The Philip7086 Smack Talk Thread

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If this thread sucks, you can direct all of the blame to Philip7086.

Seriously let's try not to make this thread terrible because otherwise it will be closed quite quickly.

Phil does suck though
Funkasaurus: I am a man
Funkasaurus: A manly man
Furai: stay in bitch
Start of turn 17
Funkasaurus called Ferrothorn back!
Funkasaurus sent out Gliscor!
The foe's Kyurem-W used Focus Blast!
The attack of the foe's Kyurem-W missed!
Rain continues to fall!
Gliscor restored HP using its Poison Heal!
Funkasaurus: A man who WINS GAMES


cardiac cats
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Hello, everybody!Your favorite manager again tennisace! Last year, the three players to win the championship VGC is not enough. So this year, I would like to in VGC negotiate on all players! As soon as possible to make the offer!
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