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  • Apparently there was a bad miscommunication somewhere along the line.

    I understand how saturated and unsaturated fats work (btw, it's the saturated that take longer to burn, because the double carbon bond in an unsaturated fat is like this little sign saying "BREAK ME"). However, if you eat say 500 calories worth of saturated and unsaturated fats, your body will consume the same amount of energy. Maybe not as quickly, but the same amount of energy (and yes, I understand that you could have more unsaturated than saturated for the same amount of energy). I do realize that it's better to have nutritional foods, I was simply trying to tell Rodan that he doesn't have to go cold turkey on junk food if he wants to diet.
    Holy shit you actually managed to respond to a whole post without reading a single word
    ???? Let him live his dream? I haven't been on smogon in a while, so what are you saying? I don't remember stating a dream..........
    "I am going to choose to ignore Deck Knight's post and I suggest that others who feel incensed by it to do the same. This thread has been doing a pretty good job getting back on topic. Plus, everything he says is pretty much just self masturbation so responding to it just serves to degrade your own self confidence as you realize that everything good about you is a lie and that Deck Knight is the only true human."

    This post:
    1) derails the thread in the same way that you were haranguing Deck for
    2) is the same kind of pointless unsupported rant you were haranguing Deck for
    3) is the same self-masturbation you criticize
    4) if responding is so pointless WHY ARE YOU DOING IT?
    5) what did you actually expect to achieve with this?
    I am really struggling to see the point of this post. Please stop trying to turn that thread into a massive circlejerk. Making long ranty posts telling Deck how despicable he is for derailing the thread with long, ranty posts is unbelievably stupid, hypocritical and pointless. (Note how I didn't call you out in the thread, for exactly that reason).
    Altruism is pretty much any act that is not done for any CONSCIOUS selfish motive. I think that this is the most important thing to keep in mind here.

    That said, I don't think altruism vs. selfishness really pertains to a thread on logic vs. emotion at all, since either one could be driven by logic OR emotion. I would definitely post in a thread about altruism vs. selfishness, though!
    Well, I think it depends on your definition of altruism. And keep in mind that although genes program an organism to be "selfish", the organism isn't always conscious that a supposedly altruistic act is performed for conscious reasons. You think that the bee knows that she shares more DNA with her sisters than with her offspring and that this is the reason she sacrifices herself? Most likely not. Human parents don't even necessarily take that into consideration when deciding to fund their children's education.
    bro, ima be completely honest
    yes i have issues with the wall street protests
    but that is not at all what that thread is about
    a buddy of mine just happened to make the facebook page and link it to me today
    i've been sooooo wound up about the protests that this just compleeeeeeetely turned my mood around about the whole situation
    it feels so much better to chuckle about the situation than argue about it
    let the people have their protest
    they're going to anyway
    i'm just happy to not be mad about the subject at all anymore
    and to finally be able to have some fun with it, using something I (and hopefully we all) love
    In this post, you bring up several instances of altruism arising in nature. Not only does this support Hipmonlee's point, but it is also irrelevant to the argument whether emotion or logic is more important. Also, I think you need to read up on alarm calls and bees, since the things you said in the thread are ever-so-slightly inaccurate. You really should check up on your facts before posting so that they are as accurate as possible, and perhaps you ought to read The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins, which talks a lot about the apparently parodoxical evolution of altruism and how it isn't really parodoxical at all.
    No, I'm working on a game of my own design. Valkyrie is a game with almost 300 cards in the base set, and a unique backstory with a background story written for each card. Rather than grinding against AI, we're aiming to create a social experience with regular tournaments. On the collectors side, there will also be a binder and display feature for players to brag about their collection, complete with rare promo cards hidden throughout the game. Our goal is to create nothing less than the collectible sub-culture available in paper cards, but without players having to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to collect and compete.
    The thing is. Your the only one thats making any sense in that smogon murderer thread. Thanks for blindly defending a murderer just because hes on smogon.
    I agree that the smiles hurt his case and all of it is pretty terrible, but he has evidence as well. I wasn't there, and was really talking more of a hypothetical situation in which we know there was serious abuse happening (and of course, personal to me). I am not saying in any way I would join that particular band of kids in this case.
    I would argue that I am very empathetic, but I more easily empathize with a teenager because I am one. Does that make me selfish?
    For starters, story is an artistic element that can enhance a game. It's not the beginning and end of a video game's artistic value. Paintings don't have plots but can convey messages. As can video games with open ended storylines. Plots as complex and long as Bioware's contain many messages, and each ending can convey something different.

    Actually, the best example of what you are talking about is Fate/Stay Night. This is a story with 3 different paths of events that wildly different in spite of using the same characters on the same days. Upon playing the first story, I initially thought it was so good by itself that I would want to think of it as the "true ending", but it's not. The 3 paths when played in order convey a single true message, and in its execution it is beautiful and brilliant. This only could have been done with a video game.

    Video games can uniquely affect people in ways other mediums cannot. Just like how other mediums work in ways that video games can't.
    Every hour you spend on ANY fine art could be spent doing something practical like educating yourself. Fine art is not practical. It's art and nothing else.
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