried to make a competitively viable Drifblim holding SOUL DEW.

I figured “Hey, this thing raises special stats, it’s perfect for Drifblim!”. It took me a while to figure out Soul Dew doesn’t work on Drifblim. And that Drifblim sucks.

(Side note: I replaced that Driflim with a Spiritomb and that thing was practically my ace of the team- It won me so many battles back in gen 4 due to how awesome it was. I called it Legend Killer because in Battle Revolution, you’d often encounter ubers like Lugia and Kyogre. Guess what my Spiritomb did to them?)

One more thing: In generation two, I actually trained a team of Unown to be competitively viable. I thought that if you were able to spell a message with them, thier Hidden Power attacks would be boosted, as well as thier stats. So I made them spell YOUBAD. It didn’t work so the idea was scrapped.
Spent 5 months breeding a flawless Chimchar in Gen 4. No, not learning how to RNG abuse, actually naturally breeding it. It's still there, beacuse I'm absolute shizz at the Battle Tower/RNG hates my guts and I want to make her a ribbon project. Sigh.... ;-;
After reading through all these Master Ball stories, here's mine: In Pokemon Emerald, in one of my first playthroughs, I threw my Master Ball at a Level 30 Wingull because it knew Quick Attack. Seriously. Also, I just found a very old Fire Red cartridge that I thought didn't even work, and I found my team to be: A level 64 Charizard with Blast Burn, Metal Claw, Flamethower and some other Fire-type move; level 50 Articuno caught in a Master Ball (JESUS), with three of its original moves and Fly, level 28 Hitmonchan with only the elemental punches, and a level 38-ish Nidoking with HM slave moves. I remember this savefile and on it I've yet to beat the Pokemon League. I don't even know how I'll do it but ok lmao

Ok I remembered another one: In my Pearl savefile, a Bad Egg showed up once. I had absolutely zero idea what that was and before looking it up on the Internet (cut me some slack people this was 2010 ok lol) I decided to try and hatch it (failed) and ask my cousin (who I thought was this sort of Pokeguru because 9-year-old me lmao). Turns out he was a jerk and told me it was because I had three shinies from different games, which caused a 'Bad Virus' to show up in my game in the form of that Bad Egg, and that if I didn't do something my console would blow up (I WAS REALLY GULLIBLE OK?). So scared little me asked him what did I have to do, and of course the answer was that I had to 1) give him all my shinies (a collection of my shinies from various games too ;-;) 2) delete my savefile (with hours of time on it and even event Pokemon) and 3) release all Pokemon that came from that file and were in other games (hint: a lot)... I still cry internally when I remember that. I'll always remember you Member's Card Darkrai from Pokemon Platinum... At least I can do the tweaking glitch and catch one or inject a Wondercard on my savefile...
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I had my Solgaleo use flare blitz in the final champion battle with kukui in sun. I thought I had won the battle, as i was 30 levels higher than his last pokemon and fire was super effective (i forget what pokemon it was though). I forgot about the recoil, amd Solgaleo fainted first...DAMMIT


I wonder where the guards are at
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Not sure if this is more cringe-worthy or facepalm-worthy but before I got into Pokémon, I fought bosses in Super Smash Brothers Brawl. Bosses like Rayquaza; one of my favorite Pokémo n....

I had no idea what Rayquaza was or how to even pronounce it, so I just called it "Giant Green Worm" because it was giant, green, and it kept digging underground like some kind of worm.

I also thought Lucario AND META KNIGHT sucked in that game because they didn't have high launch rates nor did much damage in fewer attacks than other characters.
Back in the FireRed/LeafGreen day I participated in an event that gave access to Deoxys by giving players an Aurora Ticket. I had both FireRed and LeafGreen, so I got two tickets.
I caught the Deoxys in LG immediately. (I knew nothing about competitiveness and it ended up being complete thrash, but that's beyond the purpose of this post)
At the time I had not finished the main story of FR, so I couldn't use the ticket yet. I left it in the bag, waiting until I completed the game.

Time had passed and I completely forgot about it, until one day I decided to restart my FR game. But I had NOT claimed my Deoxys yet...

At least this way the Deoxys I got is more important to me, because it's unique, but still...

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