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uhhhh how often am i supposed to pray again
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well for hibernators eating too much isn't a problem because that fat is meant to get them through the winter, whereas humans are rarely ever in a position where their excess fat comes in handy later
sumo? I dunno. Overeating is common even in crocodilians and probably large dinosaurs as well...pretty much anything with indeterminate growth.

Come to think of it, just about any animal will eat almost anything they can get their hands on within their dietary scope. It's a survival technique to eat as much as you can when times are good. I guess that has backfired on us.
I have been incredibly inconsistent with going to the gym in the past 2-3 months due to starting an internship and being lazy as hell over winter break. 5'8, 165 lbs, don't give a fuck about BMI. Gonna start lifting consistently again and get jacked as shit, woop woop etc. PROTEEEEEEEEIN


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people who say bmi is bullshit are usually retarded since a) most people arent fucking bodybuilders with single digit body fat % so yes it very likely does provide a very reasonable estimate for you you out of shape fuck and b) hey even if you are a big 6'2'" 240 pound bodybuilder with single digit body fat % ok congrats you arent "obese" or whatever you still look fuckin weird though and nobody gives a shit how much you squat or deadlift or how tiny your balls are outside of your autism spectrum fitness circlejerk so maybe we should change the measures on both ends to "you look fuckin weird" because thats all anyone cares about regardless of whether your bmi is 14 or 32 goddamn

really though why the fuck do you need a calculator on the internet to tell you if youre fat skinny "normal" or fit or whatever?? heres a hint wander on over to the mirror and have a glance all it takes is some vague knowledge of what human beings look like and youre all set GL


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punctuations for (BAN ME PLEASE)s also my balls are huge and so are my biceps suck it


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huge balls are not attractive js

i'm 5'5 and 122lbs. my license says i am 104lbs, but that was when i was 16. i was around 110 until around the beginning of last year, where i gained like 4 pounds out of NOwhere and i was extremely freaked out. it didn't really stop, even though i was watching what i ate, and now i comfortably hover around 120-123. a whiiile ago, like 7 months or so ago, i stopped weighing myself daily. i was obsessive about my weight after i basically gained 10 pounds in a few months, although i was rather skinny and could have used the weight (perfectly happy now...kinda) it was just a really really weird feeling to be a new (obvious) weight after having been very thin for so long. some pants didn't fit anymore! i was so upset!!!

now, i ogle myself in the mirror in the mornings and swivel my hips, enjoying the bit of meat i've added to my bones and wondering how i ever did fit into size 1 pants, and not really missing being that skinny. whether the BMI calculator is accurate or not (and YEAH most of the time it is for the average person using it since they are not considered bodybuilders/fitness nuts and don't have a lot of muscle to really create outlying numbers for the BMI calculation) people should just be happy with how they look at a glance. i've learned to not obsess about what a scale says about my weight and just appreciate how i actually look.
I used to be underweight by about 5 kilos when I was 9, but since 11 years old I have consistently stayed exactly in the middle of my healthy weight (according to my doctor). I would be unfit were it not for the fact I walk 4.6 kilometres a day (to and from school) and have a VERY heavy backpack. BMI isn't always accurate, particularly for people under the age of 21-22. The best way to determine your relative level of overweight-ness/underweight-ness is to ask your doctor next time you go to see them, or just look in the mirror and see if your body is much wider than your ribcage.

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The issue with BMI though is it doesn't take Muscle Mass into account . . .
Or body structure for that matter. Some people have much broader shoulders or wider chests as a function of genetics. Height over Weight doesn't tell you jack about the circumference of all your various body structures. Moreover if you have strong bones because of good genetics and have kept up in taking calcium your bones will add weight as well. Neither me or my dad are particularly big guys but while he's a little taller, my shoulders are a little broader, so all things equal I would have a "worse" BMI.

Men I would think have more variation not only because they are bigger generally, but also because there's been all sorts of uses for stockier gents over time. You want a good sturdy tackle on your O-line to block the defense? Don't send in the beanpole with the long legs and the thin torso. Your receivers on the other hand...
I don't know who Maxime thinks she's kidding, If Hagrid's half-giant, she definitely is. Big bones... the only thing that's got bigger bones than her is a dinosaur.
OH NO IT'S HARRY POTTER! Seriously though, Deck Knight has a point. Even if he WERE fat, he would have a worse BMI due to big bones and thickset structure. I'm not tall for my age but I have a slightly bigger-than-average ribcage, which apparently increases my BMI. BMI is deeply flawed and should not be used at all.. My mum's friend Alison is just over the obese line according to the doctor, but according to BMI she is morbidly obese, and she's not. She is consistently losing weight, but she has incredibly strong muscles and an abnormally large body structure. A small Greek woman can actually just about fit inside her ribs. BMI is not an accurate measure: looking at yourself honestly in the mirror and 'squidging' where your flab is (mainly around the hips) is the best way to go if you're at home. Doctors, dieticians etc. can all evaluate you more accurately. In fact, some countries and individual states produce pamphlets recommending not to go to a dietician that uses BMI as a guideline!
I'm not fat. I'm not fat at all. I don't mean huge ribcage, I mean slightly wider horizontally. It stays the same if I suck in my stomach. DOn't go around calling other people fat when they haven't said so themselves. I am very nearly 14, I weigh 49 kilograms. I'm not fat, OK?
So uh, for all the people saying how skinny we all are, how much can you bench/squat/dead lift/move some sort of weight?

I haven't ever maxed out on anything 'cause I'm afraid of how low it's gonna be and not to mention doing a max is only a way to brag/see progress which you can do in other ways. If I ever am working out by some weird turn of events I can't even bench the bar for 3 sets of 10. It'd likely be more like a 8, 8, 6 or something along those lines.

I usually resort to dumbells anyway, and then I have to go with 15s usually or 20s if I want much less reps. Obviously, with such sporadic work outs, I'm not really doing anything, but I'm bringing this is up since this is the Physically Unfit thread.

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