Project The Next Best Thing - ORAS OU Edition V3 - FINISHED

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p2 I agree, but double status is not anything new (I wasn't trying to say it was standard :c)
I personally call it "standard non-standard": if somebody's trying to deviate from the norm, it's one of the first things they think of.

Voting for Dual Status because Thunder Wave is almost the best move in the game anyway.

AD impish john

Consumed by Darkness...
The Winner of Week 36 goes to yuruuu's Snatch Rotom-Wash! Congratulations for entering the Hall of Fame!

Honestly I'm not good with Intro's or Outro's, but to get to the point, this was pretty fun to see all the different sets that everyone has come up with. Most of them we're unexpected such as Snatch Rotom-W. If there was a way I want this Project to end, this is pretty how it I wanted it; as I've gone through all the Pokemon that I've wanted to do.

Hopefully, we get to do this again in Sun & Moon, but until then, goodbye!
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